You read THAT right.... The US / DARPA, and an interminable litany of APPARENCIES of human beings not only FUNDED the Ukranian bio-labs, but trained the psychopaths who are designing pathogens that target SPECIFIC races / ethnicities. This is Adolph Hitler's we dream. They need to be ERADICATED from the planet. YES - I am advocating an immediate KINETIC take-down of every single one of these scumbags.

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The lies and censorship must stop. There is going to be Hell to pay when the dust settles.

2 months, 1 week ago

This clip was ripped from Season 9: Episode 1 of the Souled Out Podcast w/ Jo Bradley. Look for it everywhere Big Tech doesn't control free speech.


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Karen Kingston on Weaponized Non-Spreading Viruses Aerosol Spray
I will have additional information to share about this topic soon...
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Source: https://www.StewPeters.tv

2 months, 3 weeks ago

Lieber from Harvard charged in Wuhan espionage. Smuggling vials of biological material to Wuhan lab China. Fauci like Gates are the tips of the icebergs.

3 months ago

3 months, 3 weeks ago

Ex Wuhan scientist turned US defector explains the deception around the alleged 2020 Sars Cov2 Coronavirus.

3 months, 3 weeks ago

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In late December 2019, while the World was going about their Merry Business, there were two very disturbing events unfolding in the Wuhan Institute of Virology that no one, but those in Wuhan, China were aware of what was about to go viral. Literally. As you will see in this video there was more than one 'Gain of Function' virus that was being manipulated at the Wuhan virology lab in December '19 just as the Coronavirus Gain of Research Fauci Virus was being released in Wuhan and eventually on to the World. Two days ago Chinese President Xi Jinping locked down the major city of Xi'an over what they are saying is a 'cluster' of Covid breakouts. The city has a population of 13 million, China is about to host the 2022 Olympics in less than two months. There is speculation that China has been hit with a new virus, the rumors are circulating that the new virus is more dangerous than Covid and it may have leaked (again) out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Only time will tell, Merry Christmas.

Twitter @runthedigits

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From Global Agenda:



'Top Secret: The New Term "Vaccine Breakthrough" is Code For 'The Vaccine is the New Variant'






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Today, we continue our discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic and its origin with a fascinating guest who has been a leader exposing the corruption and fraud with respect to the origin of the virus. Li-Meng Yan is both an M.D. and Ph.D., with specific training in coronaviruses. She escaped from China's influence while in Hong Kong to the United States to warn us of what she believes is a massive cover-up.

• Li-Meng Yan, M.D., Ph.D., escaped from China to the United States to expose China’s cover-up of the origin of the COVID-19 pandemic
• According to Yan, SARS-CoV-2 was made in a Chinese military lab. The Third Military Medical University and the Research Institute for Medicine of Nanjing Command discovered a bat coronavirus called ZC45. She’s convinced that ZC45 was used as a template and/or backbone to create SARS-CoV-2
• While the Chinese military may be responsible for the physical creation of the virus, there’s ample evidence showing the U.S. funded at least some of the research that resulted in this pandemic
• The COVID shots and the vaccine passports fit into the CCP agenda by making the whole world accept and adopt the CCP’s social control system
• Yan urges Americans to realize the destructiveness of communism, and to resist it in any way possible. This includes refusing vaccine mandates and vaccine passports

