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Run down a street where the glass shows that summer has gone
Age in the doorways, resenting the pace of the dawn
All of them standing in line
All of them waiting for time
From time, the great healer
The machine messiah is born

Cables that carry the life to the cities we build
Threads that link diamonds of light to the satanic mills
Ah, to see in every way
That, we feel it every day, and know that
Maybe we'll change
Offered the chance
To finally unlearn our lessons and alter our stance


Friends make their way into systems of chance
(Friends make their way of escape into systems of chance)
Escape to freedom, I need to be there
Waiting and watching, the tables are turning
I'm waiting and watching
I need to be there

I care to see them walk away
And, to be there when they say
They will return

Machine, machine messiah
The mindless search for a higher controller
Take me to the fire and hold me
Show me the strength of your singular eye

History dictating symptoms of ruling romance
Claws at the shores of the water upon which we dance
All of us standing in line
All of us waiting for time

To feel it all the way
And to be there when they say they know that
Maybe we'll change
Offered the chance
To finally unlearn our lessons and alter our stance

Machine, machine messiah
Take me into the fire

Hold me, machine messiah
And show me
The strength of your singular eye

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Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, and Rick Wakeman teamed up and toured, performing live Yes music. At one point, they began working on an album, but that album was never completed or released. One song was presented to a radio station and played. I have remastered that track and present it here.

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A psychological analysis of the need for approval from “authorities”, Examining the source of it’s influence, and how this behaviour reflects itself upon the entire universe and the people that live on it. Intelligent judgment is paramount when one seeks to escape the programming of institutionalised “education.” What is the secret key that will bring people out of such state? Stick until the very end, to find the answer.

Inspired by Larken Rose's Book: The Most Dangerous Superstition

Buy a copy:: https://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous...

Mirrored: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGaHOLhiG3E

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Former lead singer of the rock group "Yes" shares the stage with the 112-member Cleveland Contemporary Youth Orchestra and 60-member student chorus in a mesmerizing performance that exudes joy and energy. A spiritual high. In this once-in-a-lifetime and inspiring performance, Jon Anderson and the youth orchestra play the songs written for "Yes" and "Jon & Vangelis" including the hits, "Owner of a Lonely Heart," "I've Seen All Good People" and "Round About." Shot Live in Cleveland at the famed Severance Hall Auditorium.

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In 1985, Yes began recording their follow-up to their hugely successful "90125" album, but creative differences led to the departure of Trevor Horn as producer. The album, later completed and released in 1987, would go on to reach platinum and spawn two hit singles with "Love will find a way" and "Rhythm of Love."

This album is a compilation of earlier demos that would result in the album "Big Generator." Enjoy them as a window into the creative process.

If I did ANYTHING correct with this album, it's in producing an album cover that is NIGHT AND DAY better than the HORRENDOUS "Big Generator" album cover. I rank that cover as one of my all-time least favorite album covers, along with Yes' Talk album cover... So go ahead, THANK ME for making a better album cover than Yes created. ;)

Rhythm of Love
Big Generator (Engage)
Shoot High, Aim Low
Almost Like Love
Love Will Find a Way
Final Eyes
Big Generator (Accelerate)
I'm Running
Holy Lamb

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LAY IT DOWN: Track Five

Song: Owner of a Lonely Heart
Artist: YES
Album: 90125

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Of all the great progressive rock bands, the Strawbs is one of the least known in the USA. With one of the longest recording careers spanning from the 1960's to the present, my goal is to expose you to this incredible band by giving you some of their most proggy, bombastic, and experimental songs. The Strawbs began as the band for Sandy Denny, who would go on to join "Fairport Convention" in 1968. She would later sing on "The Battle for Evermore" on Led Zepplin IV (none of her songs are featured here). Rick Wakeman would join the Strawbs for two albums before joining Yes (none of his songs are featured here either). Wakeman's departure angered Dave Cousins, resulting in the song "Tomorrow." That song IS featured here. Dave's singing voice is typically best when he's angry or creepy, and to some degree the prog era Strawbs music resembles Peter Gabriel-era Genesis vocally. Give it a chance and tell me what you think in the comment section!

