Zillow collapse: Well, let's hope all these companies that bought up all the homes at far over market value go kaput. Let's see prices and availability down regulate to normal. Everyone suspected they were going to turn around and rent these homes in a world where "you will own nothing and be happy" but was there a failure at some point? Is someone going to step in and pick up the slack? Let's hope not!!! THIS VIDEO ABOUT THIS IS PRICELESS!!! (click past the ad). It is going to be GAME OVER for the real estate con artists that blew the prices to the stratosphere.

For years, Zillow has been a household name in the real estate world. DETAILS: https://at.wftv.com/3qe0jeo

Great comment I found: Good - hope we are due for a market correction soon, seems like homes around here are beginning to be reasonable.

They wanted $400,000 for some 1500 square foot house on 10 acres in the middle of nowhere.

Another guy down the road wanted $250,000 for 3 acres of pastureland and a barn

1 month, 1 week ago

Zillow Group Inc. is taking a break from buying U.S. homes after the online real estate giant’s pivot into tech-powered house-flipping hit a snag.

Zillow, which acquired more than 3,800 homes in the second quarter, will stop pursuing new purchases for the remainder of the year as it works through a backlog of properties already in its pipeline.

3 months, 1 week ago

Todays episode features homes for sale by owners in the beautiful state of Maine.

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There are many internet companies that were created with very dark intentions. Here Patrick measure divine light to expose the intentions of these companies. The basic intentions, dowsing reveals, is hidden from the user in these companies.
I dowsed that both Yelp and Zillow will target a business or home to artificially taint the price and reputation. There is no government agency monitoring these platforms.

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