Most deniers, when asked "well if it wasn't 6 million, then how many Jews died during the holocaust according to you?", will answer "less than 300,000".

Why the focus on this particular number?

Deniers base this conviction of theirs, on what they believe is a document from the red cross that lists close to 300,000 victims from a list of german concentration camps. In this video I'll tell you why that is nonsense.

The three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948:


Patterns of Prejudice, Vol. 12, p.11 (1978): i.imgur.com/b6nOxur.png

The IRC Letter: i.imgur.com/xJCzhbc.jpg

The internet is rife with hoax quotations being misattributed to famous people in order to lend them legitimacy and/or defame public figures. In this video I take a look at several such quotes (with source!) that keep getting posted online over, and over, and over, and over again, as if that somehow makes them legit.

Lachrymatory gas as mentioned in 14:00 is tear gas, which Churchill refers to as poison gas, since it is an irritant. Revisionists never provide the full quote

14:28 further reading:

Further reading, regarding Churchill's role in the Bengal famine of 1943:

Robert Ley (15th February 1890 – 25th October 1945) was a German politician during the Nazi era who headed the German Labour Front (Reichsarbeitsfront) from 1933 to 1945. He committed suicide while awaiting trial at Nuremberg for war crimes. Gee, I wonder why this dindu nuffin felt the need to end himself before the trials had even begun?

Full speech here: https://archive.org/details/1942-02-06-Dr.RobertLey-RedeAnlaesslichEinesSchulungsappells

This is a small excerpt from the above linked full speech given by Dr. Robert Ley, German Labor Front Director, on the 2nd of June 1942 before the political and economic leaders of the Siemens House in the Berlin Siemens plant.

Topics in the speech were: The struggle of the German people between life or death, the defense of the German soul, the extermination of Judea and the Bolsheviks, "peace offers" by Adolf Hitler toward Poland, causes of the world war; designation of Adolf Hitler regarding Judea as an enemy of humanity, conquest of Lebensraum for 85 million Germans, Germans as a "people without space", will to fight for the survival of the Germans

I am in the process of translating the full speech and will upload it soon so buckle up boys, this is going to be a bumpy ride for revisionism.

This is the full interview of Franz Suchomel conducted by Claude Lanzmann for his lengthy "Shoah" documentary. Franz Suchomel was an SS-Unterscharfuehrer in the Treblinka extermination camp, the most horrible place on earth putting Auschwitz to shame, because some 850,000 people were murdered upon arrival here, and their remains cremated on several, large open-air "grill" pyres fashioned out of railroad tracks, after burying them in mass graves had turned out to be a very bad idea. Thanks to Sonderaktion 1005, there are no human remains of significance left in Treblinka, which, of course, dumb deniers interpret as proof that nobody was ever murdered here. "No mass graves full of corpses = no holocaust" is the denier slogan, exactly what the Nazis had in mind when they came up with their Enterdungsaktion, the exhumation order, Sonderaktion 1005. The deniers also rely on a "ground penetrating radar scan" allegedly conducted in 1999 by Australian conartist Richard Krege claiming "the soil has been undisturbed since the last ice age", although Mr. Krege NEVER published his GPR-data for people to verify for themselves. Why Richard Krege is a liar, is the subject of this article:


The only person who has actually conducted archaeological research in Treblinka in recent years, is Caroline Sturdy-Colls, but she was only allowed to excavate in certain places not forbidden by rabbinical authorities, hence hampering her findings (mapping the foundation of the gas chamber building). A 5-minute long clip of her work-in-progress excavation released by the BBC on youtube in 2014 was subject to extensive denier mockery, and Eric Hunt's "Treblinka Archaeology Hoax" film, although Eric has since admitted he built his film on many strawmen arguments, e.g. the notion of citing a few hundred people being transited to other camps from Treblinka (mostly to Majdanek) as proof that Treblinka was just a transit camp after all (while ignoring the 99.9% that were exterminated there).


Revisionists allege, that the "true" founder of the European Union was an evil, scheming, globalist mastermind called Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. That he wanted the distinct European cultures and peoples to be exterminated via miscegenation and replaced with a brown, low IQ mixed race - smart enough to keep working, but too stupid to pose any kind of resistance to their Jewish overlords. Dubious quotes are supplied to cement their theory, and in this video we'll examine whether they are right, or cooking up hoax quotes once again.

