https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qR6hJby0uCc white man+woman sorcerers government should print billions to fund awesome tek and manufacture in country no trade king and free houses and baby permit and boot outsiders
https://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/projects/ofa/kroc/rmox03.pdf http://occam-pi.org/
Boys score as well as or better than girls on most standardized tests, yet they are far less likely to get good grades, take advanced classes or attend college. Why? A study coming out this week in The Journal of Human Resources gives an important answer. Teachers of classes as early as kindergarten factor good behavior into grades
China noticed females giving females better grades manhating bs!
Female teachers give females better grades for good behavior even when outperformed by males, and penalize males for their subjectively judged behavior. This is why women love education!+Gov law are so fucked! they are anti male subjectively.
The issue of girls outperforming boys is not unique to China. A gender gap also exists in the United States at all levels of the educational ladder, from kindergarten to graduate school. One explanation for that gap is because of differences in behavior. Christina Hoff Sommers writes:
" Boys score as well as or better than girls on most standardized tests, yet they are far less likely to get good grades, take advanced classes or attend college. Why? A study coming out this week in The Journal of Human Resources gives an important answer. Teachers of classes as early as kindergarten factor good behavior into grades — and girls, as a rule, comport themselves far better than boys."

Tons of info tidbits you will rarely see here see below!
Feudalism is good! If Monarchy we would all be infinitely richer now! -Hand Hermann Hoppe 3rd best economist in world, leader of Austrian School, after Vox Day and Ian Fletcher(Free trade doesn't work)
Role playing games awesome!
I will always try to bring you the best stuff that usury bankers might not want people to read/see!
I am appalled that I never heard of AE Van Vogt and Jack Vance until my 43s
Culture of scif novel fell off cliff 1989 same as NBA and sports and movies I don't know if it's anti male anti white racism or forced diversity and anti monarchy feudalism or what.
top 4 Authors
Michael Moorcock when he's on Elric Corum Hawkmoon
Robert E Howard conan Kull much more hey hes no1 after 100 years eh?
Jack Vance Dying Earth and scifi liek Demon princes tons more inspired D&D
A.E. Van Vogt maybe best ever inspired Star Trek and Alien and tons more
I collect all above novels.
Also good Glen cook Black Company 1-3 and The silver Spike
Lawrence Watt-Evans Lure of the Basilisk
Robert Shea Quest for Simbilis and Yana Touch of the undying haven't read all of his stuff
Vox Day Throne Bones have to finish it
L Neil Smith good idea hokkey writing like B movie or zombie movie fun but bad
HP Lovecraft Cthulhu warning its more literature slower pace than todays people are used to like JRR Tolkein

cheap castles for all
end trade and banking and landlording
no assets owned by anyone outside country
boot h1bvisa
baby license
throium safe clean atomic power
cancel non prodictive non engineering jobs
end welfare
problem creators pay for fix
no offshore work


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June 24, 2021

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June 24, 2021

War Room With Owen Shroyer

Cara Castronuova, a female boxer, joins Owen and shares her opinion on why trans women competing in women's sports are detrimental to women’s sports. athletes

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Anonymous (ID: J0+uvW2P) 03/16/21(Tue)07:00:08 No.312278488▶>>312278623 >>312279414


You don't fucking need data to know that a 6'3 200lbs fucking Troon freak is going to have a physiological advantage over a biological woman.
You fuckers are so disingenuous. But then that makes sense when your entire existence is so heavily invested in a total delusion.

Anonymous (ID: DsMNNB+r) 03/16/21(Tue)06:59:42 No.312278463▶>>312278623

The beautiful thing about sports is that each team or individual is given a roughly equal playing field. This makes it easy for anybody to see when one team or player is clearly outmatched. This is evident in almost every instance of trannies playing with real women. They have an obvious advantage, that being the fact that they're men competing against females. Also, data is just a compilation of anecdotal evidence brainlet

Anonymous (ID: ckZ39dOX) 03/16/21(Tue)07:01:20 No.312278563▶

All social "science" studies are just a collection of anecdotes.

