WLP discusses the Aryanity and Faustian archetypes present in Stephen Hillenberg's tragedian work "Spvnge Bobeus Rex."

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William Pierce - Suicide of the White Race

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William Pierce - The Big Picture, 1996
We must reach out to our people. We must alert them. We must educate them. We must encourage them. We must inspire them. And here's a beautiful, wonderful thing: when you reach out to other people to encourage them and inspire them, you yourself will be encouraged and inspired. When you find out how many other people there are who share our concerns, our feelings, our values, our sense of responsibility, you cannot help but be encouraged. Even the hatred that you encounter from some people -- especially from people in the controlled media -- will be encouraging. For you will understand that they would not hate us so much if they did not fear us. And the reason that they fear us is that deep inside them they know that what we say is true. So let's get out there -- all of us -- and start looking for encouragement!

William Pierce - Time To Do What's Right, 1997
You who are reading this are at least partially awake. You are a cut above Joe and Jill Sixpack. So I say to you: think about what you are doing with your life. Think about the responsibility you have to your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Think about the responsibility you have to all of those who came before you and whose sacrifices made your life possible. And think about your responsibility to yourself, your responsibility to be the best person, the most righteous person, that you can be. Think about all of these things, and then let me hear from you.

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White man (i.e. European) is responsible for 97% of the progress in the world.
in my previous MCP upload, MCP refers to a story where a white couple are murdered by blacks.
Also in the MCP show 25 April 2007 a Persian caller questions the achievements of whites/Europeans. I don't doubt that Persians had some inventions/achievements but 97% are from white man.

Relevant videos
Black priest lists the black achievements throughout history https://www.bitchute.com/video/AGwnpegLHu01/
Ancient Greek Discoveries 1 of 2 https://www.bitchute.com/video/BPbrSTSg6YQh/
Radio Aryan - 100 Facts About Race https://www.bitchute.com/video/ifjDZtXzPwDv/
Dr William Pierce - Suicide of the White Race (23 Dec 2000) & intro https://www.bitchute.com/video/nloiXQgVYhuC/
on a side note, you will see a screen of Rothschild being valued at $500 trillion 7 years ago and they own Reuters & AP (MCP has listed more, such as Oxford Uni Press)

There are alot of ways the Rothschild are trying to keep in the dark (they are scumbag jews afterall), for eg 2 clips for you to laugh at:
Comparing Jewish Billionaires To Rothschild Billionaires
Ryan Dawson - "Rothschilds No Longer Run Things And Trolls Attack Them Because They're Jewish" https://www.goyimtv.tv/v/2896962689/Ryan-Dawson----Rothschilds-No-Longer-Run-Things-And-Trolls-Attack-Them-Because-They-re-Jewish-

for more info look under the heading "Rothschild – king of the jews" in my pdf.
Link to all my uploads including other good channels/videos, in pdf file (28 June 2021). https://mega.nz/file/M1RDWYBa#q7ZmzLMbvUoR7UHaRQ020vv-4kfxvcbCNb97FH0h0T4

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Full mp3 @ https://archive.org/details/the-fame-of-a-dead-mans-deeds_202104

Books referred to in the book
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
1968 The First Circle-Harpercollins
1973 Gulag Archipelago - 1918-1956 - Volume V-VII
2002 Two Hundred Years Together
The First Circle (The Restored Text The First Uncensored Ed) (2009)
Cancer Ward-Farrar, Straus and Giroux
In the First Circle
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Francis Parker Yockey
Imperium_ The Philosophy of History and Politics (2011)
The Enemy of Europe 1950s
The Enemy of Europe The Enemy of Our Enemies by FPY, Revilo P. Oliver
The Proclamation of London of the European Liberation Front

William Gayley Simpson
An outline of the jewish conspiracy 1978
Which Way Western Man 2006

August Kubizek - The Young Hitler I Knew (2006)
Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin_ A Dialogue Between Adolf Hitler and Me (1966) (National Socialist World, Fall 1966) Dietrich ECKART & 1924
Brooks Adams - The law of civilization and decay_ an essay on history-Macmillan (2014).azw3
Defending the Master Race Conservation, Eugenics, and the Legacy of Madison Grant by Jonathan Peter Spiro
Gus Russo - The outfit
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And Time Rolls On
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The Egyptian Conquest of Nubia (1979)
The Lightning and the Sun-Temple Press (1958)
Mukherji - Pilgrimage (1958)

Mein Kampf - The Official Stalag Ed - Adolf Hitler 1940 (scanned) https://mega.nz/file/wwYwSDqZ#MB0rX4Aa5oPLrtJqIpowwMeamda0QOY4Shb6TfQbhuw
George Lincoln Rockwell pack https://mega.nz/#F!cgxXFaxI!GeUVHZTaB6xwkU_Zrz9v5g
The Wolf of the Kremlin The First Biography of L. M. Kaganovich by Stuart Kahan

Vasili notes:
Rothschild have owned/controlled the media in Europe for over 200 years (source MCP)
CFR was founded and is controlled to this day by the Rothschild mass murdering criminal family Source MCP