Were atrocities committed on the Eastern Front by Russians dressed in German uniforms? That is what revisionists allege. Let's find out if their translation of Stalin's "Torchmen" Order No. 428 is correct or not.

Link to HC article: holocaustcontroversies.blogspot.com/2006/07/blame-it-on-germans.html

This famous holocaust photo showing a man kneeling at the edge of a mass grave, with a group of German soldiers ceremoniously surrounding him and looking forward to his execution, has been frequently attacked by deniers claiming it is a hoax photo, using outlandish arguments - from questioning the type of gun the executioner uses, over his uniform and the quality of the print, to claiming it is a soviet false flag depicting russians wearing german uniforms, in this video I'll put these alternate theories to rest.

The rather famous holocaust photo showing the execution of a mother and child by a ruthless Einsatzgruppe soldier, with a group of peasants cowering in fear nearby and more rifles pointed at them, has been repeatedly attacked by deniers describing it as a hoaxed atrocity photo, using various exotic methods of re-interpreting the image - from questioning the type of gun the soldier uses, over his uniform, to claiming it's just civilians caught in a crossfire between Germans and a hypothetical group of enemies firing at them from the extreme right of the image, in this video I'll put these alternate theories to rest.

For 100 years, the far-right has been maintaining that the Bolsheviks were Jews, and that the Russian Revolution was a Jewish Revolution. That the ensuing civil war, the gulag-system and the slaughter of tens of millions was the product of talmudic jewish hatred towards non-jews. From correspondents of the London Times like Robert Wilton over Adolf Hitler and the Nazis to even Winston Churchill and Vladimir Putin himself, the claim has cemented itself into the far-right's world view. Can a single dude in 2019 with too much spare time on his hands debunk 100 years worth of oft-repeated lies and deception stemming from a thousand published authors? Find out in this video.

Links mentioned in the video:

Why Lenin was NOT a Jew: https://www.bitchute.com/video/njxhy1mj5wAF/

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's hoax quote: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SWUPpADfUv4V/

Credits to "Sergey Romanov" from the Holocaust Controversies blog, "Statistical Mechanic", "Denying History", and many others from the Skepticforum as well as countless other sources on the internet for making this possible.

You have my permission to mirror and spread this video.

The only evidence we have for the famous "You must understand..." quote allegedly uttered by Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, is in the form of the good word of Dr. David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, who in the introduction to his 2013 book "The Secret Behind Communism", claimed to have had a private chit-chat with Solzhenitsyn, where the famous Russian author is said to have whispered these words into his ear, only for him to hear. LMAO.

The elephant in the room however, is whether the Bolsheviks were majority Jewish. An allegation that has been existing for over 80 years. That will be debunked in a much longer, different video.

A simple fact check on whether the Bolshevik leader Lenin was a Jew, as is often touted in comment sections.

In this video, the silly revisionist belief that outdoor cremations at Auschwitz-Birkenau were impossible due to a high water table, is debunked.

In this video, the silly revisionist belief that 58,000 innocent ethnic German civilians were brutally massacred by a genocidal Polish nation in the months leading up to September 1939 while the world remained silent, which forced Hitler's hand and led to the invasion of Poland "to stop this genocide", is torn apart.

In this video, the silly revisionist belief, that there is no evidence on paper regarding the intent of anyone in the top brass of the National Socialist German Workers Party to physically annihilate the Jewish race in Europe, gets obliterated by one diary entry after another.

When they are not busy doubting the holocaust, White Nationalists love claiming there is a REAL holocaust happening somewhere else, a White Genocide in South Africa RIGHT NOW and that the world media is purposely silent about it. Let us apply the same standards of rigorous scrutiny they apply to the holocaust and see if there is any truth to their claims...

This is a video presentation of a short webcam clip uploaded to facebook in mid 2018 by a White South African / Afrikaner called Nigel Branken:


... who reacts to the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, tweeting about having his foreign secretary Mike Pompeo investigate farm killings in South Africa, probably after watching Tucker Carlson report about it, who in turn might have been inspired by Lauren Southern's "Farmlands" film, which in turn was arguably motivated by months' worth of 8ch and 4chan's /pol/ users making threads about these attacks in the hope of turning them into a "white genocide" narrative.

