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In 2017. The Hollow Net was created to establish a forum of discourse and representation for the Millennial Conservative perspective. This was done in the hope that it could help bring about more earnest, principled and reasoned political conversation in a nation that was becoming too divided.
For five years starting with Lanterns media network and then moving on to Mojo five oh... while good work was done and informed discussions were fostered, the Hollow Net never completely lived up to its lofty goals...
Now in the year 2022. Living under a hostile, illegitimate, unconstitutional regime and strangled by censorship from big tech collaborators... it has become clear...The Hollow Net initiative... has failed...and though it was well intentioned it was likely doomed from its inception...
Entering the Conservative talk radio market in 2017 was to enter an already crowded market... a market that was about to be systematically destroyed... With conservativism finally becoming energized as a counter cultural movement through the guiding concept of America was finally regarded by the establishment left as an existential threat... they quickly aligned with their more radical elements to defeat this movement...only to be subsumed by them... It is under these circumstances that what we have always considered to be conservativism is no longer sufficient... Too much of what we have labored to conserve has already been lost.... Now we must evolve and grow to meet the hour. Not to conserve America, but to restore her...

On this week's audio-only #HollowNet Matt is catching you up with the latest on the #FreedomConvoy and the wildest protest in New Zealand. Then he gets into his unique solution for the Ukraine-Russia-NATO tensions.

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Matt welcomes Cicely Davis running for Congress in Minnesota CD5 against Ilhan Omar and Billy Prempeh running in New Jersey CD9 against Bill Pascrell to The #HollowNet on MoJo 5-0 Radio. Government corruption, the false identity politics of the left and BLM are all on the table. Don't Miss This One!

On this week's #HollowNet we're talking about #JustinTrudeau's sudden disappearing act as the #FreedomConvoy approaches Ottowa, and even more shenanigans take place with bridge closures happening now! Further, Matt jumps to #Ukraine and wonders if given the several scandals and controversies abounding such as the #NightFlights of Illegal Immigrants and busing schemes and calls to #ReleaseTheTranscript, is all of this Ukraine-Russia business a case of Wag the Dog?

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On this week's #HollowNet Matt does takes a deep look at the history of Ukraine's struggle to maintain its sovereigty and how they are being buried under the broken promises of the US, Great Britain and Russia. The U.S. whenever we are ruled over by a Democrat-Socialist Regime acts without honor, and our abandonment of the Budapest Memorandum and our promise of security for Ukraine in exchange for the surrender of their nuclear weapons, should mark the Democrat Party overall and Clinton, Obama and Biden in particular with shame forever.

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On this week's HollowNet, the censorship has gone rampant, you're not going to believe who the left is targeting. And the Second Civil War has gone mainstream and the leftist's narrative is terrifying. They're setting us all up.

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My name is Matt Holloway and I host The #HollowNet, a weekly hour-long conservative commentary show on the MoJo5.0 Radio Network (on iHeart, speaker, Apple Podcast, Youtube [for now], Bitchute, Rumble and Facebook.) I also write for TheGOPTimes, GOPNewsFeed, PatriotUnitedNews, RightWingNewsHour and a few other sites for a living. As of now I work 12 hours+ per day writing plus producing and hosting The #HollowNet out of my house. My wonderful and patient wife is a homemaker and full-time Mom and homeschools our four kids who are Pre-K thru First Grade.

We have a plot of land adjoining our home and have plans to construct a 200 Sq. Ft. Studio & Recording space with an Office/writing area for me to work in and eventually another 200 Sq. Ft. Schoolhouse for my wife & kids to work out of. The buildings should be about $15k each all told, we're just looking for some fundraising help to get started.

My work already covers out living expenses quite well, but we need to move my work into a dedicated space to increase my productivity and earning potential so that we can build the school house, (and being able to afford proper health insurance would be nice too). Your help would be life changing for us, providing some much needed infrastructure for something akin to a work/life balance and hopefully helping me claw back some much needed family time from my demanding career.

If you have been considering supporting younger, Christian, Conservative creators, now would be a particularly good time, when we're under a ton of fire and sponsors are scarce. This is where your support can do the most for the future of The #HollowNet.

You can buy great merch, or support my work here on GiveSendGo. Thank you!