Deadly Nightshade
Hero and Heroine
Midnight Sun
Down by the Sea
The Life Auction
The Promised Land
Tears and Pavan
New World
Time and Life

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On this episode of THE CLASSIC METAL SHOW, Neeley and Chris talk about Chris planning to go out and see fake Asia in a few weeks. This leads to them reviewing some of their catalog, which Neeley is surprised that Chris was a fan of. Following, they review the 80s music of the band Yes.

**NOTE: Everything said here, and on every episode of all of our shows are 100% the opinions of the hosts. Nothing is stated as fact. Do your own research to see if their opinions are true or not.**

#theclassicmetalshow #comedy #parody #neeley #chrisakin #shockjocks #popculture #sex #hardrock #heavymetal #celebrities #socialjustice #socialmedia #woke #politics #humor #dating #relationships

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Fly from Here was one of the earliest demos from the sessions for the album Drama. This "suite" version combines various "bits and pieces" from 1980 sessions and demos to present a longer, more comprehensive version of "Fly From Here," in keeping with the future official long-version released in 2011. The result is a final track time at slightly over 18 minutes.

In 1980, Yes consisted of Trevor Horn, Geoffrey Downes, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, and Alan White.

While the song failed to move from the demo stage during the recording process, it was performed live several times during the Drama tour. The song would remain shelved until 2011.

Care has been taken to enhance the quality of these demos. As with any demo, do not expect the polish and quality of an "official release."

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In 1976, all the current members of Yes released solo albums. Alan White's album, Ramshackled, featured one song with Jon Anderson on vocals and Steve Howe on guitar: "Spring, Song of Innocence." This version varies slightly from the one released on that album.

2 months ago

In 1980, the three remaining members of Yes (Steve Howe, Chris Squire, and Alan White) teamed up with The Buggles (Trevor Horn and Geoffrey Downes) to release Drama. This was the first album to not feature Jon Anderson as lead singer, and its release at the time was quite controversial.

Of course, Drama is where Steve Howe met Geoffrey Downes, and the two would later go on to form the rock supergroup "Asia." Trevor Horn would go on to produce the highly-successful Yes album "90125." Trevor Horn would return as the lead singer for the Yes album "Fly From Here - Return Trip."

The very first demo recorded by Trevor Horn in the Yes catalog was the song "We Can Fly From Here." While not produced for the album "Drama," it did appear in live performances during the album's tour in 1980. Quite a few additional tracks were recorded that did not make it on the album, many of them instrumental. This unofficial album serves as an "addendum" to the original Drama release.

1 We Can Fly From Here (Part 1)
2 We Can Fly From Here (Part 2)
3 Does it Ever Happen to You
4 Dancing Through the Light
5 Satellite
6 Tempus Fugit
7 To the Light
8 Man in a White Car
9 Riding a Tiger
10 Who Makes the Tea
11 We Can Fly From Here (Reprise)

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In 1978, Yes released "Tormato" to mixed reviews. The studio sessions contained a host of material either abandoned, reworked, or reserved for future solo albums. Some of these tracks have seen official releases, ending up in special compilation releases or as "Bonus Tracks" on Tormato's CD re-release. Others are quite rare.

The purpose of this compilation album is to present a "Companion" album to Yes: Tormato, focusing on some of the rarest, seldom-heard material that may never see an official release.

1 High in the Sunlight 0:00
2 Picasso Lies Still 4:25
3 Money Don't Worry Me 7:30
4 Set to Sail (Richard) 10:46
5 Celestial Seasons 14:50
6 UFO (Rail 14) 23:08
7 Don't Kill the Whale (Ocean Version) 30:38
8 Days (A Capella) 33:57
9 Madrigal (Celestial Travellers) 34:55
10 You Can Be Saved/Amazing Grace 37:18
11 Some Are Born 42:44
12 Everybody Loves You 48:08
13 Everybody's Song 52:10

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Yes, comprised of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, Chris Squire, and Alan White, released the mammoth twin-LP "Tales from Topographic Oceans" in 1973, containing four songs, each spanning approximately 20 minutes.