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link (excerpt): https://www.bitchute.com/video/1bo2H2Qv8UH3/ Previously / more from BKE: It happens every 3600 years, and they've been getting ready for this - John Moore https://www.bitchute.com/video/aSMdpuyiazS3/
The Assize of Clarendon - Tami Pepperman https://www.bitchute.com/video/w9oiyhQA2aMa/
Communitarianism is in full operation - Ron Avery & Lark in Texas https://www.bitchute.com/video/EHuBeqgJjd7T/
How to fight Agencies in court - Ralph Winetrrowd on the National Intel Report 10-01-2021 https://www.bitchute.com/video/OG1kqEzxQjhR/
Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology Says Covid Vax is Incredibly Dangerous https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZrexmOaGKPvf/
The Clot Shot, Airlines, and the Black Pyramid - The John Moore Show https://www.bitchute.com/video/G76wCir7ot3a/
A Fauci X-Mas https://www.bitchute.com/video/ubaUrduwIx4k/
Precious reaction: Child Learns From Mom That School Can't Force Masks On Children https://www.bitchute.com/video/wOCOBQ006daD/
Does Covid Vax for Service Members affect National Security/Defense? The John Moore Show (Excerpts) https://www.bitchute.com/video/7Bb0driDcNdh/
YouTube's new crack-down on "Climate Rules" causes SuspiciousObservers to self-censor https://www.bitchute.com/video/1z7jX5b466us/
N Korean soldiers have bricks & wooden planks broken over their heads / US Soldiers, ah, not so much https://www.bitchute.com/video/0aabfNZgrR6B/
Man Dies From COVID-19 After Hospital Rejects Court Order For Ivermectin https://www.bitchute.com/video/2Az6lqpBdGoC/
Pfizer Whistleblower Reveals E-Mails Implying Aborted Baby Cell Use in Vaccine https://www.bitchute.com/video/GGLRY2FWINWp/
AI, Super Soldiers, and the Black Goo - The John Moore Show 10-05-2021 (Excerpts) https://www.bitchute.com/video/0wQXDN8frHWF/
Travel and immigration blues with Mike Rivero / WRH Pt1 https://www.bitchute.com/video/XQWc8Wxx2suT/ Pt 2 https://www.bitchute.com/video/UaRqylUJ1tOg/
Hellwarz in Canada - Coerced into experimental jab! Obey or your family starves https://www.bitchute.com/video/oAm6GpDoqC1P/
Most absolute of evils - 100K children abused by Catholic Priests in France since 1950 https://www.bitchute.com/video/pgcsygF4XioB/
Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Harvard Returns to Remote Learning - Don Campbell https://www.bitchute.com/video/tDhgVOLAWOzu/
NY’s Governor Hochul Says God Wants Us To Get COVID Vaccine - The Perfect Storm/Reverend Campbell https://www.bitchute.com/video/Mc5xLIiAsa7j/
Maricopa County Election Audit Report - 70K Invalid Votes/5X Biden's Margin of Victory https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZmcNsC2LhSvN/
Why the trucking industry is breaking down, threatening supply chains - an insider perspective https://www.bitchute.com/video/Nf1FBi8hZI0E/
The CDC's Authority is Nothing but Smoke & Mirrors https://www.bitchute.com/video/D9ImuPWJHleO/ Alexa says "Zombie-Like Apocalypse" by end of 2021 / Zombies already spotted in Michigan! https://www.bitchute.com/video/5M9zwtZ4vmKY/
Snake Venom Type Enzyme Found In The Injection https://www.bitchute.com/video/LsFWuSZ8cf57/
Democracy For Sale - CNN on Voting Machines - 2006 w/ Lou Dobbs https://www.bitchute.com/video/EUdadnimGzWw/
Pfizer tries to pull a fast one on FDA approval https://www.bitchute.com/video/1VJ6cmoQl3lo/
The Writing's On The Wall - Arizona, The Red Devil Planet Guy https://www.bitchute.com/video/BP6uaXkRdakF/
Dr. Fauci said Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was effective 15+ years ago https://www.bitchute.com/video/KJOIwpfvnl3i/
The Fauci Man https://www.bitchute.com/video/oq0qct321lHN/
Joker Election https://www.bitchute.com/video/b3qChhZOrszD/
Brought Up To Believe https://www.bitchute.com/video/POTeCrcbqXjY/
Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth https://www.bitchute.com/video/GyUdNxr3VUpL/
Bank Fraud explained in less than 10 minutes by Bruce G. McCarthy https://www.bitchute.com/video/0ta0CsIWWI4X/
Rule 11 https://www.bitchute.com/video/qM4FHBmDEt1A/
Doctor Who and Rule 12 https://www.bitchute.com/video/vdj78YVEcZ14/
5G Tech & induction of coronavirus abstract WITHDRAWN from NIH - July 24, 2020 https://www.bitchute.com/video/prK0RyaH5bkj/
Peasants chant the word 'Pedophile' outside of Buckingham Palace https://www.bitchute.com/video/g1DKeN7OnIsj/
Remove Your Property From the Tax Roll https://www.bitchute.com/video/0riqXlVuRbio/
You Do Not Have Free Enterprise - Bruce G. McCarthy https://www.bitchute.com/video/Cmix950JfL9L/
The Order RE Genocide - united states court https://www.bitchute.com/video/ObALr9TnyyMG/
A brief synopsis of BKE's exodus from YouTube https://www.bitchute.com/video/5OW1bGu7n1qD/
The Outer Bo - Hidden in Plain Sight https://www.bitchute.com/video/iKKadoZchL49/

