In her first outing as Captain Marvel, Brie Larson fought the Kree to protect the Skrulls. It was a turn of events from the comic books, but the poorly written characters were too shallow to create a good story. In Captain Marvel 2, there are many expectations of Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau, but who will play the villain? The latest rumors have Zawe Ashton playing an, as yet, unnamed part in the new Captain Marvel 2 movie, which is expected in November 2022.

Hello everyone and welcome to Brainmuffin at the movies, as read by Channel Dad Bryon Lape. In an article for the Deadline website, Justin Kroll reports about Zawe Ashton and her possible role in the new Captain Marvel 2 movie, set to relaunch phase 4 of the MCU. Despite all the previous rumors of the MCU cast disliking Brie Larson, the next phase is underway with the WandaVision show for Disney+. Soon to join Wanda and her lover are Falcon and Winter Soldier. Trailers for the latter show Falcon training with Captain America's shield and someone wearing the Captain America outfit. Could either Falcon or the Winter Solider become the next Captain America?

For those not familiar with Zawe Ashton, she is a talented actress who has appeared on Broadway in the revival of Betrayal opposite Tom Hiddleston. Could Captain Marvel 2 have a Loki crossover or involvement? Zawe Ashton also played opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Netflix’s Velvet Buzzsaw, so the young actress has already worked with some of the biggest names in cinema today.

What role will Zawe Ashton play? Will she be the real villain or a puppet of a greater threat? Toward what will phase 4 of the MCU build? Who will be the next Thanos? What create threat will the Avengers eventually face with Captain Marvel being the leader? Will Captain Marvel and Spider-Man team up in the next MCU movie? What are your thoughts on the latest MCU cast rumors concerning Brie Larson? Was it all a misunderstanding? It has been nearly two years since Avengers: Endgame, how will the MCU rebuild in Phase 4 and create in Phase 5?

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Want to read Justin Kroll's article titled "‘Captain Marvel 2’: Zawe Ashton Tapped To Play Villain In Marvel Sequel" on the Deadline website? Here is the link:

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