The tl;dr version is: South Africa is a violent third world country. In violent third world countries, PEOPLE DIE. In this case, 20,000 people per year. By exclusively choosing to focus on one race of the victims while fully ignoring the other (majority), and claiming your race is being systematically targeted in some kind of organized genocide, YOU are the lunatic.

In South Africa, are White people subject to discriminatory policies involving the job market and land ownership? YES.
In South Africa, are White men, women, children and even babies being brutally murdered? YES.
Does this automatically mean there is a White Genocide happening in South Africa? NO.

“There is no evidence to support that. There is no evidence that a group of people are killing farmers for political purposes. There is no evidence that they are doing it because they are listening to political leaders. It is happening because of crime.”
- Gareth Newham of the Institute of Security Studies (ISS), a research group in South Africa

Newham and the ISS independently track farm murders -- as well as all other serious crimes. Farmers’ unions like AgriSA also keep stats on farm murders. Both say that farm murders peaked in 2001, at around 130 killings per year. Currently, farm murders are less than half that number.

There were 62 murders on farms in the 2017-18 financial year, according to official police statistics, or around 0.3% of the 20,336 murders in South Africa during the same period.
source: edition.cnn.com/interactive/2018/11/africa/south-africa-suidlanders-intl/

There have been 20 farm murders in the first half of 2019
source: https://www.sapeople.com/2019/06/04/latest-2019-farm-attack-stats-farm-murders-in-south-africa-not-all-socio-economically-motivated/

A few years ago, YouTube user "TheTrans22" uploaded a video showing off a small collection of roughly 100 year old pre-war newspapers talking about "six million Jews". That video has been taken down by YouTube (censorship is a policy I disagree with) but many far-right youtubers have mirrored/reuploaded it, and it still has tens of thousands of views and has managed to fool many, many people, which is the reason why I felt the need to upload a refutation.

Because somehow, that video is supposed to be some kind of TRUTH BOMB and EYE OPENER. Holocaust Deniers use those newspaper articles as proof that Jews have been crying Wolf for decades, and ask us, after all these holocausts, why we should now believe in *the* Holocaust of Six Million Jews 1939-45?

In this video I demonstrate how laughable this argument of theirs is, because not only are the articles cherry-picked for "six million", and all the other estimates made by American Journalists when talking about the pre-war populations of Poland, Ukraine, Russia etc. NOT shown, but even the "six million" articles themselves are not lies in any form (beyond journalist lingo) because none of them say millions of Jews have been killed; instead they speak of famine, persecution, hardship etc. and that is indeed true, as the late 19th/early 20th century was a turbulent time for anyone in Eastern Europe. Consider, for example, the antisemitism in the Tsarist government, or the war the Bolsheviks fought against the White Movement (Russian Civil War 1917-1923) that led to several million dead. I wouldn't want to be caught in that crossfire.

When backed into a corner, revisionists desperately point out that the word "holocaust" itself ALSO kept appearing in pre-war literature. But no historian is alleging that that word was invented after the war; what simply happened, is it gradually transitioned from its original, more generic meaning describing a disastrous calamity, and went to take on a more specific meaning to refer to the Shoah in particular.

This video is a presentation of the following slides from my blog:

18:06 source that Robert L. Brock is an antisemite: https://bit.ly/2FHGYqY

For a high resolution scan of the newspaper article (evening edition), please see:

For a high resolution scan of the morning edition, please see:

In this video, the absurd revisionist belief that a war can be declared in the form of some newspaper typist's sensationalist headline is held up to scrutiny.

Special thanks and credit to "Statistical Mechanic" from The Skeptics Society forum for recommending the late English historian David Cesarani's work.

This video is a presentation of the following slides from my blog:

In this video, architecture historian Dr. Robert Jan Van Pelt, author of the "Van Pelt Report", "Auschwitz 1270 to the Present" and "The Case for Auschwitz: Evidence from the Irving Trial", explains how David Irving slipped into Holocaust denial during the 1980s and 1990s based on the Leuchter Report, the general motives and methods of those who like to label themselves "holocaust revisionists", and shows us proofs of homicidal gassing in Auschwitz-Birkenau in the form of photography, as well as equipment left behind by the SS.

This is an abridged cut of Yad Vashem professor Ephraim Kaye's lecture on antisemitism in the 21st century, specifically on the way holocaust revisionism builds strawmen, namely asking for a specific document (Führerbefehl) that by itself should be able to prove the entire extent of the Holocaust, or video (of homicidal gassing) and, if these can't be provided, to try and dismiss the entire event without having to tackle everything else.