7 months ago

Sky News investigates & interviews specialists including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Director of National Intelligence Mike Ratcliffe & President Trump about the circumstances surrounding the Wuhan Lab virus outbreak.

7 months, 3 weeks ago


Tony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, the Wuhan Lab, “chimeric” viruses, gain of function research, airborne nanoparticle release...this story has it all as newly discovered documents lay out a shocking roadmap that even DARPA Refused to engage with. Is this the latest smoking gun in the Covid-19 lab origins story?

#Fauci #PeterDaszak #Wuhan #WuhanLab #CovidOrigins #GainOfFunction #DARPA #Bats #Pandemic #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234

POSTED: September 27, 2021

7 months, 3 weeks ago

Sharri Markson says there is so much evidence that it is “beyond doubt” there was an incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Ms Markson spent over a year investigating the possibility COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Her 'What Really Happened in Wuhan' documentary on Sky News Australia uncovered evidence a leak from the lab first occurred in September, 2019.

“I’ve looked at it as two key parts to investigate,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“One, you speak to the scientists about the unusual features of the virus itself.

“And then the other part is, what was happening in Wuhan? What was the Wuhan Institute of Virology doing at that time?

“There’s just so much evidence that we’ve been able to uncover over the past few months as part of this investigation that it really is beyond doubt there was an incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

7 months, 4 weeks ago

Pandemic Preparedness in the Next Administration: Keynote Address by Anthony S. Fauci

Dr. Fauci, “There will be a surprise outbreak… the next administration (Trump) will be faced with challenges.”

Global Georgetown
Mangala Hari

8 months, 1 week ago

Rand Paul was right about Fauci
Dr. Anthony Fauci to Sen. Rand Paul at hearing: You do not know what you're talking about
Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, got into a heated exchange this morning during a hearing on the origins of the Covid-19 virus. After Paul alleged that Fauci lied to Congress, the doctor told Paul he didn't know what he was talking about.
White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci and Sen. Rand Paul traded barbs in a heated exchange at a Senate hearing Tuesday over whether the National Institutes of Health funded controversial research Paul claims could have contributed to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Paul grilled Fauci about an NIH funded study that he says qualifies as gain-of-function research, the process of altering a pathogen to make it more transmissible in order to better predict emerging diseases. Fauci previously denied in previous Senate testimony that the NIH has directly funded the research at a lab in Wuhan, China that has come under intense scrutiny as a possible source of the virus.
Paul, R-Ky., asked Fauci if he would like to retract that statement from the May 11 testimony, “Fauci, as you are aware it is a crime to lie to Congress.”
Fauci, who oversees several NIH research programs as director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he wouldn’t retract his previous statement. “I have not lied before Congress. I have never lied. Certainly not before Congress. Case closed,” Fauci said.
He said the study Paul was referring to does not constitute gain-of-function research. “Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly, and I would like to say that officially. You do not know what you are talking about,” Fauci said.
Paul countered: “No one is saying those viruses caused the pandemic. What we’re alleging is that gain of function research was done in that lab and NIH funded it. You can’t get away from it, it meets your definition and you are obfuscating the truth.”
As the two men talked over one another, Fauci interjected that Paul was the one who was obfuscating the truth.
“You are implying that what we did resulted in the deaths of individuals,” Fauci responded as he pointed his finger at Paul. “I totally resent that, and if anyone is lying here, senator, it is you.”
The Wuhan Institute of Virology has been under scrutiny since the beginning of the pandemic. The World Health Organization led the first phase of an investigation at the lab into the origins of Covid-19 and the possibility it could have leaked from that lab.
The WHO has called for further cooperation from the Chinese government in the investigation and said that the agency was denied the raw data necessary for a more complete investigation.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director of the WHO, said last week that the agency is asking “China to be transparent, open and cooperate, especially on the information, raw data that we asked for at the early days of the pandemic.” He also said that there was a “premature push” to rule out the possibility of a lab leak.
In May, the Senate passed legislation that prohibits U.S. agencies from funding the Wuhan lab, and lawmakers in the House of Representatives have a similar bill in the works.
The House Appropriations Committee last week approved an amendment to the the National Institutes of Health funding bill for 2022 that would ban funding to the lab.
The bill would also prohibit funding for gain-of-function research in Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.
CNBC Television

