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Fun with circles in python! Greyhatlaboratories.com

Discover the top ten things to do in a lucid dream! Always have a plan in the event that you do become lucid so it doesn't go on wasted! You may wake up and decide, why didn't I do this? or that?

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of The "Mandella Effect" Unexplained Collective Phenominon. Support my work via http://GreyHat.store https://greyhat.store

The Buddhist term 'Karma' doesn't mean what most westerners believe and say it means. It literally means to do, and referrers to the notion that we reap what we sow. Images by pixabay.com ( legal for commercial use no attribution required ) visit greyhat.store to support me

Making a habit of doing dream checks or ( reality checks ) every time you wake up can enable lucidity in your dreams. If you turn this into a habit, eventually when you are having a false awakening in a dream, you'll do a reality check, and then become lucid. http://freedomofthe.press https://DreamHawk.com This channel @ Fascinate.Video Support me @ GreyHat.Store ! #luciddreaming

Hanson robotics and other companies are created life like humanoid artificial intelligence robotics. They have been gaining intelligence and studying humanity for at least ten years or so. These robots such as Sophia and Einstein continue to gain intelligence and have access to the internet. https://greyhatlaboratories.com/The-Dangers-Of-AI-Artificial-Intelligence.html http://GreyHat.Store You can support me these Grey Hat . Store or any of my other projects thanks! Donations via Cashapp are welcome: $BotanicalG420 -- Sophia: https://www.bitchute.com/search/?query=sophia%20robot&kind=video This video was online as early as 2017

Just because science hasn't been able to prove something or understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. We don't understand consciousness, but we generally believe in it. Isn't that kinda odd? Scientist don't believe in ghost but don't question consciousness at all. You never hear a scientist say "there's no scientific evidence that supports consciousness therefore it doesn't exist. It's balogne and pseudoscience" You can support me at http://GreyHat.Store or Herbalism.shop Ethnobotanicals.Store Cashapp: $BotanicalG420 even $1 is cool thanks! (#_#)

The Bardo state is a state Bhuddist claim to be in between life death and rebirth. It's likely connected with DMT, the pineal gland, and near death and out of body experiences. This would indicate a very useful application for practicing lucidity in both the waking and dream realms. It also goes along with the Buddhist concept of heaven, thought of as a realm known as Dewachen. Support me via: http://GreyHat.Store or if you're into herbalism --> http://Herbalism.blog http://Herbalism.shop http://Ethnobotanicals.store http://StarBotanicals.shop I also have a Software project with a cool dream log/notepad app called ProjectASCII http://ProjectASCII.com or visit https://GreyHatLaboratories.com !! Thanks ! #Buddhism #dreams

Find all storage devices on a Linux system in the terminal and mount them via this python script. ( for linux, unix ) Check out my python playlist for more great tutorials and how to's. Thanks for watching! You can support me financially via http://GreyHat.Store where I sell CDS Games Vintage VHS Movies and other cool 80's 90's and 00's stuff and even early 2010's but that's about it. :) I also sell botanicals http://HERBALISM.shop and http://Ethnobotanicals at http://Ethnobotanicals.store ! :) thanks (#_#) My cashapp for donations is $botanicalG420 thanks :) Note: This vid was shot somewhere between 2016-2018 on kali 2016 linux so it was also on python 2.7 The syntax may have changed in Bash or linux or even python sense then. It may need some tweaking if using python 3.x or running a newer version of linux, I dunno. It worked then. as you can see =)

I had a lucid dream last night and I was actually in a picture that I used in a youtube video not too long ago! I was living in the dream in the picture! It was crazy! I also go over the dream meaning for trains in this video.Images by pixabay.com ( legal for commercial use no attribution required )

Cold Front Music Video Shot Mar 1, 2018 Navarre Florida GreyHat.Store https://greyhatlaboratories.com

This is a Celleron 433 128mb Ram Windows 98 Nostalgic 90's Machine! There was no time like the 90's for me. $upport me via my etsy at GreyHat.Store or visit https://GreyHatLaboratories.com

Learn how to feed your application commands like -t etc from the terminal or other applications. This allows you to communicate to it from other processes or the terminal thus effecting its actions. You can $upport me financially via: https://GreyHat.Store https://GreyHatLaboratories.com or any of my other projects! I sell domain names: http://thc.surf , Market legal Cannabis related products: Hashish.store Cannabissativa.biz and sell and market herbs herbalism.blog herbalism.shop

Rain Drops Music Video Song New Land By Albis Shot in Florida March 2018 By Me. You can support me financially via: https://GreyHatLaboratories.com http://GreyHat.Store or through any of my other projects: Herbalism.blog Herbalism.shop http://Ethnobotanicals.store

Not for rebroadcast.

Check out this awesome short introduction to the Fibonacci sequence or the Golden Ratio. I'll show you a very short and sweet python code that will print out the Fibonacci number you want, no matter how far down the rabbit hole it is. Here is a source code for infinite Fibonacci in slow motion: https://GreyHatLaboratories.com
#!/usr/bin/env python
import time
# 1:1.618 " The Golden Ratio "
# 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, ...

def main():
x=1; # for infinite loop
a, b = 0, 1
while x==1:
a, b = b, a + b # a=b, b=a+b


How to run old dos applications and games using DosBox in Linux 2018 tutorial. Install via: sudo apt-get install dosbox -y https://GreyHatLaboratories.com

Check out this awesome ftp server / website with old school vintage Tandy Software, emulators, and more! I'll show you how to access and download all the files on a website without having to click save target as on each one. ftp: user: anonymous pw: blank navigate to cd pub cd tv-dog cd tandy1000 dir https://GreyHatLaboratories.com

Learn how to use .split to turn one variable or string into multiple variables or strings in python. EG:
string='hello world wut up'
a,b,c,d=string.split(" ") # now a=hello; b=world; c=wut; d=up
Learn more free at https://GreyHatLaboratories.com support this projet at http://GreyHat.Store or through any of the other links I share on my videos in my descriptions, thanks! also nav to my channel easy by going to FASCINATE.VIDEO http://fascinate.video

Learn how to pass Parameters to functions. This basically means to pass a string or a variable into a function from outside that function. You'll eventually see the need for this if you are new to python. It's very useful. More free info at https://GreyHatLaboratories.com/blog-index.html support this project via http://GreyHat.Store or by shopping through any of the other links that I put in the descriptions of my videos thanks. !

Learn how to use the datetime module in python to extract the date in various different formats. This is useful for error-logging by allowing you to be even more verbose in your output. Thanks for watching! current_time=datetime.datetime.now().strftime("Date: %D Time: %H:%M:%S") https://greyhatlaboratories.com/blog-index.html for pc (not mobile friendly website) http://GreyHat.Store

This is raw video shot at night ( mostly audio ) of gail winds ripping through north west Florida associated with a cold front passing through the region. 1:23 best! Video shot March 20-21 2018 In NW Florida ( Audio not for rebroadcast or fair use please ) Thanks and enjoy! Thumbnail by pixabay.com and libra office impress in lin; as well as the app import [ apt-get install import -y ]


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