About Matt:
I'm a millennial, constitutional, conservative commentator and writer in the Phoenix, AZ market and I cover politics, faith, history, and news. I'm also a thirty-five-year-old, happily married father of three little boys and a little girl, born and raised in New Jersey, I moved to Arizona in 2006. I was appointed a Republican Committeeman for AZ Legislative District 13 in 2015 and have politically active ever since.
You can find all of my work at and some of my earlier work on TheBlaze and

When I'm not writing, broadcasting or spending time with my family, I enjoy Movies, PC Gaming, Science Fiction, Christian eschatology, Camping, Hiking & YouTube.

All copyrights to their respective owners. Enjoy One Hour of Christmas Hits by the fireside selected by The #HollowNet's Matt Holloway. Merry Christmas!

Matt is joined by Turningpoint USA's Jack Posobiec, host of Human Events Daily at #AMFest2021, talking about #PeacefulDivorce between the states, the sanctity of the #SecondAmendment, and the risks of losing it as the Biden-Harris regime continues to push mandates on the American people.

Matt was joined by Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb at #AMFest2021. They discussed the border, the vaccine mandate, and the good Sheriff's political future and love of country,

COVID Variant Omicron has now appeared in Africa, only days after the Associated Press reported: "Fewer than 6% of people in Africa are vaccinated. For months, the WHO has described Africa as “one of the least affected regions in the world” in its weekly pandemic reports." And the methods of US and EU mitigation efforts have shown failure after failure. Coincidence? South America is looking at a rash of Impeachments and shakeups, Russia is accused of aiding a Ukrainian Coup and Civil War rages in Ethiopia... 2021 is set to go out with a bang.


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Don't miss this week's #HollowNet. Matt is talking about the #indictment of #SteveBannon, the FBI's corrupt raid on #ProjectVeritas, and #JamesOkeefe and what this means for all of us going into 2022 and what do we do when Biden just ignores #SCOTUS?

Matt tackles the Biden-Harris regime's supposed "mandate to govern" and in the second half gives you the two scariest stories this #Halloween... #Fauci's #GainOfFunction Research and evidence from Racine County, WI of massive #VoterFraud. Hopefully you find some far less scary stuff out there tomorrow. #HappyHalloween!

Compilation of #FJB and #LetsGoBrandon October 16th 2021

TPUSA at Emerson College has been suspended and students are now "under investigation" for saying #ChinaKindaSus expressing their suspicions that the Chinese Communist Party has committed foul play against America and the world... In other words they told the truth. We talk abou that today, along with American Patriots greatest enemy: Apathy.

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During the Pro-Forma session of the House on Aug. 31st Rep. Debbie Dingle (D-MI) acting as Speaker Pro-Tempore at Nancy Pelosi's instruction, Ignored pleas from GOP members present to allow them to read the names of the 13 US Servicemen Lost in the Kabul Suicide Bombing into the Congressional Record, setting off a firestorm of criticism.

Sgt. Johanny Rosario Pichardo,
Sgt. Nicole L. Gee,
Staff Sgt. Darin T. Hoover,
Cpl. Hunter Lopez,
Cpl. Daegan W. Page,
Cpl. Humberto A. Sanchez,
Lance Cpl. David L. Espinoza,
Lance Cpl. Jared M. Schmitz,
Lance Cpl. Rylee J. McCollum,
Lance Cpl. Dylan R. Merola,
Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui,
Navy Corpsman Maxton W. Soviak,
Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Knauss,


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The HollowNet is a Millennial, Constitutional, Conservative commentary on the 21st Century American Republic in an increasingly Progressive, Globalist world. The Goal of "The HollowNet" is to establish a forum of discourse and representation for the Millennial Conservatives and more than that to bring about earnest political conversation again.
Our nation has become a divided one, and it's a simple truth that we need to keep talking. There are some things that we're never going to agree on; and that's okay! We are a country built on debate and disagreement. There are some things though that I know we can come together on.

Tomorrow belongs to those who can unite America and return her to what she should be, the shining city on the hill. Where a difference of opinion doesn't get you called a racist or a homophobe, where belief in God is something to be celebrated not shamed, but mostly where everyone is accepted along with their beliefs.
I am proud to be a Millennial Conservative, there is no shame in my political, religious and philosophical opinions. And I am done apologizing for them.
Together we have to decide, can we live as one again?

Here you’ll find analysis and opinion on:
-Local, National & Global News
-The U.S. Constitution