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➡ v.3.12.2 OmniPlan:

The system is entirely compatible with Microsoft Project.
iTaskX also offers full customizability for layout and design. Project managers can adjust the aesthetics on all their projects, from custom fonts to custom layouts. And for those of us who are a little less creative, iTask comes with plenty of templates as well.
Secondary-click and choose Add ▸ task type from the contextual menu.
What's New in OmniPlan 3.2
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Choose a date and time to reschedule the incomplete tasks, and whether to update all tasks or just the selected ones.


Best iMac Pro OmniPlan.v.3.10.bOct.pkg

Updated to 10.14.3

Recomended! version sPI68-3.10.1-OmniPlan.pkg

Data can be input and retrieved very easily.
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With SaneBox, you have nearly unlimited options for deferring email. You can defer it to tomorrow, or next week, or Saturday morning, or a specific time. For today, I thought it’d be fun to share my deferred email boxes on my MacSparky email account.
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As far as what MacBook this approach works best on, the obvious choice is the fastest and most expensive! However, any new MacBook sold in the last year or so will work fine. Older MacBook Airs may struggle, but any MacBook Pro sold in the past few years will work well, as will any newer iMac. Newer Mac Minis also work and, of course, the power-horse Mac Pro will run many multiple VMs at once.
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Chapter 12, Importing and Exporting

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