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in celebration of spooky season, I'm going to let's play my favorite horror games.

Patrick is joined by Samuel Urban to discuss the differences between the western and eastern cultures and how that may play into the growing US/China tensions.

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Patrick is joined by Brandan Buck to discuss the US government’s fight for the control of information throughout its history.

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Living through a custody battle can be one of the most terrifying, stressful, and challenging times in a person's life. That was true even before disputes over the COVID-19 vaccines started to work their way through the family courts.

In this week's episode of Vital Dissent, I share with the audience what I learned by litigating these vaccine cases through trial (this episode is not legal advice—please consult with an attorney in your state about your specific case).

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Patrick is joined by Ted Snider to talk about the latest in US/China relations.

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Patrick is joined by Scott Spaulding to talk about war in media.

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Patrick is joined by Kelley Vlahos, Senior Advisor to the Quincy Institute and Editorial Director for Quincy’s online magazine Responsible Statecraft.

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