@ 890 dr WLP believes that Rothschild are no longer important, but rather jews who control the media. What Dr WLP didn't know, is that the majority of the media in Europe is controlled by Rothschild (Reuters, Associated Press AP, etc)

MCP Tthe Judas Goats) confirmed that OCB was a mossad operation. I have uploaded videos confirming that there were a few high tech bombs in the building. This would then suggest that the mossad had read Dr WLP’s book (Turner Diaries) and orchestrated the event, to attack Dr WLP. So some jews used Dr WLP book as a weapon to attack whites. This is in keeping with the way that the mossad works.
Jews founded NAACP in 1909.
When you are listening to Dr WLP description of what the NWO is aiming at, remember the goals of the Rothschild, as revealed by Eustace Mullins in his book "secrets of the federal reserve " quote "our goal is....

Serbians didn't follow the Rothschild NWO plans, that is why they were attacked!

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This is the final pack of radio shows, but I will upload more on Dr WLP. I just heard a MCP show, where MCP quoted Dr WLP.

I have checked which shows are not in the other archive account (290 files), and they are all earlier shows. I have uploaded them all at my account https://archive.org/details/19760925-our-cause note some of these earlier shows where banned by bitchute, due to pressure from the enemy, https://www.bitchute.com/video/U5AVzL0wayzG/ I have listed which shows have been banned and you can get them at the archive links above.

I have also included all the quotes I made, by Dr WLP (& some others) which i have transcribed whilst i was listening to his shows. You can also download at https://mega.nz/folder/iZVChbxB#G76baWsSFhRTpQXHU7xO8A

enjoy these last shows

20020720 - Katyn – Last show - how the jews extorted money from Swiss banks/government, details of Katyn & why the jews hate the Polish & murdered the best of them, 19 book J K Zawodny “Death in the forest. The story of the Katyn forest massacre’ 1962 https://archive.org/details/deathinforeststo0000zawo

Katyn is a real life example of the Talmudic teaching: “Even the best of the gentiles should ALL be KILLED” – (Soferim 15, rule 10).

Other quotes from jewish writings, regarding murdering of non-jews (aka gentiles, goyim, heathens, Cuthean, etc)

Those who do not believe in Torah are to be killed - Choschen Ham (425,5)
Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice - Zohar, Shemoth 11, 43a
When a jew murders a Gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty - Sanhedrin 57a
If a heathen (gentile / goy) hits a Jew, the gentile MUST be KILLED - Sanhedrin 58b

It’s permissible to kill anyone who thinks evil thoughts about yeshiva students.’ - Sephardic Rabbit Yosef
(note: yeshiva is the study of the Talmud, Torah & halacha) MCP show 8 April 2008

20020713 - A Question of Sanity - Blacks are useless technologically and have smaller brains, Galileo

20020706 - How it Fits Together - currently 14 million jews in the world (6 million in the USA), the jews act as 'one big family', why do they work together? good explanation, note: CFR was started by Rothschild (source MCP), 7 Greek writer Strabo 100 BC quote 'The Jews have penetrated every country so that it is difficult to find any place in the world where their tribe has not entered and become dominant', 10 book Abram Sachar “A history of the jews” https://archive.org/details/historyofjews0000sach_w8d6 or https://archive.org/details/historyofjews00sach (if anyone downloads it, please let me know).

11 jews would not exist if they were not parasitical, 15 Democracy is the jews' tool for converting influence into power, control of the media is the most important factor, 20 what do the jews want by controlling the media ? = control of all of us or kill us = NWO 24
“The deliberate aim of the Jewish media propaganda, is to disarm us morally, to make us ruthless and defenseless, and then to destroy us! That is what is happening now. Think about it and you will see how it all fits together.”

Jews kicked out 1030 times from 1,200 BC https://www.bitchute.com/video/uR5C6v7OjsNS/

20020629 - Mossad & the Jewish Problem - how the jews stooged / control the police etc, Clinton received $ 9.2 million from jews, (refer to MCP Final Judgment for details of how the jews gained control of the Clintons), 5 Anthrax mailings were by jews, 8 Sibel Edmonds is a good jew, most translators are jews, jews don't have a full take over of the FBI,

By Way of Deception https://www.bitchute.com/video/REiHompQMUdL/

MCP Final Judgment https://www.bitchute.com/video/73dkZ2wsN5Xo/ or https://archive.org/details/michael-collins-piper-final-judgment-mossad-and-the-jfk-assasination-2005

20020622 - The Consequences of Corruption - ADL corruption of USA, 6 “Missing. A future for white children.”, how the ADL are stooging stupid police to attack us,

20020615 - The New Extremists - ADL, how the jews are taking over the FBI, 11 Anthrax by jews, 15 ADL confirms that WORDS are the biggest danger, 16 “The ADL’s network, is a spy network.”

