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What is self-reflection?
What are the benefits of it?
What are the techniques I use for self-reflection?
In this video I am going to address these three questions.
I hope this will encourage you to start the practice of self-reflection!
If you have any comments or questions, please post them in the comment section.

Allow yourself to dive into this practice with ease and without expectations. Move mindfully and bring soft focus to your breath. This practice is gentle and slow paced. Perfect after busy work or before bed.

This is going to be fun! Join me for this challenging yoga practice and explore different variations of Plank. You will love it! :)

This meditation is designed to leave you with a sense of groundedness and calmness. Take a comfortable position sitting on a chair or on the ground. Let your breath soften and mind relax.

Yoga routine to kickstart your morning in just 15 minutes! :) Try to commit to this practice on a daily basis to achieve better flexibility and build your strength.
Now you can find all my classes on BitChute:

In this class we will focus on the psoas muscle - hip flexor. When this muscle is tight it may cause problems with postures and lower back discomfort. Take this 25-min class to stretch this area.

This is a gentle chair yoga routine for seniors and those who can't do a regular yoga practice. I will guide you through a sequence of postures and movements to warm up the body, stretch and improve joint flexibility and strength.

I am back after a long break! From now on you can enjoy our weekly online yoga classes again :) Please check out You can book one-to-one or a group yoga session with me through that website :) Classes are available for all abilities and ages. I will be publishing an article exposing geo-engineering in the upcoming weeks as well as articles on nutrition and self-care. Stay tuned-in, loads of online classes coming out very soon!
Love and Light,

Join me for 20-min practice designed to improve flexibility of legs, hips and spine.

Join me for 15-min of fast-paced and strong practice. This is perfect if you are looking for a yoga workout that focuses on the whole body. Include it in your regular yoga routine to build strong core, arms and legs. :-)
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Welcome to Inner Light Yoga. Practice yoga with gentle step-by-step guidance and demonstration. Explore the interaction between mind and body while indulging in the relaxation that follows each class.