In the first of a series of episodes where we question former members of different sects, our guest tonight is Sean Ridlon, a convert from the Mormon church to the Orthodox faith. Streamed live on Dec 12, 2019

Dcn Joseph Suaiden and Hieromonk Enoch discuss the differences between Orthodoxy and Protestantism with R.C. Apologist, an apologist of the Baptist tradition. Streamed live on Feb 15, 2019

From FB Live: Dcn Joseph discusses various issues with Independent Baptist Pastor Andrew Sluder. Originally aired Mar 10, 2019

Part III: How Hildebrand Stole the Orthodox Papacy and created the Roman Catholic Church

Originally from FB Live

A freewheeling discussion on Hildebrand. the inventor of Roman Catholicism and more

They blocked us on Twitter and threatened us with legal action for this video, Dcn Joseph literally talked to a secretary lol

Yes, there is an answer. Learn more at the Orthodox Apologetics War Zone to find the True Faith.

With Hangouts on Air dead, we'll be using Discord for the present to keep doing shows. And we can upload them on Bitchute!


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