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The truth about MLK (contrary to the Stan Harris insane revision of history).

Should Christians support the modern state of Israel or a Jewish ethnic group? Pastor Tommy McMurtry explains what the Bible teaches, from the "Spirit of Prophecy" podcast at:

Episode 1 in a 5-part series of documentaries. Produced by Paul Wittenberger & narrated by Alex Jones.
The real story of what's behind the pandemic!

"Socialism & Communism - Where We're Headed" by Jack Hyles (audio sermon)

REAL Social Justice, The Bible Way
In this video is the hanging scene from the movie True Grit. The way America used to handle murderers and reprobates.

Bring your GUN to church

Blast from the past - in 2013, Steven Anderson & Alex Jones talked about "After the Tribulation", a documentary about end-times.
You can view the full documentary here:

NOTE: Yeah, I know Alex Jones isn't a born-again fundamental independent Baptist. But the interview is pretty good and informative.

Jack Hyles talks to pastors at 1991 Pastors' School, which was held annually on the 3rd week of March at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

This eye-opening presentation made in the 90's led to the publication of a famous book on how the Federal Reserve System is a tool of the New World Order. The book is called "The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve".

Although some of the material in this video is dated, the concepts still apply today. The book itself is what you really need, and if you order it, make sure it's the most recent 5th edition (pub. 2010), which has many updates applicable to today.

Read that book and you'll have a clearer understanding of the mechanics of the banking industry's control over our lives and you'll see just how deep the rabbit hole goes, and how you can protect yourself and your family when this system eventually collapses.

Pastor Tommy McMurtry exposes Dr. William P. (Bill) Grady's heresy. Link to the full video here:

This is painful for me. As a former member of FBC-Hammond who sat under Bro. Hyles for years, and also sat through Bill Grady's classes at the college... it makes me sick that Bill Grady belittles those of us who were out soul-winning and winning folks to Christ on a weekly basis at FBC-Hammond. The way Grady is talking, none of those folks REALLY got saved. Why? Because (he says) they didn't return and start immediately attending church in Hammond. Uh, news flash for Bill Grady-- you don't get saved by attending church, sir. You get saved by believing on Christ.

Looking back, it's painful, but I admit that as something of a "babe in Christ" back then, I fell for Bill Grady's dispensational twisting of Scripture in the late 80's and 90's. That was back before I started studying the Bible for myself. Now I know, and must admit (much to my sorrow) that we must view Bill Grady as accursed (not saved) according to Gal 1.9 "If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed." Bill Grady teaches MULTIPLE "gospels" -- a different one for each of the so-called "dispensations". I must believe the KING JAMES BIBLE that Mr. Grady claims to uphold... and according to that same WORD OF GOD, we are to treat Bill Grady as though he is accursed by God.

That's the bottom line here. We're dealing with a very slick, talented, and intelligent person in Bill Grady. But he is, in the end, spreading lies, exactly like an UNBELIEVER would do.

It is these types of wolves that Bible-believing Baptists must be more and more on guard against, the closer we get to the end-times. The end-result of these "teachings" by the Bill Gradys of the world is to neuter soul-winning churches and lull them to sleep, telling them that we're in the "Laodicean age", when "very few people will get saved" and w..

This sermon is for all you "dead-as-a-door-nail" Old IFB pastors who falsely claim that Bro. Hyles would not have approved of the New IFB preachers. You're idiots - those of us who knew him know that he would have LOVED what's being accomplished in the New IFB movement.

Go back and view the previous video where Steven Anderson presented the differences between the Old IFB & New IFB and you'll see that what's in that video is exactly what Bro. Hyles is talking about in this video. The New IFB is not "throwing away" the old - but rather adding to it more strict standards, more zealous soul-winning, and more Scripturally-based doctrines & practices, because we now have "more light" than previous generations.

You guys have lost your minds if you think Bro. Hyles wouldn't have supported this New IFB movement of God if he were alive today. And that's coming from me (a former Old IFB man) who knew Bro. Hyles personally, a deacon at FBC Hammond and a member there since 1988.

You backslidden preachers don't fool me one bit. You're hiding behind a false perception of what Bro. Hyles was all about, using it as a cover for your laziness and desire to "preserve your little kingdom" and "your standing" with Old IFB leaders.

Your "reality" of the past is a darkened, mixed-up portrayal of the beliefs of Bro. Hyles. You simply have NO CLUE. The sad thing is that most folks who are right with God realize this, but you still wallow in your rebellion and will likely never retreat from it.

Comparisons and differences - Old & New Independent Fundamental Baptists.
Presentation by Pastor Steven L. Anderson

Preached at a Texas soul-winning conference, 1997 by Pastor Jack Hyles.

This sermon was preached in Oct. 2000, three months prior to Bro. Hyles' death on February 6, 2001.

"Who Slew All These" by Pastor Jack Hyles, preached at the 1992 annual "Pastors' School", where thousands of pastors and other Christians attended for the 3rd week in March every year at First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.

The Preservation of the Spanish Bible (in English)
video supporting the Reina Valera Gómez 2010 (RVG 2010) as the Pure Word of God in Spanish.


"Once Saved Always Saved" (with Scriptures on screen) by Pastor Steven L. Anderson, ending with "The Bible Way to Heaven" by Pastor Roger Jimenez

"The Young People shouted while the Old People Wept" - by Pastor Jack Hyles 1985

Sermon preached at the 1983 Sword of the Lord Conference

Very powerful words-- A citizen states his concerns about proposed new guns laws at the Rhode Island State House (Room 101) on April 24th, 2018.

"Going Back to the Greek" a documentary

"Being Baptist: From the Historic Anabaptists to the impact of the Independent Fundamental Churches."
A documentary by Verity Baptist Church. Visit their YouTube channel here:

Chicago Soulwinning Revival July 25-27, 2019

The Meeting will be at New Eden Baptist Church
634 W 59th St, Chicago, IL 60621

Thursday, Friday & Saturday - The service will start at 10:00 AM in the morning and 7:00 PM in the evening on Thurs & Fri, with soulwinning during the afternoon.

Saturday we will have a service at 10:00 AM and then we will wrap up the meeting with soulwinning probably finishing around 1:00 pm

The speakers will be Pastor Lampton Liddell, Dr. Ron Petrick, Pastor Manly Perry, and Pastor Tommy McMurtry and possibly more.

If you are planning on coming email Pastor McMurtry at [email protected]

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