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originally broadcast live July 24th. make Nancy Reagan proud, Just Say No™ to the OMFGVAXX. take your spike proteins & shove 'em.

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it's like a History Channel special, but actually true. Harry & Helen trace the grasp on power through centuries, tracking how - & IF - it has changed hands over the centuries.
(originally broadcast May 21 2021)

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You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you're not going to hit the jackpot on every happy fun time biological "incident". The walls may be closing in for our dear Dr Napoleon Complex.
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(originally broadcast on DLive April 17)
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(Helen of desTroy & Harry Vox)

music soothes the savage beast, & we've got a lot of beasts to soothe...

everything you wanted to know about this giant asset-stripping scam but were afraid to ask. if after a year you still are cravenly 'masking up' when you see another human being across the street (or in the comfort of your car, or when you go to the beach, etc) you need some serious deprogramming - but that's what we're here for. if you like what you see, share it with a friend or 12. if we don't get this message out, humanity is screwed.

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Our own institutions have turned on us and are feeding off us like the craven parasites that they are. What do you expect when at the highest levels our political structures are focused on servicing the bloodthirsty whims of Israel? With that being the case, why should anyone expect anything more from this ignominious feeding frenzy than fascists tearing the country to shreds in an asset-stripping ecstasy while their minions - hopeful to avoid that same boot stomping on their own faces - enforce their masters' increasingly harsh and absurd diktats against the country's own citizens?

It's all about Israel, stupid.

Everyone paying attention can see that the USA has been reconfigured as an organized crime operation, set up to siphon our money, our secrets and our future over to our masters in Israel. The problem is too few are paying attention - whether because being reminded of the suffering they help

America was good while it lasted, but now it's all about stripping us of our last remaining pennies and dignity so that our "special friend" in the Middle East can ditch us for their new friend China and jam their blood-funnel into the dragon's neck.

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Harry Vox exposes the Israeli spy networks posing as Washington think tanks who pay off former and current US Military & Intelligence chiefs and congressional personnel and top industry leaders to spy on behalf of Israel and undermine America for the paltry pay and fake grandiloquent words that they're selling us out for "democracy" and "freedom".
These are the words that these US spies with names like Michael Hayden (Former Chief or the NSA and CIA) and General Breedlove (Former Air Force and CENTCOM Commander) are given by these Israeli Intelligence operations posing as Washington think tanks so that these people don't vomit at their reflection in the mirror because of their betrayal of America.
In this video Vox calls for all current US military and Intelligence personnel working for an enemy foreign country, which Israel clearly is, to register as a foreign agent, declare all monies received, resign from whatever position they employ, turn in their uniforms, decorations and passports, renounce their US citizenship and go move to Israel since that is obviously where their loyalties lie. Any US intelligence or Military person who is working for an Israeli Intelligence operation disguised as a think tank or foundation is a spy for Israel and a disgrace to our America.

(Disclaimer: Yes, we all know Robert David Steele is not what he claims to be, but surely there is some amusement value in watching this guy endlessly try to shoehorn disinformation into what is otherwise a very informative and to-the-point exposé of the most serious problem facing Americans today.)

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Welcome to 2021, the theatrical performance for which 2020 was merely a dress rehearsal. If you haven't been deplatformed yet, don't worry, you will be. That is, unless we can get our shit together as a species and work together to pry the boot off our faces. The sooner we do that, the better.

Spiro was recently booted off Twitter for wrongthink. There's a lot of that going around these days, no matter how meticulously-researched one's content is. We are an information war - don't bring a plastic fork to a drone strike.

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repost from The Gaggle (original here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQii86YO1BM from Nov 4 2020), the new(ish) show from the people behind RT's CrossTalk program.

i share my election predictions & more delightfully depressing hints at what's coming next for 'murica, which is being made an example of after electing the wrong person in 2016 (though they were able to turn him into the right person pretty damn quick, his rhetoric has always rubbed them the wrong way even as his actions followed their orders). expect - in the words of creepy uncle Joe himself - a Dark Winter.
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originally filmed Oct 6 - this was removed along with the rest of Maryam's channel shortly thereafter. we discuss the Cult of Corona, the snitchfest it has unleashed, the cartoonish violence that has become the bizarre norm of on-camera police behavior post-George Floyd, & the utter failure of the world to 'resist' as the Orwellian boot stomps on their faces.
Maryam can be found on Twitter at @maryamhenein and honeycolony.com, i am at @velocirapture23 and helenofdestroy.com
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second half of the Gaggle show from the people who brought you RT's CrossTalk. original here https://youtu.be/9wAIsdeXXmo - go subscribe, what are you waiting for ?!?

In part two Ciara Haley and Helen Buyniski are joined by Peter Lavelle as they continue to gaggle about the future of politics in the US and what lies in store for a post-Trump administration.

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original posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSZ4PC-_cFY - subscribe for more! why are we smiling? if you can't find humor in the collapse of a doomed empire, well, you're going to collapse along with it.

Ciara Haley and George Szamuely are joined by the American journalist Helen Buyniski to gaggle about the future of politics in the US and what lies in store for a post-Trump administration.

You can find Helen's writings at http://www.helenofdestroy.com/

Totalitarianism is funded through a complex, impenetrable, covert network of Trusts, Foundations, Funds, Shell Corporations, Shares - all highly secretive and all of them busily funding the technology of oppression and paying off the political establishment to implement this plan. The UN and World Economic Forum are the primary official visible instruments of the City of London banking dynasties and their tentacles are reaching deep into every household, organization and into the psyche of the American mind to implement this plan to the total enslavement of the human race.