8 months, 1 week ago

Harrison Smith of The American Journal joins The Alex Jones Show to break down how MAREK's Disease exposes the dangers of COVID Vaccines allowing the recipient to mutate and transfer worse versions of the virus they are hoping to eradicate.
Enhanced spread of COVID-19 virus +250%, Anyone wondering why you must wear masks after being vaccinated. Here is the reason WHY.
#DoNotTakeTheJab #NoVaccine #SayNoToTheVaccine #JustSayNo #VaccineSpreadsTheVirus #TwoHundredFiftyPercentMoreSpread #Vaccine #Vaccinated #Vaccines

8 months, 3 weeks ago

Who is affected the MOST? | Where do we find our information?
COVID Patient ZERO to HERO | Why is COVID so Politicized and WHO's fault is it?

#covid19 #BreakingNews #WHO #podcast #conservative #libertarian #memes #meme #comedy #breakingnews #politics #Covid19Vaccine #DerekOsheaShow


Connecting the dots between Covid vaccine hesitancy and Fox News
A new study says Fox News programming is playing a unique role in encouraging people to turn away from Covid-19 vaccinations. - MSNBC


The Israeli Graphs That Prove COVID Vaccines Are Working
The unvaccinated elderly are over five times more likely to experience a severe case of COVID-19 than their immunized counterparts, according to Health Ministry data - Haaretz


Covid Patient Zero may have been a Wuhan lab worker infected by a bat after all, WHO chief admits after originally ruling out virus escape theory
Dr Peter Embarek, who led the WHO probe in China, said the world's first Covid-19 patient may have been infected by a bat while working in a Wuhan lab
He had initially dismissed the notion that the virus escaped from lab as unlikely
Now Embarek has admitted that the lab leak theory could have happened - Daily Mail

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Now we know who you are.

Mirrored from my Alt Account: https://www.bitchute.com/video/jUfvqqtQpXlS/
My sock: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/lfkoDyZEgRc7/

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

9 months, 3 weeks ago


The tension was palpable as KY Sen. Rand Paul, MD, questioned NIAID head Tony Fauci, MD, on his gain-of-function research out of the Wuhan lab, reminding him of the legal ramifications for lying to Congress under oath.

#RandPaul #Fauci #GainOfFunction #Wuhan #WuhanLab #FireFauci
#TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225

POSTED: July 23, 2021

10 months ago

Full Podcast + Links: https://www.lotuseaters.com/the-podcast-of-the-lotus-eaters-180-21-07-21

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Lab leak theory @ The Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, by way of Fort Detrick, Maryland & UNC, Chapel Hill.

10 months, 1 week ago

Cue character assassination by leftoids: https://archive.ph/5ad7U

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Last night in front of an (unmasked) full house audience on the Stephen Colbert Show long time comedian Jon Stewart blamed science (for creating the Coronavirus) and blamed the Wuhan Lab for manufacturing the Coronavirus while a clearly uncomfortable Stephen Colbert tried to change the direction of the conversation. Meanwhile on FOX News this morning Dr. Robert Redfield double downed on the Wuhan Lab Theory for the virus' release in a two hour interview that he gave to FOX over the weekend. The walls are definitely closing in on Dr. Anthony 'Fraud' Fauci. He will soon have to own up to what he knew about his 'Gain of Function' research and how it was manipulated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology Lab.

