Lets make sure that you winterize the pipes so they don't burst.

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0:12 Intro (Mine is a Rainbird ESP-LX Plus)
0:28 Step 1, turn off water from city. Check your hardware store for compatible sprinkler key.
2:56 Open ball valve 1 and test cock 1. Shut ball valve 2.
3:43 Attach air to blow out back-flow preventer. (See this video for a break down of how I put this adaptor together: https://youtu.be/KiWkELqWnDU) Charge tank to max or 100psi or whatever, but set your outgoing air to 50 to 80psi. I found out later that the danger of melting PVC pipes with too much pressure wasn't as serious as I thought and 80psi is probably fine.
4:31 Leave ball valve 1 and test cocks at a 45˚ angle.
4:54 With ball valve 2 closed, open T leading to yard zones.
5:24 The guy who helped me said its not as dangerous as I thought to pump air in with no zones open- turns out I needed to do this later.
5:50 Attach air, select zone and hit Main Start/ADV button.
6:23 Repeat for all zones.
6:50 Manually opening zones using the solenoids.
7:20 If you're having the situation that I was, the heads not coming up even with 80 or so psi, leave the air on the system with no zones open for a while to charge the main line.
7:58 Let heads blow until the water has turned to a mist.
8:50 Set you 2nd ball valve to a 45˚ angle. You should be ready for winter.

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then” and that’s my motto for these DIY videos. I am not a professional in most areas covered in these videos, just an average guy trying to save money by doing things on my own. Obviously I only post the videos if I was successful, and so I hope I can help you out.
Ask any questions you have in the comments, but just know I don’t really know anything & just figured it out along the way. If you know anything about the project in this video or have experience yourself, please by all means comment and tell me what I should have known or done differently!

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June 16, 2021

The Alex Jones Show

Alex Jones breaks down the latest clamp down on the energy grid as ERCOT announces planned restrictions on home thermostats.

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