20020608 - The FBI, the ADL, and Christina Long – They way to get rid of Terrorism is to remove the cause of Terrorism = Israeli jews = Rothschild, 7 “The reason for the government’s assault on our freedom, and the warmongering in the Middle East, is the growing Jewish control over our government. Day by day America is moving closer and closer to a total Jewdiocracy.”
9 ADL is a criminal organisation, 14 Christina Long 13 year old murdered - how jews corrupt little girls via fagget jews who control MTV programming,

20020601 - The Importance of Leadership – Wiggers are 1000 times worse than blacks, we need to talk and provide the proper message

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This is the 51 minute video that Dr WLP referred to in my previous upload of his.
American Dissident Voices https://www.bitchute.com/channel/americandissidentvoices/
transcripts http://natall.com/adv/
radio show collection https://archive.org/details/DrPiercesBroadcasts (290 files, I have in total 309)

Book pack. https://mega.nz/folder/Z1pUiZQI#YKFPJ2yzpEYlrAYjSAGEaw

quotes not final https://mega.nz/folder/5phETQoK#YzaGElNC-Supe7PDj2R57A

my pdf (20 Feb 2021) https://mega.nz/file/NsQRiCKC#073REcCed314ZnhqeoNhu_O2K4cxpdcEWMq-44qpsAI

My Bitchute channel https://www.bitchute.com/channel/rqTBd6zFQEW1/ is blocked in many countries in Europe & Australia & Russia & UK, and possibly other places. If you cannot access links to the bitchute videos, use vpn and set it to the USA. If my bitchute channel is deleted https://archive.org/details/@vasili1 & https://https://ugetube.com/@vasili

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someone had requested for Dr WLP books. Here is what I was able to find. Obviously I have not read them yet. List is in my updated pdf. https://mega.nz/folder/Z1pUiZQI#YKFPJ2yzpEYlrAYjSAGEaw

20000205 - Lies and the History Channel - Why some jews Hate Dr WLP - jewish Lies about Hitler, Dickstien = Russian jew spy, Jewish lies about George Lincoln Rockwell (murdered 1967) – a jew took over the Nat Soc party after GLR, 12 Jews lie that Columbine killers were Nazis (really jews), Placing images with name = brainwashing,

20000129 - Reality Check - Serbia Albania, jews are attacking our race, race mixing, multiculturalism, Blacks

20000122 - Avalanche - John Rocca blames jews, how to wake up the sheeple

20000115 - Capitalism and Equality - how jews destroy societies, 21 We really need 2 things to restore America to health. We need to break the jew’s influence on the public. We need to take all of their propaganda media away from them, and we need to have principal leadership.

20000108 - Illusion and Leverage - jews power = illusion, good – Russia Berazovski jew killed people so as to protect the television station which was more important than the Whitehouse

20000101 - How to Bring Down the House – John Roca attacked by jews, Israeli Jews want $100 million to stop killing Palestinians, 14 jews steal Syrian Golan Heights, 16 54million jews in Israel have so far received $ 100 billion in aid from USA & $ 100 billion extorted from Germany + $ 100 billion more = $ 200 000 per jewish families,

19991225 - Woe to Our People's Enemies! - The FBI attacking Bills book 'the Turner Diaries', 16 Columbine 1 shooter was a jew who hated everyone, 1st Century Roman Tacitus quote 'They hate all humanity except their fellow Jews'

19991218 - Deliberate Deception - Ann Rand jew, 'no good thing cometh out of Israel', Holocaust – jews murdered Germans after WW2 was over, Nakam jewish hate group tried to kill Germans after the war, (The Jewish plan to murder six million Europeans https://www.bitchute.com/video/a7PTDaA8sbik/ ), 14 jews murdered over 30 million Russian & 60 000 Estonians of total 1.2 million & 15 000 Polish Katyn, Germany stopped the jews from repeating their murders in Poland

19991211 - Thoughts on Government - Amoral & immoral, Israel has armed China,

19991204 - Books and Freedom - People who wrote about the jewish crimes, attacking Marious Harvard Liberal, 4:50 Jews HATE TS Eliot https://archive.org/details/tseliotantisemit0000juli & HL Lincoln & Ezra Pound, Dostoyevsky https://www.bitchute.com/video/EiqEF5YrPrkn/ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 14 Prof Kevin MacDonald https://www.bitchute.com/video/u2bUZGn8WKvE/

transcripts http://natall.com/adv/
radio show collection https://archive.org/details/DrPiercesBroadcasts (note: this only has 290 files, I have in total 308)
(thanks to the posters for the links)

Link to all my uploads including other good channels, in pdf file (15 Oct 2020). organised in categories. note that old links will be deleted. https://mega.nz/file/44hShDpA#OJFl0gbL5yH5w-TZV_GGRLbU9R2JXEOJ2iavj-uOLFA

To download from Bitchute, use any of:
Don't use firefox or microsoft browsers (Bill Gates scumbag jew - Internet explorer, chrome, etc). Use Opera or Brave, Goto 'extensions' and do a search for ‘video downloader’ and add it as an extension. There are a few different programs, so try them out.

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By: William Luther Pierce

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