Their purpose it to steal all the land and building deeds and install a human tracking and control system so that this tiny handful of trillionaires can keep their grip on power. And here’s the thing, even millionaires aren’t safe anymore from the rapacious greed of the billionaires and trillionaires.

This is the end game people!
(reposted from Harry Vox's channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3MPQh9s_xk - go to voxnews.com for more)

Harry Vox asks the obvious question, given that anyone with 5 minutes of intelligence agency training could track down these people before they put the torch to the next small business or sucker-punch the next equally cartoonish Proud Boy.
& if they're NOT behind this group, what's stopping them from calling out the Israeli interests who ARE?

head over to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCctAIBmUDJ28dYHKo1TP-tA for the Best Livestream Ever...will be on by 10pm EST

The Deep State is timing the second wave of their "pandemic" attack to occur during the November Presidential election. Anyone who has a grip on reality knows that there will be massive vote tampering with such an election procedure.

Nothing is ever authentic coming out of Washington. There's always three of four layers of bullshit one must peel from the union of bullshit called the American political and media establishment to get at whats actually going on. That's why you're here right now, and not sucking on the bullshit fed to you by MSNBC, CNN, NYT, FOX etc.

US Secretary of State and the man who looks more like a pig than any other Washington politician makes yet another bogus and easily proven to be bullshit claim that Cuba is up top no good again when anyone with two braincells knows he's pandering to special interests for political gain.

the US will back any two-bit anti-Iran terror group that comes along professing nostalgia for the shah because it has declared - in Israel's infinite wisdom - that Iran is the root of all geopolitical evil (in the Middle East, at least - elsewhere, of course, it's Russia...). meanwhile, US taxpayers are funding the real #1 state sponsor of terror in the world - Israel.
(originally broadcast on PressTV on August 9 2020)
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If these instructions are too difficult for you to follow or if you're too lazy to actually think then maybe you better just stay put on YouTube where you'll never be confronted with information that "THEY " have determined is too much for you to handle.

We know that Epstein's Lolita Island is true.
They will do anything to stop people from examining the Washington scandal known as Pizzagate. But the more they try to stop that story the more people look at the evidence and say WTF!
The ONLY way they can stop this story if my having people follow orders and do so without looking at it and thinking. ONLY a series of rules and orders and algorithm's can stop this story. But once a human being uses their eyes and brain, then its obvious, this story is real, these events cannot be ignored, no matter how many rules they make to stop it. Powerful elite run child sex services. So for the YouTube censor who is going to be deleting this video, have some basic human dignity and open your eyes and use your brain.

We had a bottle of sweet wine because it was a Saturday night.

Americans don't get off their sofa unless a zionist billionaire makes a fake foundation or "activist" organization to trick them into getting off their asses and into the streets to defend the that billionaire's bank account... er... I mean social or environmental cause.

The George Floyd protests have little to do with racism because among SJWs racism has never been less of an issue. These "protests" are because powerful zionists have disguised their agenda of control and theft under the guise of social justice, anti-fascism and environmental action.

Sure, three generations of Americans are angry that their future has been stolen from them, but trust me on this one, George Floyd's murderer's, as repulsive as they are, do not sit at the apex of the pyramid of human oppressors.

HINT: see bankers

This is essential background on the formation of the tax exempt foundation system in America. Although it has a rather dull sounding title do not mistake this information as anything other than the description of fundamental force shaping our societies in its nascent form. This is a must watch for those who want to gain a basis from which to view the structures of modern government and the societies that spring forth from it.

G. Edward Griffin interviews Norman Dodd, who was the congressional Director of Research for the Reece Committee, 1953-1954. In 1953, Congress tasked Rep. Carroll Reece with establishing and directing a congressional investigative committee to investigate the activities of the major Wall Street tax-exempt foundations – Carnegie, Ford and Rockefeller – on the ground of suspicions of subversion.

The Reece Committee was thus created. The Committee's investigation involved numerous interviews and the thorough study of these foundations' private records, on site. It determined the foundations' activities to be unamerican and subversive, and to consist of the use of propaganda, influence and grant making power to control the channels of social influence (media, advertising, etc.) and, thus, public opinion, but also to control education, and to infiltrate institutions and co-opt nexuses of power.

Key to this corporate subversion was the dumbing down of the population and the weakening of the legislative processes (congress). The consolidation of power into the president, which these billionaires well understood were easily compromised..

The declared aim was to create a silent, non-bloody revolution in the United States.

The purpose was also, ostensibly, to degrade and debase the population to make them more manageable and controllable. If you're debased and dissolute you won't care about the takeover of society, won't stand for principle, and won't join with others to fix stuff. You will, in fact, help take down the fabric of society by means ..

With riots rocking major US cities and video of explosions and US military storming and attacking US citizens, mothers and veterans, could Trump be looking for a distraction in the form of a war with Iran? Harry Vox and Syrian Girl deconstruct the news of the US military plane which harassed an Iranian civilian passenger flight.

Harry Vox dismantles the lies in real time.
Trump & Biden don't matter. Only the Jewish money which, like a virus, has taken over every element of our society and is now sucking it dry.
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