Prof. Kaye also discusses how historians arrived at the Six Million figure: not from a single document or single speech, not from Hoess or Eichmann, or even census comparison, but from a corroboration of logistical German documents such as train-schedules, the Jäger Report, or the Höfle Telegram showing the mass movement of people to certain locations, and then survivor accounts as to what happened to the arrivals on-site, as well as the absence of evidence offering an alternate explanation, i.e. "if these were just transit camps, why were these millions of Jews never heard from again? Why do we have only two hundred or so survivors of Treblinka, Belzec, Chelmno and Sobibor combined, camps to which 1.5 million people were sent?". Not to mention all the German Einsatzgruppen situation reports where the word "executed" is used without any euphemisms - and children get extra mentions.

Bonus: a video showing an Einsatzgruppe shooting, illegally filmed by a German who was supposed to be at a nearby air-field.

The bottom line is: There is no single document, or single testimony by which alone you can arrive at the 6 million figure. Rather, it is a very good approximation (with an error margin of a few hundred thousand give or take) you arrive at, when you piece together all the pieces of the puzzle, i.e. all the evidence: documents, survivor testimony, perpetrator testimony, pre-war census, post-war census, etc. See the works of Raul Hilberg, Lucy Dawidowicz etc. Thousands of pages breaking up the Six Million figure into the sum total of deportation lists, by country etc.

Reading all that requires months. As compared to watching a 5 minute youtube denier video telling you the Six Million Figure was in newspapers from the 1890s to 1920s. Of course the denier cherry-picks and doesn't show you the 3 million, 4 million, 5 million and 7 million pre-war newspaper figures at all: grossly varying estimations made by American journalists about Jewish populations in Eastern Europe coming under the very real threat of persecution, starvation or other perils during that revolution- and famine-wracked period. None of those newspaper articles ever mentioned that that many millions of Jews had all already died.

To demand for a single piece of evidence that by itself can and should prove an entire genocide's death toll is a strawman, because such a piece of evidence does not exist for any other genocide either - it is simply not how historiography works.

This is an excerpt from Dr. Shermer's presentation of his book "Denying History" at the USHMM, which he authored with historian Dr. Alex Grobman (PhD in Jewish contemporary history from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem) and presented on the 10th of September 2000.

In this video you will see Dr. Shermer explaining the positions holocaust deniers hold (i.e. they don't deny everything, but "just" any and all homicidal gas chambers, therefore homicidal gassing, as well an intentional extermination program by the Nazi government and the 6 million Jewish death toll) and also addresses the "clever questions" raised by David Cole; Faurisson's silly "no holes in the roof" argument, as well as John C. Ball and other deniers during the 1990s and earlier. This video also addresses the question as to whether human soap was made by Nazis near Stutthof.

Dr. Michael Shermer majored in Christian Theology in 1976 at Pepperdine University, obtained his Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology in 1978 at the California State University in Fullerton, and his PhD in the History of Science at the Claremont Graduate University in 1991.

What has truly upset the denier community since early 2017 is Eric Hunt doing a 180 on his former work. But if you're gonna say "The Jews are behind it", you're wrong, because Eric Hunt still continues to label the 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner and most famous Holocaust survivor, the late Elie Wiesel, as a fraud and liar. This is probably due to personal reasons, as Eric Hunt had spent some quality time in jail for having assaulted and dragged Mr. Wiesel out of an elevator in the Argent Hotel back in 2007 "for an interview" which Mr. Wiesel did not wish to give:


Still, after being released from jail Eric Hunt's denier career actually took off as he made famous holocaust denying videos like "Questioning the Holocaust: Why We Believed", "The Treblinka Archeology Hoax", "The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth" and "The Last Days of the Big Lie" in the past few years, each of them having tens, if not hundreds of thousands of views before the primarly uploads got taken down, but most of them still mirrored on YouTube to this day. Now however, this once budding revisionist YouTuber, codoh denier-literature "Holocaust Handbooks" promoter, and fellow wanting to open a virtual "holocaust hoax museum" website, has revised virtually all of his former positions and written a LENGTHY explanation regarding his change of heart here:


But the short version is presented in this video, which is essentially excerpts from his debate with the denier Fritz Berg that lasted for almost 4 hours.

