Lets get strapped up and start open carrying! Stop playing along with these loser psychopaths and show them how sovereign we are. YOU CAN DO IT!

Me and Marja West having a very interesting discussion about Reality Transurfing, Aliens, Superpowers, and a lot of our both happy and tragic life experiences. Enjoy!

Natural Freedom League- Episode #23
"Spiritual Shapeshifting" with Nathan Crabtree
Host: John Wydogen
Co-Host: Will Keller
Music By: Matt Vanoli "V-beatZ"
Guest: Nathan Crabtree of

The Intention of Natural Freedom League is to expand the understanding of Natural Law, which is based on objective morality, and to expose the illegitimacy of the belief in authority and thus the inherent immorality of ALL governments.

Thank You for Time & Attention! If you have found value in our work and would like to support, Please check out the Donation Page. Agape!
Also check out John Wydogen & Will Keller of Natural Freedom League

Created by Mark Passio of
The One Great Work Network is to collect and raise voices of truth and freedom in an effort to extend the outreach of the message of Natural Law and unify the Great Workers of our community. One Great Work Network will highlight other people’s work in Natural Law in an effort to build a community of voices. The network will be composed of any media, articles, graphics, presentations, videos, etc, by people who are doing the Great Work effectively demonstrating a deep operative knowledge and effective communication skills.
"Ending Slavery, One Mind At A Time"

Me and Joe Murray shootin' the shit and presenting our enlightening wisdom about Nature's Moral Law. Having a great time being a part of the rising anarchist underdog culture of sovereign-minded beings. We also have a good time ripping on all the zombified sheeple. LOL Its too easy!

Look out for my new website in coming months:

A roundtable discussion group hosted by Francesco Sani ( with guests Dom Tremblay (, Nathan Crabtree ( and Ivan Oyola Jr. ( where we discuss the Sacred Masculine Principle of Self-Defense, Preparedness and Raising Consciousness for the future challenges of Humanity.

Christianity creates right-brain, feminine imbalance in people, making then unable to defend themselves because "Jesus didn't defend himself". This belief makes people the perfect target, sitting ducks for psychopaths to come and take everything. It's so illogical, like so many things that people believe in. "Turn the other cheek".

Don't get frustrated with the slow pace of change in the world. Dwelling in frustration can ruin your experience.

Tre Vietnam joins me for a discussion about the current state of American slavery, and all the ways that we can end this wretched condition of slavery and move on to a beautiful, free world.

Do you stand and fight tyranny, or do you run away like a little pussy? I have caught myself thinking the same thoughts a lot recently. Mexico with the coconuts, avacados, mangos, etc.. Or stay here and face the grim reality. Either way someone has to do it and it's hard work with excellent rewards. But if you have a good attitude towards it it can be easy for you. Either way I'm good, currently camped up here in the middle of police state USA. I'll be your man on the inside, working to take the system down, and plant the food-forests for all us cute vegans. Meow ;)

Money is a religion that is based on fundamentally false axioms. It is the idol of the world and greatly causes mankind an enormous amount of unnecessary suffering and stress. Cryptocurrency is also a waste of human attention and computing resources. Our energy would be spent so much more wisely and efficiently if we would drop the idea of money altogether and move to a gift economy where everything is free.

High energy, balanced vegan people are required to successfully navigate the potentially difficult times ahead. Lots of infastructure has to be set up: greenhouses, solar panels. And lots of people have to be called out on their religious bullshit. All of this takes courage and a warrior spirit. Plus all of the dangerous acts of war that government has been engaging in lately make it critical for people to stop messing around and take their lives, health, and freedom seriously.

The anarchist paradigm is pretty far away, so we might as well start envisioning it now. Together we can build it.

Me getting out my anger about all the stupid people that seem to exist everywhere you look.

Meet Mattrick! He has been into the truth for a long time, since at least 2008. I met him at the Free Your Mind Conferences. Mattrick was alway pitching the Pentivium idea he had about taking knowledge into the implementation and manifestation stages to see a better world manifest. Check out his Document about the Pentivium and more here:

If people could first imagine a world without money, they'd have a far better chance of freeing themselves from unnecessary work and economic manipulation.

The Time is now to say no to government.

Me riding in the car jabbering about things in the world and the solution which is to not enable or support government. Really to throw the idea in the waste-box and live as sovereign beings.

Me driving around observing the current paradigm and envisioning something so much. better.

My recent interview with Domkendo Tremblay of He teaches Natural Law to a French audience and is doing a great job taking up the responsibility to teach the truth.

Check out my new website, I've got 5 really awesome articles already written, a forum, and an intro video, my natural law guide, and links to my favorite podcasters and researchers.

Doing these regular 9-5 average Joe jobs for 20 years creates an untold amount of trauma hidden in people's souls. The system must be resisted, and alternatives must be developed for us to have a satisfying life.

There is no reason why things have to remain the way they are. Do yourself a favor and start demanding more from reality. Demand at least the basic human decency to have your rights respected. Government needs to go, there is no way around it. Stand up with your voice and fight the good fight. Your world needs you.

Nothings free in the modern day, especially our birthrights. These rights must be fought for and protected with all of our being. You must care deeply and be motivated to teach others the truth to protect yours and all of ours freedom. Humanity has worked its way into a dark corner, and the individual phoenixes must rise from the ashes of the modern world to build something healthy and sustainable for us all.

The time is now to end the enslavement of humanity. Anyone working for government is a part of the problem. Very simple logic. Tell them NO, QUIT YOUR JOB OR DIE PIG. Say it loud and clear with teeth and machine guns backing you up and they will for sure back down. Not difficult to stand up for your rights. Lets all join in and do it together to take our lives back. Respect yourself. Government should die.


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