Video Credits:

Jon Stewart On Vaccine Science And The Wuhan Lab Theory

Exclusive: Former CDC director believes COVID-19 came from Wuhan Lab
Dr. Robert Redfield

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11 months, 1 week ago


11 months, 1 week ago

China accused of 'astounding coverup' as footage emerges of bats caged in Wuhan lab
Video Origin: Sky News Australia, June 14, 2021, You Tube https://youtu.be/_oGa4dow5Os

11 months, 1 week ago

The Wuhan Institute of Virology kept live bats in cages, new footage from inside the facility has revealed, disproving denials from World Health Organisation investigators who claimed the suggestion was a “conspiracy”.


Download the video:

11 months, 1 week ago

The Wuhan Institute of Virology kept live bats in cages, new footage from inside the facility has revealed, disproving denials from World Health Organisation investigators who claimed the suggestion was a “conspiracy”.

An official Chinese Academy of Sciences video to mark the launch of the new biosafety level 4 laboratory in May 2017 speaks about the security precautions that are in place if “an accident” occurs and reveals there had been “intense clashes” with the French Government during the construction of the laboratory.

The video shows bats being held in a cage at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, along with vision of a scientist feeding a bat with a worm.

The 10 minute video is titled “The construction and research team of Wuhan P4 laboratory of Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences” and features interviews with its leading scientists.

The World Health Organisation report investigating the origin of the pandemic failed to mention that any bats had been kept at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and only its annex referred to animals being housed there.

“The animal room in the P4 facility can handle a variety of species, including primate work with SARS-CoV-2,” it states.

A member of the World Health Organisation team investigating the origin of the pandemic in Wuhan, zoologist Peter Daszak said it was a conspiracy to suggest bats were held at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In one tweet dated December, 2020 he said: “No BATS were sent to Wuhan lab for genetic analysis of viruses collected in the field. That’s now how this science works. We collect bat samples, send them to the lab. We RELEASE bats where we catch them!”

In another tweet, dated December 11, 2020, he said: “This is a widely circulated conspiracy theory. This piece describes work I’m the lead on and labs I’ve collaborated with for 15 years. They DO NOT have live or dead bats in them. There is no evidence anywhere that this happened. It’s an error I hope will be corrected.”

This month, Daszak appeared to retract his earlier denials and admitted the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have housed bats but admitted he had not asked them.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences video was discovered by researchers investigating the origin of the pandemic who call themselves DRASTIC.

Digital archivist “Jesse” found the Chinese Academy of Sciences Video while the group's co-ordinator, who goes by a pseudonym of “Billy Bostickson” for safety reasons, has long complained evidence bats were housed in the Wuhan laboratories.

The video forms part of the investigation for the book “What Really Happened in Wuhan” which is available for pre-order at Amazon and Booktopia.

Mr Daszak has not responded to requests for comment.

Original Source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANRs4DojOek

11 months, 1 week ago

Recently released documents from COVID committee meetings include a briefing note, where health bureaucrats and communications officers for Theresa Tam’s Public Health Agency of Canada were anticipating questions being asked about the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It turns out that the government of Canada was already dismissing the idea that the coronavirus could have leaked from the very institute that they had just been discovered to be funding. Watch this full report for details.
FULL REPORT: https://rebelne.ws/3v5jF4e

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11 months, 2 weeks ago

Epoch Times, Thought Leaders: Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology"

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Steve Bannon and the War Room discusses Fauci's emails as more and more evidence surfaces that Dr. Fauci knew about and promoted Gain of Function research at the Wuhan Lab as well as labs in the United States. The question is asked whether or not the white House is about to ask for Fauci's resignation or just send him to forced retirement as the walls close in on him and his deceiving lies regarding the origins of the Wuhan Virus..

Related Link:


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11 months, 2 weeks ago

C-19 Takeover WARNING Video ( Over 10 Months Old ! ) This was produced towards the beginning of the first initial 2 week lockdown. We've been above the target from the get-go because they laid out there plans right before our eyes. Snap out of your trance folks! There's no more time for it!!

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Anthony Fauci's Emails Released

Exclusive video/written content for as little as £5 a month: https://www.lotuseaters.com/register

11 months, 3 weeks ago

Biden to root out Racism Today, 100billion into minority-owned business, Cotton evidence of Wuhan Labs, Rand Paul, Nuclear War with China, COVID19 to have new names, Bird Flu yay, John Cena, Katherine Watkins and Colonialism, Naomi Osaka Depression, CNN

11 months, 3 weeks ago


Texas lawmaker Michael McCaul says the origins of COVID-19 is the “worst coverup in human history," as mainstream media are backing an investigation into the theory after a year of dismissing it.