Of course, the deniers on YouTube and BitChute like to pretend all of this never happened as they continue to peddle old Eric Hunt videos.

May I introduce?

David Irving. Denier lite.

And no, the "jewish mafia" did not get to him, because in this video he still claims only 300,000 died in Auschwitz-Birkenau and no more. Still, he accepts people were gassed. There and elsewhere in the Aktion Reinhard camps as well (Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno).

Excerpt from a lengthier video uploaded here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/uOSjaqTfVW3T/

The fun begins at 3:46

The David Cole of today considers himself in the same boat as David Irving and Mark Weber: all of them "reformed" former deniers who, today, accept homicidal gassings happened, but only in certain places of their choosing.

Now if you say "Well obviously the Jewish lobbies got to him!", you're wrong, because David Cole still holds very much revisionist views, like thinking the Dachau Barracke X was built by American G.I.s for a senators' visit. And he still dismisses any kind of gassing extermination at Auschwitz.

But he nevertheless accepts homicidal gassings at Natzweiler-Struthof happened, as well the Einsatzgruppen shooting massacres, thinks full-on deniers are stupid, and has written a lengthy piece where he explains that he accepts homicidal gassings in the Aktion Reinhard camps Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka as well, which can be read here:


In the aforementioned piece above, he also sharply attacks deniers Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno.

Speech for historical purposes.

In these speeches Julius Streicher makes it very clear what the National Socialists thought should be the ultimate fate of the Jews. Here is the translation:

"In these days I was reminded of a letter written to me by a woman. In it she writes: 'When I was a handmaid, who had informed me that the Jew belongs to a foreign race? Who had informed me, that if you surrender yourself to him, then you won't bear a German child, but a child of Jewish blood? Who had told me, that the bad traits of both these parents would break through in a bastard child, and that this child would have to lead a life with physical and psychological afflictions? NO ONE TOLD ME! I ASK YOU, she writes, WHO IS TO BLAME? ME?

My countrymen, when one now knows that Jews have Negro blood and Polish blood, everything mixed inside them, and are therefore a foreign race, when one now knows that mixing with German blood does not elevate the race physically or psychologically... but DENIGRATES it...!"

"We can be proud of the fact that, from Franconia and out into the rest of the world there has been a never ceasing call: RECOGNIZE THE GERM! OH PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, RECOGNIZE THE GERM AMONG YOU! IT IS THE ETERNAL DEVOURING JEW! And if you want to be free once again as your forefathers once were, then free yourselves from the Jew.

And I see in front of me, even a people that is bleeding from a thousand wounds, the Russian people will stand once again because heaven wants the Jew to die! And he will die among this people."

Oh my, while being interviewed by denier Jim Rizoli, you can see how the high and mighty director of the IHR, the Institute for Historical Review, the "scholarly" denier/revisionist bulwark organization of the 1980s and 90s, has "fallen"... :D

In 30 minutes Mark Weber cannot explain to Jim Rizoli what piece of evidence convinced him of gassings at the Aktion Reinhard camps. Instead, he mentions the Goebbels Diary (which does work as proof for an ongoing holocaust/genocide/liquidation, but not really a proof for homicidal gassing in particular) and goes on about the Einsatzgruppen (proves shooting, not gassing) and Raul Hilberg (who didn't dwell too much on the technical aspect of the mass murder). In fact, Mark Weber does not even bring up any witnesses of the Aktion Reinhard camps or the Treblinka trials. So yeah, Mark Weber dodges Jim Rizoli's question for 30 minutes. Still, he now accepts that the holocaust happened.

But at the end of the day, the Mark Weber of today is an on-the-fence guy (like David Irving) for playing around with the numbers. And so both sides hate him now. Aww.


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Lads, let's face it. BitChute is dominated 90% by the far right and conspiracies about an alleged globe-spanning network that has falsified history for 70+ years and counting. You guys are legion here. But someone has to provide counter arguments, right? This educational channel is focused on debunking far-right conspiracy theories and holocaust denial. Because if nobody else does it here on BitChute, someone has to start.

The aim of this channel is to tackle, expose, and refute holocaust denial and far-right revisionism, which have been spreading like a cancer on this website for the past few years.

What does this channel wish to prove? That 40 years of "revisionism" can't make a dent on the thoroughly researched body that is holocaust historiography. Visit my blog that debunks denial:

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Further useful links:
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