Going into Cayo Perico and robbing the Ruby Necklace.

Cayo Perico Heist Prep work. Includes Cutting Torch, Finger Print Cloner, Plasma Cutter and Kosatka vehicle for the main heist.

This tutorial is how to setup a Clonezilla USB bootable drive.

Setting up a flash drive to install Windows 10.

My game play of Final Fantasy during February 2021.

Played World of Warcraft during December. Finally finished the Death Knight Order Hall Campaign quest line.

Just testing OBS on screen capture.

Was messing around and configuring OBS. While playing Saint Seiya.

Finally finished this game from my Steam List.

Gameplay during July 2020

Showing how to replace the battery on my CyberPower 1350AVR unit.

The CyberPower ECO650LCD battery can be replaced by the user. All you need is a DJW12-4.5 Replacement Battery which you can purchase from replaceupsbattery.com or batterysharks.com. Not an endorsement nor affiliated. Just showing the places I shopped. The CyberPower website/documentation state to either purchase a new unit or have a Certified Tech to replace. While they have a video on YouTube on this same model showing you how to replace the battery. All you need is a battery and a Torx10 Security Bit and your good.

How do you access the UPS Batteries within the unit? Let me show you.

Finally Completing Mario RPG. Here is the last fight and ending.

Mario Kart Gameplay from 2-29-20. Had the itch to play some old school mario kart.

Game play of Family and Friends spending quality time together.

Finally finishing the game after a long while break.

Just messing around and playing Ace Combat from my Steam Library

Playing Anthem Days before its release

Gameplay from Terraria


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