Jako pierwsze wideo na tym kanale przedstawiam Wam nagranie rozmowy pomiędzy Jasnowidzem Wojciechem Glancem i SEER Przepowiednie Jasnowidzów.
Jest to kopia wydarzenia live na pierwszym kanale YT - z dnia 30.12.2021

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"- WS - Good morning to you, good morning to the Editor
- Mr Editor, I have a look at the data. 29064 people infected. Vaccinated 99978 persons. 570 people died. These figures are from yesterday, I think. Another variant of the coronavirus is raging. It is in Africa, but it is already reaching Europe. It will be in Poland any minute now. Experts at the government are screaming for restrictions, covidien passports and the closure of restaurants to the unvaccinated. But you write, 'This is just an experiment'. So what is it like?
- WS - Editor. It is good to start at the beginning, but I will try to answer your question and then go back to the beginning. I think that not many people are aware of how unvaccinated people are counted at all according to WHO directives. Well, according to the WHO, and this is how it is calculated in Europe, overseas and elsewhere, a person is considered vaccinated two weeks after the second vaccination. In other words, if someone receives a vaccination and three weeks later receives a second vaccination, two weeks must pass after the second vaccination for that person to be considered a vaccinated person according to WHO guidelines. However, post-vaccination complications occur in the vast majority of cases in the first or second week after vaccination. Sometimes it is a matter of hours or days, but it is the first days after receiving the vaccine. In other words. No more, no less, all those who receive the first dose and as a result have post-vaccination complications end up in hospital or die. And all those who receive the second dose and who, as a result, have vaccination complications, end up in hospital or die, are treated as unvaccinated. To make this even clearer. Those who are vaccinated and as a result die or are hospitalised (I am talking about very important things), even though they have these complications as a result of the vaccine, are treated as unvaccinated. And this is how these statistics are counted.
- So simply someone is vaccinated, three days later he has either complications or it turns out that he was infected and has covidium, he goes to hospital and is ticked off as unvaccinated.
- WS - That's right. As a vaccinated person it would have to be two weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. And the vast majority of complications occur in the first few days after the first dose and after the second dose. And this is how myths are built. This is how legends are created. This is how public opinion is deceived, by saying later that the majority of people who are not vaccinated die in hospitals. They do not. The vaccinated are dying, which goes to the account of, I ugly call it, the unvaccinated."

I heard something that the omnicron vaccine is supposed to be a 4-dose vaccine.... ;]
Coś słyszałem, że szczepionka na omnicrona ma być 4-dawkowa... ;]

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