Anonymous (ID: 53hqO2cg) 03/16/21(Tue)07:02:46 No.312278674▶>>312278767 >>312278824

>>312277763 (OP)
So just get rid of gender division in sport completely. Keep weight classes and have a 150lbs man fight a 150lbs woman.

Anonymous (ID: b/tDETvJ) 03/16/21(Tue)07:03:45 No.312278748▶

Imagine thinking non-reproducible results make a scientific study.

Anonymous (ID: tXdCKTPm) 03/16/21(Tue)07:03:57 No.312278764▶

>>312277763 (OP)
I bet this study was done with an open mind and without bias by sober, serious men with undyed, close-cropped hair.

Anonymous (ID: O2Ca3yHK) 03/16/21(Tue)07:04:25 No.312278802▶

There's plenty of evidence men are better at sports than women. "Trans women" is leftist newspeak for "men who think they are women".

Anonymous (ID: zWijj2tg) 03/16/21(Tue)07:04:36 No.312278810▶>>312286973
File: 1611414108660.jpg (97 KB, 748x676)
97 KB

>>312277763 (OP)
>a non-peer reviewed opinion piece that compiled nor used any original data and instead just looked at other people's shit to cherry-pick whatever was required to support a narrative
Yep sounds like (((science))) alright.

Anonymous (ID: 5OD3mVG7) 03/16/21(Tue)07:05:13 No.312278844▶>>312279058

>There is currently no evidence that proves your assertion as the only thing that would be considered evidence would be a study that we could shut down if it disagrees with our narrative
Man I love social science "studies"

Anonymous (ID: RjZbJBAO) 03/16/21(Tue)07:06:57 No.312278977▶

>>312277763 (OP)
>there is currently no evidence
>except for the fact men are stronger, have a completely different bone structure, bigger brains, better muscles, are of greater average height and have a different center of gravity, among many other things

I know biology isn't these people's strong suit, but come the fuck on.

Anonymous (ID: okcVfmzC) 03/16/21(Tue)07:07:21 No.312279000▶>>312283074
File: 13FAFC42-9B1C-468A-B3C4-A(...).jpg (124 KB, 675x900)
124 KB

>reddit logic
>muh fallacies
>its called being a decent person

We really need to hang people like this who deny common knowledge, and ignore anecdote in favor of (((research)))

I trust my anecdotes much more than Dr Scheckelbergers meta analysis

Anonymous (ID: tXdCKTPm) 03/16/21(Tue)07:07:43 No.312279022▶

«The majority of the studies were qualitative in nature, all of which employed interviews»

Translation: we asked transgender freaks to tell is what we need to hear to prove our point.

Anonymous (ID: zWijj2tg) 03/16/21(Tue)07:08:19 No.312279058▶

>The cisgender participants
It is a "study" penned by a literal tranny or a communist. "Cisgender" is not a scientific term, it is a left-wing term.

Anonymous (ID: O2Ca3yHK) 03/16/21(Tue)07:08:25 No.312279064▶

>men doing better than women in sports has nothing to do with biology

Are you feeling alright?

Anonymous (ID: 2I0GxwT/) 03/16/21(Tue)07:09:36 No.312279137▶

>>312277763 (OP)
These people are fucking fanatics, I can't wait to have transcolorblind people claiming the sky is green and (((science))) supporting that idea.

Anonymous (ID: tI09l8GS) 03/16/21(Tue)07:09:43 No.312279146▶

>>312277763 (OP)
>no evidence
This is like when someone gets the COVID vax and dies 12 hours later and they say there is "no evidence" the vax caused the death. Scientism 2021.

Anonymous (ID: xKaksvF6) 03/16/21(Tue)07:11:54 No.312279290▶

>men are more talented at sports than women

Anonymous (ID: ySft6Vhl) 03/16/21(Tue)07:13:55 No.312279451▶

>no evidence because it's forbidden and we don't want tranny cum th

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