In this video, I take a different approach. Instead of exposing something to destroy another, and expose their insecurities, fears, challenges, their humanness, I invite a middle-path approach. To unlock the Self from the enslavement of a false-identity that merely looks to strengthen the Other. Yes, giving Power over in attacking something else, leaving your Self prone to Attack from another. In this sequence and exchange, if we are active participants in the expansion of our Perspective, we can actually empower ourselves in areas of Life where we have felt most sensitive, insecure, or deep-down hateful around. A Paradoxical Reality is a thing, and it governs All of this experience. There is no Separation between the Inner and Outer worlds, time to take self-accountability and get out of the muck of gossip that brings Us down and strengthens the illusion of the Other.

Join me on an early morning gallivant as I slowly wake up and enter into the realm of Time to make sense of our situation. Throughout my initiations here I was guided to the River of Time. From here, everything changed. From the River of Time, I was lead to the Wheel of Time, a Heart portal that acts as a Divinatory Time Machine, as well as Manifestation tool. I will be launching it in July or August of 2020, so sign up for my newsletter at so you can know when it will be launched. It is big! Enjoy the show!


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