Topics Covered This Episode: Space Force goes Commercial, Space Force Top 12, Space Force National Guard?, Foreign Adversary Swarms?, Putin snubs Biden, SpaceFlight Simulation Study, SpaceX Moon Lander Contract, Iran Uranium Enrichment, Afghanistan Pullout, Fungus Space Habitats, Fukushima Water Release, Alzheimer treatment w/ Light & Oxygen, Chimera Embryos, Human trust in Algos, Dogecoin, UFO sightings in NY double

Topics Covered This Episode: Space Force Absorbs USAF Command, Starbase Trespass, Elon Musk Jurassic Park?, Neuralink Monkey Pong, U.S./Iran Stalemate, Philippines welcomes U.S. backing, Merkel/China friendship, Russian Military buildup in Arctic, Egypt's Lost Gold City, Muons - New Force of Nature, Methane eating bacteria, Japan Orbital Trashmaster, Hypersonic Weapon Failure, Earth 300 Gigayacht, UFO Sightings Surge, UFO images leaked from Pentagon, Drone Swarms,

Topics Covered This Episode: Captain Star Eagle, SpaceX Texas Exodus, Opposition to Space Command HQ, SF Broadband Russia/Ukraine escalation, NATO intercepts Russian planes, China/Iran pact, Iran nuclear limit talks, Europa clipper, direct manipulation of "anti-matter", Cancer vaccine, BrainGate tech, Synthetic living machines, Mississippi UFO incident, Moon Size UFO w/ Portal, Lakes Charles UFO

Philippines/China Update, Free trip to the Moon, Failed Starlink Launch, Russia Space Plane, Commercial Space Stations, North Korea/China Team Up, Cliff Dwelling Martian Metropolis, Dark Matter Substructure?, Brain Abnormalities in American Children, AI Dream World, Monkey Mind Reading, Facebook Augmented Reality, Military & Spy Agencies Blocking Disclosure? Michigan UFO Incident, Dover UFO and much more..


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