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Americans don't get off their sofa unless a zionist billionaire makes a fake foundation or "activist" organization to trick them into getting off their asses and into the streets to defend the that billionaire's bank account... er... I mean social or environmental cause.

The George Floyd protests have little to do with racism because among SJWs racism has never been less of an issue. These "protests" are because powerful zionists have disguised their agenda of control and theft under the guise of social justice, anti-fascism and environmental action.

Sure, three generations of Americans are angry that their future has been stolen from them, but trust me on this one, George Floyd's murderer's, as repulsive as they are, do not sit at the apex of the pyramid of human oppressors.

HINT: see bankers

This is essential background on the formation of the tax exempt foundation system in America. Although it has a rather dull sounding title do not mistake this information as anything other than the description of fundamental force shaping our societies in its nascent form. This is a must watch for those who want to gain a basis from which to view the structures of modern government and the societies that spring forth from it.

G. Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd, who was the congressional Director of Research for the Reece Committee, 1953-1954. In 1953, Congress tasked Rep. Carroll Reece with establishing and directing a congressional investigative committee to investigate the activities of the major Wall Street tax-exempt foundations – Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller – on the ground of suspicions of subversion.

The Reece Committee was thus created. The Committee's investigation involved numerous interviews and the thorough study of these foundations' private records, on site. It determined the foundations' activities to be unamerican and subversive, and to consist of the use of propaganda, influence and grant making power to control the channels of social influence (media, advertising, etc.) and, thus, public opinion, but also to control education, and to infiltrate institutions and co-opt nexuses of power.

Key to this corporate subversion was the dumbing down of the population and the weakening of the legislative processes (congress). The consolidation of power into the president, which these billionaires well understood were easily compromised..

The declared aim was to create a silent, non-bloody revolution in the United States.

The purpose was also, ostensibly, to degrade and debase the population to make them more manageable and controllable. If you're debased and dissolute you won't care about the takeover of society, won't stand for principle, and won't join with others to fix stuff. You will, in fact, help take down the fabric of society by means ..

With riots rocking major US cities and video of explosions and US military storming and attacking US citizens, mothers and veterans, could Trump be looking for a distraction in the form of a war with Iran? Harry Vox and Syrian Girl deconstruct the news of the US military plane which harassed an Iranian civilian passenger flight.

Harry Vox dismantles the lies in real time.
Trump & Biden don't matter. Only the Jewish money which, like a virus, has taken over every element of our society and is now sucking it dry.
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Each night American TV watchers are fed military grade lies.
Harry Vox Dismantles just one randomly selected broadcast (LieCast) so we get a better idea on what's going on.

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cartoon supervillain Gill Bates wants to dim the sun, while Chicago mayor Beetlejuice is demanding government employees swear fealty to the New World Order if they want a job in her administration. throughout all this, "fact-checkers" and other narrative managers tell us this is all perfectly normal, nothing to see here, move along. the cognitive dissonance is off the charts. if we don't start raising the alarm on a grand scale, all of this societal psychosis will well & truly be locked in as the New Normal, & there will be no possibility of questioning it.

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a discussion of the country's future, with or without the parasite's blood funnel sunk into its neck.

Harry Vox's "Welcome to the Simulation" talk at St Marks Church, January 2006, NYC. everything on the news is fake, your "deeply-held beliefs" came off an assembly line, & the medium is the message.

Trump's point man on immigration is widely loathed by liberals, who say he's a heartless white nationalist who keeps kids in cages. but that's not the important part. this guy SPRAYED FAKE HAIR ON HIS HEAD to go on TV & thought no one would notice. anything he says or does after that is INVALID. CANCELLED. DONE. sprayed. hair. on. head.
why have even the people who hate Stephen Miller seemingly forgotten about this? it's a pivotal event in a man's life, that moment when he decides to take a can of fake hair spray & give his chrome dome a good coating. let's remind him, shall we?

the warm, fuzzy rhetoric of the UN's Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 have broad appeal: who doesn't want to end poverty, end hunger, and promote social justice? but it's not what it seems. worse, it's not optional: no country will be "left behind," even (especially!) if they want to be.
Agenda 2030: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/21252030%20Agenda%20for%20Sustainable%20Development%20web.pdf
Agenda 21: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/outcomedocuments/agenda21

(originally aired Sunday 28 June on PressTV) Harry Vox destroys the bogus US/Israeli narrative - on the latest threadbare MEK "color revolution" in Iran & wherever else it surfaces - as a cheap vulgar con game that only the dumbest of the dumb would “believe”. American politicians collaborating with this enemy would be wise to change their ways before it is too late - Israel will throw them away when they're no longer useful, & their own people have no love for traitors.

**please send this video to your friends and family members in the military, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, etc who you believe care about the fate of millions of innocent people in New York and other large American cities.**

the unrest roiling the US is not organic, any more than the fireworks keeping city-dwellers up at night for the past month are because fireworks stores had a sale (seriously, that's the best the New York Times could come up with). it is important to note that calling out Israeli intelligence for its guiding role in these phenomena is no more antisemitic than calling out the US State Dept role in the Hong Kong riots is anti-white - these are documented facts [see pinned comment for some of those documents] that have nothing to do with bias.

there have already been small fires either because of, or under cover of, the fireworks terrorizing NYC nightly. please SHARE THIS VIDEO - upload to your own channel/site/platform, use clips or research & discuss the material, whatever you like - the important part is that this information reaches people who can stop what appears to be a plot to burn down areas of NYC on or around July 4.
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is this a joke? surely no one is this oblivious. or are they?
there's no organization name on the flyer - i have a hard time believing you could put these up in Bed-Stuy without getting the crap kicked out of you, but who knows - if anyone has any leads on where these came from, please leave in comments / email me (it's on my website)

Bomb-size fireworks are going off throughout American cities. Indications are pointing to Israeli intelligence being behind these bombs to condition Americans for a massive Great Fire that will engulf our cities and burn them to the ground- to be blamed on Antifa for the purposes of installing a next level of authoritarian control.
The media is telling us that this happens every year- that the existence of thousands of times the number of fireworks complaints as last year is due solely to an outbreak of Karen-itis. They are lying.

There have been nationwide reports of wide-scale fireworks use in major cities that NEVER experienced either the importation of fireworks into them or any tradition of their use.
Police intelligence units appear to be “standing down” and allowing this extremely unusual activity. This playbook appears to be mirroring the great fire of London occurring after the winding down of the great plague of London.

All mainstream "news" is politicized fake garbage and bears zero resemblance to reality. Their "Truth" hinges on whether or not that "truth" increases the profits or agenda of:
1) The Deep State
2) The State of Israel
3) The Pharmaceutical Industry
4) The portfolios of Wall Street investors
5) The weapons industry
and many more players
If the 'Truth" is not beneficial to the above entities it will be "altered" to make it profitable for them. So the only option is to ignore what they are telling you and seek credible sources of information like www.voxnews.com

Everything is Fake. Very few people still watch television, this is a secret that must not be allowed to get out because the entire edifice of power depends on keeping the illusion that they still have the power. Its just an illusion, all we would have to do is realize that they have no power and in all of a second their edifice of lied would collapse. So they desperately prop up this illusion. Filmed April 17th 2020

This Internet outage is Israeli Intelligence preparing us for a total blackout in September, possibly earlier. Harry Vox has been warning about this for months and it is now happening. more information will soon be available (if it isn't already) at voxnews.com, not to be confused with the usual bottom-feeders of vox-dot-com.
please share this information widely - it is being suppressed & your life may depend on it - we have very very little time to head off the worst of all possible worlds & that means action must begin NOW.

...unless you're eager to climb into a self-driving car powered by some oligarch whose pre-programmed destination could include an unexpected detour into a telephone pole if you harbor impure thoughts about that oligarch or his pals. but that's a risk you'll just have to take!
don't be fooled by the environmental jargon used to justify the phase-out of gas-powered cars - this is about CONTROL. the same people pushing the Green New Deal made their billions in oil & gas. they do not care about the environment or nature.
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want justice for black/brown people worldwide? the quickest route is to DEFUND THE US WAR MACHINE! Uncle Sam's enforcers already cost more than the next 6 nations' militaries put together, & their sole purpose is to plunder the resources of what was once called the Third World (well, that & to protect the interests of Tel Aviv).
to the people of CHAZ: we realize many of you are sincere & do not realize you are being used as bait for a draconian police-state crackdown. you've already passed one test by not burning down the East Precinct. your rage is justified & we ask only that it be directed against the real culprits behind the unjust society you revile.
the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone appears to have been almost scientifically formulated to exploit the fault lines of society and has thus become a flashpoint for law & order conservatives to clash with the (deeply suspect) progressive faction that wants to abolish the police; for antifa to clash with the business-friendly wing of the progressive Democrats; for Soundcloud rappers to clash with anarcho-syndicalist wannabe communards - and it's becoming increasingly difficult to figure out if we're watching real life or the next Purge sequel (or the mass-marketed Unrest™ packaged by the "warlord of the moment" https://youtu.be/Rz7R2R_EaIA). many angry young people are finding their rage coopted to not dismantle but actually STRENGTHEN the system that keeps them down. in this self-licking ice-cream cone of propaganda, the only solution is to turn the psy-op back on those who created it.
the Autonomous Zone can win by not playing into the media narrative. when the police arrive to retake their precinct, ask in full view of the TV cameras why they bailed so quick?

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interview with Maryam Henein about the FDA's latest is-it-legal-is-it-not assault on Americans' ability to decide for themselves what they put in their bodies. we also talk about the real coronavirus exploiters, Charles Lieber, things that should remain in the realm of science fiction but unfortunately haven't, & the weaponization of the common ice-cream truck.

Overnight, the protests raging across the US (and, for some reason, the world) have been rerouted to calls to "defund the police." Harry Vox and Helen of desTroy dissect exactly what this means and why the result will be even more totalitarian than the current violent, racist and abusive Israeli-trained model could ever hope to be. get ready for turbo-charged tech-enabled super-Karens who know your every move before you make it - oh, and privatized Blackwater mercs.

please download & repost this video on your channels & platforms as we are being heavily suppressed - my last video with Harry was removed after less than a day but can be found on Archive.org https://archive.org/details/@helenofdestroy. find more of our work at voxnews.com & helenofdestroy.com & subscribe on bitchute.com/helenofdestroy because this channel is not long for this world.

Overnight, the protests raging across the US (and, for some reason, the world) have been rerouted to calls to "defund the police." Harry Vox and Helen of desTroy dissect exactly what this means and why the result will be even more totalitarian than the current violent, racist and abusive Israeli-trained model could ever hope to be.
please download and repost this video on your channels and platforms as YouTube is suppressing us. more at helenofdestroy.com & voxnews.com.


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