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The Clover Configurator app keeps the Clover EFI parameters organized into various sections: you can start by modifying the ACPI parameters, you can personalize the boot mode, adjust the CPU performance, disable certain drivers, and so on. If you have Nvidia Graphic Card. Make sure that you aren’t inject Nvidia Driver and disable the Nvidia by go to Options. The installer will now do it’s thing once the bar reaches the end you will see this screen letting you know the installer is finally done: enable XHCI Handoff If you don't have Clover installed here are some tutorials for different install types depending on your hardware and installation choices. You want to do this while booted off the USB to desktop. You can find the Clover EFI Installer in the Clover Files folder on the Installation USB or you can download Clover EFI from here: amazin' project


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Update Hackintosh High Sierra, the Painless Way - The Mac Observer
You can either copy everything over to your backup drive's EFI partition (after being absolutely certain your updated setup works properly, of course), and/or create a ZIP file of the EFI folder for safe-keeping. I usually do both, as I like to keep a collection of archives with previously working or work-in-progress Clover configurations. I don't actually have to keep all these versions, but they're not in the way and might help me later on if I, for example, want to continue a previously attempted configuration.
Alternatively, you can mount your EFI partition from the free Clover Configurator app, which is also our recommended tool for adding boot flags to Clover.
Select the disk you will be installing macOS and erase it with the following settings: Name: (It can be named anything you want)
Can you upload it again and give us the MD5?
Launch Clover Configurator if you haven't already, and use its Mount EFI option to mount your main drive's EFI partition, then re-open EFI/Clover/ again.
2.3: Copying your new EFI setup over
Unibeast will show this, when completed copying files.

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