Help Us Grow

Help Us Grow

We are a small team making a stand against Internet censorship because we believe it is the right thing to do. We are entirely community funded and therefore need your help to keep the platform available long term, every bit matters and is very much appreciated. You can help support us by purchasing a membership or donating as detailed below.

We have currently raised $41,391 of our on-going monthly $30,000 target, which is used to cover the following areas of expenditure:

Please Note - CommentFreely was originally intended to be part of the improved infrastructure deliverable, however it was necessary to break this out as an earlier deliverable.

If we are lucky enough to raise more than the target amount each month, then any excess will be used to fast track development of new platform features, sponsor events and deliver other service enhancements.

Premium Membership

We offer a number of premium membership levels, with a variety of associated benefits and rewards:

Alternatively, you can purchase a recurring monthly BitChute membership subscription via the following:

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If you want to give a little extra instead of or in addition to premium membership, then you can make a one-time donation via the following: