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This video overs information showing the Mark of the Beast System is here and how the Social Conditioning for it has begun for the New World Order

This video covers some relevant information about the World Health Organization and Bill Gates in regards to the Sorcery prophesy of the end times mark of the beast system.

This video covers the end times prophesy in regards to the Mark of the Beast tracking system using the 5G network and the VR implant with wireless 5G Mark of the beast in forehead, the Image of the Beast, Synagogue of Satan and the New World Order and how it relates to the war on the saints and the 1260 days.

This video covers questions that should be asked about people being hauled off to camps during the night while people are on lock down and quarantine. This also shows information about narratives around the corona virus and the key players in this roll out for global micro-chipping for the New World Order.

This video exposes the NAZI's depopulation agenda from the Vatican who are running the CIA and actively moving to Genocide the Population. This also shows the murders and assassinations of people who know of this information since world war 2 including JFK assassination. This also shows how the bible prophesy is coming to pass through this of the 3rd and 4th seal of Revelation. They are locking down people in houses and cutting off finance to starve out the population and round up anybody who dissents during the process into FEMA camps. The Vaccine solution will be tied to the Mark of the Beast Global ID implant tag with vaccine record.

The Vatican, United Nations and the elite are working towards using child trafficking which they run to offer solution for the public to be microchipped to resolve the crisis. This is designed crisis by them and offering solution by them.

This video covers the 10 world zones connected by the Mark of the Beast and the plans of the Vatican for the New World Order.

Special thanks to SAVFK for the cinematic work

Signs of the Times

This video shows the direction of bible prophesy in regards to Race Wars and Civil wars and how it relates to the design of the devil using intelligence agencies and covert operations such as COINTELPRO, PSYOPS, GATEKEEPERS and other covert nefarious campaigns.

This video covers the global ID tracking system linked to Vaccine Database that is being set up for global mandate by the WHO and United Nations thus fulfilling bible prophesy.


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