This compilation album contains alternate versions of two of those songs, a Steve Howe demo track that would provide the basis of one of those songs, another demo that would later be incorporated in the following album, and an early version of the song that would later become "Awaken" off the album "Going for the One."

0:00 Dance of the Dawn
23:36 The Serpentine
27:44 Giants Under the Sun
45:02 Eastern Number
57:19 For this Moment

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Jon Anderson, the lead singer of Yes, worked on a project with Jonathan Elias called "Requiem for the Americas," as well as producing a solo album called "Toltec," both of which delved into Native American themes and concepts. Owners of those albums know that the music was mixed with Native American dialog and "teachings." This compilation album has removed the dialog portions and combined the songs that featured Jon Anderson's vocals.

Within the Lost World 0:00
Distant Thunder (Children of Light) 5:56
Talk Talk Suite 10:41
Good Day Morning Suite 20:06
Building Bridges, Sound and Color 25:40
Far Far Cry 35:34
Ave Verum 40:17

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2 months, 2 weeks ago

Sometime around 1978, a demo of the Yes song "Countryside" was recorded. The earliest exposure to this track for most Yes fans was the "Yes: Paris Sessions" bootleg. It was later released as a bonus track on the re-release of the Tormato CD (2004).

This song began as a Steve Howe demo entitled "Resistance Day," our first track. Later, Steve Howe would rename the non-vocal version of this song "Corkscrew." A studio version from "Turbulence" is our 3rd track and an an acoustic version from "Motif" is our 4th song.

Resistance Day 0:00
Countryside 2:07
Corkscrew (Studio Version) 5:20
Corkscrew (Acoustic Version) 9:21

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Jon Anderson, the lead singer of Yes, released numerous solo albums and also appeared as a guest vocalist with numerous recording artists. He also released a few songs which were used in movie soundtracks.

This compilation album attempts to gather some of those tracks while maintaining the more "mainstream" sound he had around the time of 90125 (Yes) through his solo album "City of Angels."

This Time it Really Was Right 0.00
Cage of Freedom 4.39
The Only Thing I Need (with 4Him) 8:43
Moonlight Desires (with Gowan) 13:43
Limitless Lives (with Marco Sabiu) 17:57
So Long Ago, So Clear (with Vangelis) 20:37
Ray of Hope 25:37
Loved by the Sun (with Tangerine Dream) 31:49
Lady of Dreams (with Kitaro) 36:40
Agreement (with Kitaro) 44:58
Island of Life (with Kitaro) 51:30
Give Hope (single version) 1:00:20

This compilation purposely avoids tracks from solo albums and "Jon and Vangelis" albums, but does include "So Long Ago, So Clear" which appeared on Vangelis' album "Heaven and Hell" and "Ray of Hope," which was added to the re-release of "3 Ships." The version of "Give Hope" contained here is different than the one included on the re-release of "3 Ships."

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Between the official releases of "Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, and Howe" and "Union," the members of Yes had created numerous songs, demos, and out-takes that were either not included on those two albums or were reworked and trimmed. This compilation presents a nice selection of those songs, with some receiving a degree of remastering. The quality of the recordings vary, but I have done my best to improve where possible.

Shot in the Dark
Do it to Tell
After the Storm
Dangerous (Extended)
Distant Thunder
Give and Take
Holding On
I Would Have Waited Forever (Extended)
Must be Love
She Walks Away
Vultures in the City
Silent Talking

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Doubters fuel my fire. Go ahead and tell me I can’t…I will show you I CAN! You can manifest any future you want. Stay focused and prove the doubters (H8rs) wrong. Make the world know your name!!
I do not own the rights to this music

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All Music and Photography by Eric William Scherrer 2022
This is the second song in my "Mic'ro Tunes" series. (mini songs made from drum mic tests)

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A very strong no. Coming from an even stronger yes.

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Thanks Centre for Research on Globalization #YES #KILLER VACCINE
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To be continued! Roundabout

If anyone likes anime related podcasts these humans are pretty cool!


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