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I love my mask. It's a simple and effective way to display my righteousness. Am I concerned that two children in China died because they were forced to wear a mask in gym class? NOPE! I concerned that I’m contributing to an impending socialist technocracy that will enslave the global population? NO! Am I concerned that my mask is symbolic of my compliance to the social conditioning that will eventually lead to the forced vaccination of every man, woman, and child on planet earth? Not a chance!

Why am I not concerned you ask? Because I decided a long time ago that shallow insignificant gestures are a much easier way to showcase my morality than actually being moral. Because in order to be a really good person, I need to stand up to a really bad person, and I don’t like standing up to or for anything. It's much easier to trick my mind into thinking compliance is a virtue instead of what it really is, cowardice.

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Dr. Carrie Madej has studied vaccines for most of her medical career, and has been sounding a warning to anyone who will listen. I've been listening, and hope you will join me to answer:
What is so dangerous about the vaccines? What are vaccines supposed to do and why don't they?
Who benefits?
Did you know the DOD is in charge of our health care now?
What does DARPA have to do with vaccines?
Who benefits? Always, always ask: Qui bono?

Her website, THE BATTLE FOR HUMANITY, can be found here:


Heartmath Institute:

Be patient, it's still happening. We're in a war, not a TV show episode.

Now "Time" magazine is detailing how the election process was controlled, which rendered democracy null and void. Everybody knows, no one does anything.

Sean Stone, Sasha Stone, Charlie Ward, Simon Parkes, Robert David Steele Round Table 2021-01-25

One thing to note: Trump signed a State of Emergency EO before the inauguration which apparently only the military can rescind.

Dr. Kory and his group of doctors/researchers have discovered the cure for Wuhan. Be prepared for the upcoming mass suicides of the doctor and his group.

Charlie Ward Round Table 2021-01-21

Continuing analysis of current Presidential events.

Lin Wood releases whistleblower video.

Listen only if you can face reality. Pray. Much more information at

Feeling glum? Me too. Did the flag officer misspeak, or is Military law in our immediate future?

Is a military transition government going to happen tomorrow?

Robert David Steele Interviews Sasha Stone

Is it finally starting?

Simon Parkes with views on many current events.

Question and Answer series: FEMA camps, child trafficking, Blackrock, 911, congressional riot, impeachment, Sydney Powell, Trump news, and more.

If you need all this to protect your inauguration from the people, maybe the f***ing people didn’t f***ing elect you!”

Robert David Steele Daily Update 2020-01-13

Pelosi doesn't control the Marines, the President does. Pelosi is going to be one of the traitors ARRESTED by the Marines.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik talks with Infowars Alex Jones.

Gemma O'Doherty has done a first class job in getting the Irish government to admit there is no evidence that Sars-Cov2 Covid-19 even exists.
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Listen only if you can face reality. Pray. Much more information at

Discusses Q as Quantum Computer + Human Team, 70% of USG Is Compromised; Italy Details; and Robert Steele’s Email Commentary to Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes. How we will save humanity.

Danielle Stotijn, Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes discuss upcoming Executive Order and other topics.


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