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Miguel Guerra and Suzy Dias are co-founders of 7 Robots, where they create and publish their own comics and books. They also co-host Paris à la Geek, the only web series that combines geek culture, comics and Paris. It’s a ménage à trois of madcap fun! For more information visit

Their titles include "Super Corporate Heroes" (satire, lampooning corporate culture), "Samurai Elf" (YA sci-fi/fantasy) and "Wolf Boy and His Magical Warriors" (all ages, comedy). They also publish "Earth Dream", a FREE annual anthology to showcase indie talent.

Some notable achievements are publishing a few short stories in "Heavy Metal" magazine (“Bedbugs” in July 2007, “Insomnia” in January 2010 and “A Lonely Cry in Space” in May 2010) and having "Samurai Elf" picked up by the New York Public Library. Miguel’s illustrations have also appeared on Forbes and with the National Book Foundation in New York. Miguel and Suzy also work with economist Steve Keen to illustrate his new "eCONcomics: Taking the CON Out of Economics" series.