It appears, that Startrek 4 is a go, but WHY? Another Rumor?

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From good old Boston Legal.

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Suspicious Spam: Mike Tyson loses it with William Shatner

Shat swaggers onto Mike Tysons' hot boxin' podcast with a chip on his shoulder but soon finds out why now porridged brained tyson was a formidable force in the boxing ring.


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This week on Merciless Radio we bring you a new concept. This will be the prototype episode for this show and probably the last knowing our track record. So "What is The William Shatner Moment Of Searing Green THOT Disco?" you ask. Well its just like all of our other shows but this time it has a different name. This week we bring you mostly music videos to get out of working so hard. Pre-Manufactured content is awesome like that. Now I know what you are thinking, "What makes this any different than any other program that puts together categories of content?". Well that is easy, we are Merciless Radio!

This week we bring you the most irritating media we could get our hands on. We have music from Zlad, Winny Puhh, Filthy Frank and more. If it offends someone we have it locked down. Throw into that all of the weird ass shit we had tucked away (don't ask where) and you have our show.

Being vague you say? Yeah.....absolutely.....this way you can't blame us later! Plausible deniability is a wonderful thing. Ask our government. Or any government.

My suggestion.....shut the fuck up.....sit the fuck down and enjoy.

Or don't......what the fuck do I care?

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The intro for my review of Nightingale. Parodying a key opening scene in to something more random


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