“Let me say this is the worst cover up in human history,” Mr McCaul told CNN.

“Resulting in 3.5 million deaths, creating economic devastation around the globe.

“It was just declassified that three of the researchers were actually hospitalised in November 2019 with flu like symptoms consistent with COVID.”

Last week President Biden issued a 90 day directive for intelligence agencies to investigate two origin theories including that the virus could have come from a Chinese lab.

Mr McCaul said the move was "long overdue" because China had "destroyed everything at the lab".

Mainstream media hesitated from reporting the theory, one that President Trump had backed, and frequently slammed outlets that did.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo falsely claimed the theory was a “newer” notion and something the US government hadn’t pursed yet.

However, the anchor reported the theory back in April 2020 and called it a “story to watch”.

11 months, 3 weeks ago

I made this video just about a year ago! It is a Sacred Serpent original and can be found on various different video hosting platforms across the web.

"Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton... Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible."

~Bertrand Russell--from The Impact of Science on Society

11 months, 3 weeks ago

Investigative Journalist and Author Sharri Markson Reveals How Dr. Fauci Restarted Gain of Function Research After Obama Administration Stopped it

Perhaps the last half of this interview explains why the mainstream media are now willing to let Anthony Fauci take the heat for the Wuhan Bio-Lab leak. The entire interview with Australian investigative journalist Sharri Markson is well worth watching. The first major point was how Anthony Fauci was arguing against scientific consensus to keep allowing “gain of function” biological experimentation with deadly viruses. Fauci advocated for weaponization research in 2012, the scientific community was against it because of the inherent risks.

The second major point was President Obama stopping gain of function research in 2014 due to the global risk of a leak from a lab. Then in 2017, in the first year of the Trump administration, unbeknownst to senior officials in the administration, NIH Director Anthony Fauci pushed through a restart of the dangerous research.

Obama stopping and Fauci unilaterally starting would explain why the media are willing to step aside and let Fauci take the fall. Defending and protecting President Obama are the primary objectives of the MSM and operatives embedded in the administrative state. Now the sudden shift makes sense. Those in the umbrella intelligence apparatus knew this type of investigative evidence was going to surface.

Source, Real America's Voice https://rumble.com/vhr687-sharri-markson-reveals-dr.-fauci-said-gain-of-function-was-worth-risk-of-pa.html May 28, 2021

*For educational purposes.

11 months, 3 weeks ago

The ABC's "self-proclaimed" national health expert and TV presenter Dr Norman Swan has performed a complete backflip on his view on the coronavirus lab leak theory, according to Sky News host Chris Kenny.

Dr Swan had previously stated on national television in May last year that the coronavirus was a "natural mutation" and did not originate from a lab.

In an interview with the ABC on Tuesday Dr Swan said there were "increasing signs" the Wuhan Institute of Virology "may well have been the source".

Mr Kenny said this was a "complete backflip" and another example of Dr Swan's and the ABC's "repeated errors" made throughout the pandemic.

11 months, 3 weeks ago

Was the virus natural or released from a lab? You decide.


11 months, 3 weeks ago

Wuhan Institute of Virology and Lab Leak, China Rejects, Closing Public School, Christopher Rufo takes on Marc Lamont Hill, CRT is Racist, Hunter Biden New Email, David Chipman, AR15, Biden Spends, Gun Control, Miners Push Back
#news #breakingnews #memes #meme #comedy #memesdaily #comedyshow #politicalmemes #dailymemes #conservative #commentary #newscommentary #conservativenews #history #podcast #politics #conservativememes #libertarian #biden #wuhanlab #lableak #ccp #taiwan #hunterbiden #CRT #davidchipman #AR15 #Budget #Guncontrol #miners

11 months, 3 weeks ago

11 months, 4 weeks ago

Media is now claiming "NEW" information that indicates that Covid came from the Wuhan Lab. But for those of us who have been following this story, this is not new information... this evidence has been known for over a year. So why is Dr. Fauci, now suddenly pretending that he believe Covid could have come from a lab?

Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2cPnQldnOU

11 months, 4 weeks ago

#PsyOp #NOS #fakenews #BlameTheChinese #WuhanLab #coronavirus #5G #5Gstralingsziekte #CoronaIQtest-95: 'BLAME THE CHINESE? CORONA VIRUS ONTSNAPT UIT LAB?' ONZIN! NOS = 'PSYCHOLOGISCHE OPERATIE' = PURE MISLEIDING! #DeGeleCamera #TheYellowCamera

11 months, 4 weeks ago

Here is a link to my channel homepage, where you can find my playlists and all of my videos: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/CLBerf3P7bSQ/

11 months, 4 weeks ago

As pressure begins to mount from all sides as to what Anthony Fauci really knows about the origins of the Coronavirus and what he knew about the Gain of Function research that was being done in the top level virology lab in Wuhan, China he is starting to change his theory on where the actual virus originated. The Bat Cave theory is not believable as the CCP and the WHO would like the rest of the Planet to believe. Fauci is slowly being exposed for the liar and psychopath that he is. 

Shoutout to covid.vaccine.reactions on Instagram and Telegram for inspiring this video.

Music Credit:
John Farnham
"You're the Voice"

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12 months ago

Source, Russell Brand You Tube Channel:https://youtu.be/2LgGPygFHh4

12 months ago

The Covid Origin Theory Dam Breaks; An India Insider Tells All; Is Covid Vax Triggering Deaths? Texas Bans Mandates; The #MagnetChallenge: Truth, or Hoax?

#MagnetChallenge #India #WuhanLab #Covid19 #TheHighWire #DelBigtree

12 months ago

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Covid Ground Zero? The Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory And The Fauci Connection
U.S. government funding, bat coronavirus research, reports of sick workers, alleged involvement with gain-of-function experiments. As the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic continues into its second year, few aspects of it have become as politically charged as the theories swirling around the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That lab has been a focus of suspicion since the earliest days of the COVID-19 crisis, primarily because it's a high-level coronavirus research lab that sits just a few miles from where the Chinese government said the first known outbreak of the disease occurred in an outdoor wet market. The seemingly improbable coincidence has led to suspicions that a risky coronavirus experiment may have been the source of an accidental leak of the virus from the lab into, first, Wuhan itself, then the wider world. Leaders from across the globe are calling for a thorough investigation into the lab's experiments, its security protocols and its internal records. Here's what is known about the Wuhan Institute of Virology so far.
by Daniel Payne

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Worldwide Excess Mortality Rate In 2020
Contrary to what most people believe because of the non-stop media brainwashing,
2020 had a proportionately normal year-over-year increase in the excess mortality rate.
by Mark R. Elsis

There Will Be 72,556 Extra Suicides This Year In The United States Because Of The Massive Unemployment
As of May 3, 2020, the cold hard facts are there will be 72,556 extra suicides this year because of the massive unemployment caused by the unprecedented crisis.
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1 year ago

If this was a normal functioning society, this guy Tony Fauci would be tried and proven Guilty of Mass Murder.
If it wasn't for the millions of dollars being paid to protect this pathological Maniac, he would have been dead long ago.

1 year ago


1 year ago

1. https://drop.space/v/BM8Dr2
2. https://www.bitchute.com/video/ZokSJK5TC5TM/
3. https://bittube.tv/post/665a0154-5b02-465c-8311-85825f132493
4. https://ugetube.com/watch/rpvHkmwImtGkg66

Rand Paul catching Dr Fauci with his pants down, when it comes to his involvement with the CCP controlled biological weapons research lab in Communist China. PS: I think it's time to make examples with all these scientific traitors, selling out and leaking dangerous knowledge and technology to dictatorships and potential enemies of the free world, like the Chinese Communist Party, plotting against us all the time.

This video is not against the poor and oppressed Chinese people, abused by a brutal communist dictatorship regime, responsible for the death of millions of innocents.

#RandPaul #DrFauci #WuhanLab #FauciHearing #Fauci #BillGates #BiologicalWeapons #Wuhan

1 year ago

May 8, 2021

War Room With Owen Shroyer

Owen reacts to a segment from Fox news, where Republicans are finally demanding to know about Fauci’s involvement with the Wuhan Lab.

