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Bonus Segment 1 from the Symposium 10 (April 2022) gives us an update on the New Earth Horizon project with Sacha Stone and team.
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TODAY! SATURDAY 29th January 2022 at 1pm EST
Lazarus Symposium VIII FULL SCHEDULE

12 pm - 12:30 CST //1 pm - 1:30 pm EST
Dan Winter, Valerie Sandelin

12:30 pm - 2:30 pm CST // 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm EST
Michael Tellinger, David Emery, Dan Winter, David Sereda & Shehnaz Soni

3 pm - 4 pm CST // 4 pm - 5 pm EST
Mary B. MK Delta Super Soldier, Ismael Perez and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

2:30 pm - 3 pm CST // 3:30 pm - 4 pm EST
Maria Crisler

4 pm - 5 pm CST // 5 pm - 6 pm EST
Falke the Eskimo Legend of the Rainbow Serpent and :Maja-Jingki: Burra. save this on your browsers - ready for the broadcast. See you there - join the chat box.

Jan 20th, 2022 - David Rodriguez talks to Sacha Stone about RDS, Cirsten W, Cosmogenesis, DNA intervention, AI transhumanism & the mechanics of ascension!
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Sacha will now also appear on Conscious Vitality supporting the voices of the freedom fighters. Enormous frontline truth and disclosure body of work on to remain uncensored on these platforms. Sacha, Erai and friends joining forces for a stronger more sovereign and solidary network.

Sacha Stone introduces the Lazarus Initiative Symposium 3

A conversation with another hero of our times Charles Pixley - demonised and vilified by the establishment for saving lives and easing the pain of humanity....over many long years. This is how big pharma gangstas and their bitch corporation-governments roll. Be outraged friends - and then let's look to ourselves for solutions, remedies and cures for minds, body and soul. SHARE this short interview. Find Charles Pixley's amazing book by following link below.

Do No Harm -714X Defying a Hopeless Prognosis

A NewEarth Horizon Media Production

Sacha Stone talks to Steve Pollard about crossing the US four times in two months, his new friendship with Scott Mckay, touring with Bikers for Trump, exchanging many spike proteins, and other highlights from the Arise Freedom Tour.

Watch for important updates on the Orwellian situation in Bali and potential outcomes for the current crisis in the US.

America is the "vital element" in this fight. If America falls, the world falls.


Produced by NewEarth Horizon Media.

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Skelar Technologies Reveal the Soul Frequencies of COVID, Moderna, Vatican Complex, and more! Sobering, yet ends on a beautiful note. Watch to the very end!!

The World's BEST, most Seminal Voices on the Current Events, and Where to Go From Here.
Freedom Fighters, Intellectuals, Doctors, Theologians, Writers, Movie Producers from around the world!!
***A MUST WATCH for ANYONE Looking Forward to the NEW EARTH***

Addressing the hot topic of education in 2020 - Reimagining the future of education.
Reinette Senum, Freedom Angels, Pamela Popper, and more!

DYNAMIC conversation - 5-GEE + The TRUTH about the Medical Industry... This conversation is FIRE!

Reports from Canada!! Vaccines, Lawsuits, Solutions, and More.

Get Ready to Take a Stand - October 2nd!!!

Enlightening and seminal conversation with Christiane Northrup, MD and Professor Delores Cahill along with Sacha Stone!!!

Dynamic Conversation with Mikki Willis - Producer of Plandemic: Indoctrination documentary

Dynamic Conversation on the Current Situation in Oppressed Australia

Tune In for ACTION-oriented suggestions for saving America out of the grip of tyranny.

Introducing Pam Popper of Ohio. With Imani Mamalution

Dear Freedom Family,

Escape the Tyranny to Break the Dreamspell. It is time for the people of Australia to wake up and take a stand to defend their country. Listen to this gripping conversation with warriors Renee Stewart and Fanos Panavides on the frontline and Sacha. The conversation was an activation that is rippling around the world as we strategize next steps. Australia - we stand with you and we have your back!

Join the National class action against Victorian government lock-down measures, coordinated by Lawyer Serene Teffaha. Check out the Class Action Lawsuit. And mark your calendars for September 5th when the people of Australia rise up together. Stay tuned for another FB Live Strategy Session!

We are with you Australia!

The New Earth Media Team

Dynamic conversation between Anna VonReitz, David Martin, Reinette Senum and Sacha Stone!
Discussing Real Solutions for today's problems with dangerous governmental overreach.

Sacha Stone & Thomas Brown give fascinating updates and insight on current events in light of the Plandemic
Recorded Early Aug 2020

A Candid Conversation with two of our Key Experts Aaron Lewis and Sylvestre Gnakale for the upcoming World Health Sovereignty Summit.
Register at for the summit coming up June 20-21st

5 Q's with Sacha Stone and Ole Dammagard


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