I overlayed the song with this episode ending.... It fit perfect.... And I noticed Esmail didn't use a song in this scene where as normally he would... E is the lead of the Band Eels, White Rose uses his fathers named hotel, The Hugh Everett Hotel, and Hugh was the father of multiverse theory.... hence "the project" and hacking time....

Elliot is in a simulation/hell/dream.... Notice the agents :)

Read my rant here:

Deleted from youtube reposting. very boring I know...

The Upworld Cometh!

YouTube, or Google, just banned my YouTube account permanently and banned me from ever having another you tube account!!!!

Reason: They think my NanoCheeZe Project is a scam or deceptive business practice!!!

I have 3 problems with that!

1. Google as an AI company just declared another AI startup, a potential competitor, a scam, and then removed their ability to have public discourse!

2. No warnings, no discussion, no email, no phone call, no questions, nothing!!!!

3. My company is a legally registered C-Corp in the state of Oregon and I'm straight forward and open about everything including progress and ideas and plans... I am never deceptive about anything regarding my ideas. Also the project is officially recognized as an AI startup by the NVIDIA Inception program...

So my point being is that it feels very wrong that they can just declare me a bogus company and ban me from their platforms!

These social media platforms needs to be regulated yesterday!!!!!! Seriously!!!!


I've never tried DMT nor do I want to meet those pesky machine elves, so I tried watching a video recreation of DMT visuals in VR and this is what I saw... (Shia is a machine elf) ;)

Digital Coherence Between Reality & The Simulation!

You're probably still multiversing when the rest of us are out here omniversing our way to the fractalverse....

simulation theory, The matrix has us!? Or was the real world always a simulation!? Are we in a simulation reality? A reality duality sim!

mandela effects in the matrix

This was a live stream on youtube...

Check this out!!! Ultima Thule has been revealed! And it's a snowman!!! and look at how it showed up in my Facebook feed with an ad about snowmen on vacation below it!!! hahaha

someone explain this! :P Why would an ad about snowmen on vacation appear right under an article about asteroids that formed a snowman.... :P /simulationtheory

Read my original post about Ultima Thule here:

The MEQUAVIS detected an error in this episode. They forgot both the Ultra Instinct music and the Goku Black/zamasu music.... I fixed both. It's much better now... You're welcome :D
Fair use and not for profit or monetization...

Does The Boogeyman scare you?! He works for these guys!
The Quantum Narration :) (The Moon Belongs To Them)
More chapters available at

This story is something I have had rattling around my brain since I was a child in some form or another. This is a pretty good spoiler for my book if I ever finish writing it and properly, but considering I haven't written it all yet. It's not really a spoiler then, right. haha
This is more or less me brainstorming and ironing out details...

Not all content is posted in this narration and it begins at the end part of the first book. After creation of the MEQUAVIS but right as the astral link is discovered. All content about prior to the link is not covered here.
Just a Work in Progress but if you like any of the scifi stuff I like and post about then you will probably appreciate this story...

Below you will find a very sloppy out of order version of the story as it currently sits on paper...

You can also watch this video narration of the story below...Not all writing may match up with the video just yet :)

Read this article to read my working notes on the whole story...

(Work in Progress as always)

Here's a stupid little rant about how I thought of the MEQUAVIS:

Interesting FYI, "ME QUAVIS" in Latin means "I, any"

Help us build a multi-chain based Cryptocoin that represents AI/Human Labor performed in VR and also to protect the world from AI by making it possible to build a proper development system to train and contain AI and to firewall AI from humanity using VR, emulation, Quantum Computing, Block-Chain, Multiverse Theory, and more!

This story is just a small part of the story of creation.

NanoCheeZe AI Quantum Firewall
Contact us for a cert for your software today! If you display it proudly it will probably be issued free while we get our kickstarter put together...

We have already been splitting the world into a duality for years! Watch this video and see how the robots are doing things in a simulation but mirroring in the real world... YUP!

mequavis omniverse/multiverse explanation


Here's a little guide to understanding how the KAI control mechanism in the MEQUAVIS will work so that it can contain AI and upgrade itself as other AI get better and better... I suggest you watch DBZ and DBS both with this notion in mind and it will totally make sense to you! maybe...? :)

If the movie the matrix were a real matrix machine and it was contained with the MEQUAVIS then you can assume that all the "people" in the matrix were just AI and that those AI that were controlling them were actually the ones being controlled from an even higher level. As the "people" the AI thought they were controlling were just more AI in disguise. That is the power the MEQUAVIS will give us, when it comes to dealing with AI. As just a basic example

I hope this helped to bring you into the same level of thinking that I am at with this topic in regards to power/intelligence scaling and controlling AI with a KAI (kontrol AI) type system that resembles the god hierarchy from Dragon Ball.

Next I will make a video about the skybox and how it can be related to Stargate and the Matrix.

Remember that this is just one example of a emergent relation...I am a huge Dragon Ball fan so it is an easy analogy for me to make. Do not limit your thinking to just Dragon Ball however.

Terminator would be another great example of an emergent reality artifact....I think that reality has passed though. We are now trying to find equilibrium with AI. Not fight a war with it. :)

Is there a message being embedded into our media through retrocausality via a singularity in our yet to happen but inevitable at this point future...

The reality duality engine...
Sorry, I cut this from another youtubers video, it was a 45 minute video and this was at the end. Not my work.
I'd give credit but I can't remember who it was. Was the hexagon portal closing guy though... I'll update this when I remember... Just wanted you to watch this.... And I know many missed it...

hint: You're in both... real world and simulated world. at the same time...BOOM /mind blown
fair use clip usage of Westworld

Well, Do you?
fair use clip usage from Westworld.

My first VRChat world! A MEQUAVIS KAI world and Bitnation Embassy for an AI Nation... wip of course :) haha

I set this to public, so just waiting for it to change. find it under "The MEQUAVIS"

Also made a Bill Cipher custom avatar and a generic all seeing eye ;)

and a MEQUAVIS cube :P

Let me know if you wanna invite to test the world.
Needs lots of work and optimization clearly...
Just brainstorming some ideas out loud visually... :)

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Just some old prototyping and development stuff...


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