Speaker: Gary S. Colville
21 April, 2002 (AM)

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21 April, 2002

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by Donna Lagerquist
© 1995 Willow Creek Community Church
21 April, 2002

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21 April, 2002

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How much time do you spend being anxious, worried, fretting about the things of this world? Jesus lays it all out for us as he instructs us in having the proper perspective on the thing of this world.

NOTE: This video is not as highly edited as others we produce. It is the same content without the graphics. Think of it more as a Podcast!

Join us as we go verse by verse through the Gospel of Matthew. Jesus IS the Messiah who fulfills the promises of the prophets!!

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Dont Worry Just Be Happy! Love Life

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Our world is far from God right now. When we take our focus off of God, we start seeing the problems and fears in the world. We need to forget about the world and refocus back on God so He will see our faith. This is the solution restoring faith in God.

James 4:1-6

Music Produced by Aaron Outfield

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Jeff Coulter with JNS Ministries delivers his message "Worry Not for Tomorrow."

6 months, 4 weeks ago

Worry can hold us back, but we have the power to consciously choose NOT to worry and take our health and life to the next level!

7 months, 2 weeks ago

This is the final mastered version of the song Don't Worry that I wrote and composed. It was sung by Rebecka Wendesten and released on the Change My Mind album in 2020 on all major streaming platforms. Jesus told his frens not to worry but to trust Him instead. He promised to prepare a place for you and me and come again to take us there. For more information see https://linktr.ee/ekitzing

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Streams Ministries
In this excerpt from September 2012's "Beyond with John Paul", John Paul Jackson responds to a viewers' question regarding disaster preparation and the issue of fear. He also reveals the most important thing to have in ANY situation!

Beyond is a part of Streams TV Plus, a discipleship program that bring new and exclusive content every month to members.
Find out more at www.streamsministries.com!

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Track - Don't Worry About Tomorrow
Artist - Mossart Music
Speaker - Council of Time - Michael

Genesis 24:27 "As for me, the Lord has guided me in the way."

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The truth is, this channel and its host is not for beginners nor bumper-sticker mentalities. Not here to tow the lines of traditions & expectations. It's probably best you quickly fuck off and never return to this channel. You're too fucken dumb & shallow and much too defensive about it. Take your hiccuping water-spider short-attention span elsewhere --- and stay the fuck away from my books!
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Alexander T. Newport is the author of non-academic philobabble books that any moron or genius can read and understand.
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Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
Who am I to tell you lies
And then say I didn't mean it at all
You see me, you hear me
But you don't know what I'm saying
You feel it, you take it
In your stride
Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
When you call me
And talk about the yesterdays
It cheers me, it steers me
To follow better reason
To feel it, to take it in our stride
Why must I worry
Try not to hurry like other people
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not the way
Why worry, why worry
Try not to hurry, try not to hurry
Why must I worry
'Cause you know yourself
That is not my way

2 years, 11 months ago

With everything going seemingly crazy in this mixed up and harassed world, it's good to hear these words once again. Rebecka Wendesten lends her smokey voice to recite a new version of some words that went viral 2000 years ago and are still going strong. Lyrics and music ©Elisabeth Kitzing (all rights reserved), Mastered by Sonic Media, Gothenburg Sweden. The album is in progress as of date. www.featherheadmedia.com

3 years, 10 months ago