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Join Suzie Dawson (co-founder, and Sean O'Brien (PanQuake Executive and Yale Privacy Lab Founder) as they present news, statistics, data and updates about the build progress of this groundbreaking new next generation social media technology!

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"Defenders of Big Tech often exclaim “If you don’t like their platforms, then build your own.” Well, on this edition of CrossTalk we talk with some intrepid individuals doing just that. Against all the odds, will they succeed?"

CrossTalking with Lee Camp, Suzie Dawson, and Taylor Hudak.

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We don't hope. We build.

You asked for it and here it is! Get an exciting look under the hood of revolutionary new social media product PanQuake with co-founders Suzie Dawson and Jo Booth, as well as PanQuake executive committee members Sean O'Brien (Founder, Yale Privacy Lab) and ex NSA Technical Director Bill Binney.

Watch Dawson reveal, for the first time, back-end design slides from PanQuake's development model at this tech 'deep dive' event where viewers get to soak in much greater detail about the PanQuake business model, architecture (including blockchain), commercialization, security and sustainability, licensing and privacy.

Transparency in action.

PanQuake is transparently delivering powerful, next generation amplification tools to put you in control of your social reach and engagement

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The above event, formerly known as Project X, revealed PanQuake; a next generation social reach and amplification tool that makes big tech social media platforms look like they are from the Dark Ages. The event, hosted by Taylor Hudak, featured a renowned panel of guests including PanQuake Co-founder Suzie Dawson, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges, ex NSA Technical Director Bill Binney, comedians Graham Elwood, Jimmy Dore and Lee Camp, and a special message from Christine Assange, mother of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange.

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PanQuake is transparently delivering powerful next generation amplification tools to transform your social reach and engagement. It's time! Come #TalkLiberation at to discover solutions and innovations beyond your imagination


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