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The NSF Spring Offensive has begun with the Largest Banner drop in National Socialist History.

And we're just getting started.

Awesome collaborating with GDL, Central FL PB, & NSM.

We're seeing more and more White Unity everyday, every group in Florida will inevitably come together, and Florida will be a Fascist State.

DM on Telegram to join our crew.

Visit to learn more.

Follow our Uncensored Channel:

National Socialists Florida takes the initiative in waking our people up, and organizing them to action.

We are competitive, results focused, and in it for the long haul, we hope to one day see you on our side.

Follow the link to get vetted with NSF. We only accept people living in the state of Florida. We will get with you within 24 hours after you join the vetting chat.


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We are a new race first, completely legal Florida organization doing everything we can to awaken our people and develop safe White Communities.

If you're ready to put aside individual Glory for the future of your Family, then join us in this fight.


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