The Protocols are CORRECT, and this rat is telling the truth.

The Best Song in the History of Music Folks...............

The Music Industry is an extension of the Jewish religion

Boyd Rice claims that electronic music is for whites. I agree with him. Electronic music was started by Germans, in the 1930s, and the first Bands
with synthesizers were also German, like Tangerine Dream.... much earlier than Kraftwerk

Love of Adolf Hitler, from the great George Bernard Shaw ? See folks, the rats can't prevent the truth.

Rat-faced Mike Wallace tries to mock the Shah. VERY IMPORTANT VIDEO FOLKS FOR UPCOMING WAR BETWEEN THE US & IRAN.... pass this one on to your friends..... IT PROVES that the modern Islamic Republic of IRAN is nothing but a Satellite state of Israel. The Shah knew more about the Jews, than the powers that took over his state. Assad and Iran are both Satellite states of Israel involved in market speculation and 'oil futures' to enrich Jewish interests. Syria is a battlefield, for the Israelis to extract lists of the most extreme moslems in an effort to eliminate any threats to power struggles in the Middle East.

Jewish interviewer tries to bring down Glenn, but fails

Six time Mr. Olympia UK Bodybuilder tells the truth about the rat lies

Black Sabbath frontman reveals his true inspiration


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EDM band from Wales. Psychedelic National Socialist Party, UK.