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1 year ago

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta has dissented from his colleagues at CNN by suggesting that the coronavirus may have escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

#sanjaygupta #cnn #radiobaloney #wuhan



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1 year, 1 month ago

A since deleted statement by the U.S. State Department admits that not only does the U.S. not know for certain where CV19 originated, but that many signs point to the likelihood that it actually first appeared in the Wuhan Virology Lab months before the Chinese Government admits. Mirrored from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WBCTNuSZ5j4&feature=youtu.be

1 year, 3 months ago

Mayor Guliani Says fauci Paid The Wuhan Lab 3.7 Mil., Interview

1 year, 9 months ago

Today on ABC News Sunday Morning US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo all, but admitted that the Coronavirus was manufactured in a Wuhan China Virology Lab. Earlier this week we found out that Dr. Anthony Fauci had his US Government funded Research Lab donate another 3.7 million dollars in 2019 while their was a freeze on researching viruses in the United States. We now have learned that Fauci issued two checks worth 7.4 million dollars in all to the Wuhan Virology Lab since 2015 when he was working under the Obama administration. Now that it is clear that Anthony Fauci is behind the virus that was leaked out of the Wuhan Lab and it was not started by a wet market in the same area as the lab it is time for Donald Trump to minimally remove Fauci from the White House Coronavirus Task Force. It is appearing more amd more obvious that Anthony Fauci is responsible for the worst medical false flag in modern time. Trump must end this game of Spy versus Spy and have anthony Fauci arrested for treason and crimes against humanity.

2 years ago

This laboratory, in C China's Hubei, has the highest level bio-containment protocols. It's the first of its kind in China. It was officially launched at the start of this year. The lab will be used to study class four pathogens (P4), the most contagious, potentially lethal viruses known to humans.

2 years, 3 months ago

Last July 15th, 2019 the CBC News here in Canada reported that a Chinese Micro Biologist and Scientist - Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was expelled from Canada along with her scientist husband and a hand full of Chinese students. They had all been doing lethal virus research at the Canadian National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) in Winnipeg. The CBC News followed up with two more reports suggesting that Dr. Qiu had shipped virulent viruses Ebola and Nipah back to China and the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. CBC also reported that Dr. Qiu visited the lab in Wuhan at least five times during her tenor working at NML in Winnipeg. In October, 2019 CBC reported that Dr. Qiu and her husband were still under 'investigation' for possible espionage and since then there have been no further reports on their standing with Canada or the Level 4 Lab in Winnipeg. Now that the Wuhan Coronavirus Breakout story has gone viral across the planet there are many 'conspiracy theories' circling about what is actually happening with the Coronavirus and many people on-line are going right at the CBC's original story about the Chinese scientists being expelled back to China.

From The Begin-Sadat Center For Strategic Studies:

"The Chinese interest in Ebola, Nipah, Marburg, and Rift Valley fever might possibly be beyond scientific and medical needs. Significantly, only the Nipah virus is naturally found in China or neighboring countries. That being the case, the interface between Qiu and China is a priori highly suspicious.

The shipment of the two viruses from NML to China is alarming unto itself, but it also raises the question of what other shipments of viruses or other items might have been made to China between 2006 and 2018.

Qiu made at least five trips over the academic year 2017-18 alone to the above-mentioned Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was certified for BSL4 in January 2017. In August 2017, the National Health Commission of China approved research activities involving the Ebola, Nipah, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever viruses at the Wuhan facility, and in March 2019, the Chinese published their tour de force.

When the shipment from Canada was uncovered, security access was revoked for Qiu, her husband, and the Chinese students. IT specialists entered Qiu’s office after hours to gain access to her computer, and her regular trips to China were halted.

Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary-general of NATO, said at a news conference that he can’t comment on the case, but appeared to suggest the possibility of espionage. “What I can say in general is that we have seen increased efforts by the nations to spy on NATO allies in different ways,” he said.

Qiu’s research has not only been conducted on behalf of Canada and China. In 2018, she collaborated with three scientists from the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Maryland, studying post-exposure immunotherapy for two Ebola viruses and Marburg virus in monkeys. Those activities were part of a study supported by the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency."

2 years, 3 months ago