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How are we missing all those who go missing?
What is it we've been missing?
How does this Intuitive infrastructure prevent the disappearances of our friends and colleagues and safeguard all living beings in our communities?
Our Shabbat morning missive hearkens back to Notes On Refuge and the deep, dire adventuring that led to this Blessing of The Vacuum, today's BlessTV.
We're praying for survivors of these intersections; for their voices to be heeded; and for all to fully respect their requests, expressed needs, and communications.

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20200522-105123 Max, Hilde, E - Guitar - Deja Que Todo Lo Que No Se Necessita Se Caiga - Let Everything That Is Not Needed Fall Away - New Moon Upcoming At 1338p Today - May 22, 2020.mp4

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One Flow, One Flame (1 Muluc); Waking the Mold Cabaret; Max Megan Elizabeth Morris performs in collaboration with this 1927 Hardman Medium Grand Piano, 12 Mae 2022.

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Survivors' Community Prevents Human Trafficking. How? Survivors of Severity are building Intuitive community resourcing to ensure inclusive access to respect, safety, relationship, recovery, and thriving. (You can, too.)

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