ALAN WATT ~ {2021} ~ {R.I.P.}

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[[[Sadly (& very unfortunately for those of us left on the planet) ALAN WATT passed away on 3/4/2021. It's a major blow for TRUTH, and is the worst news I've pondered upon in many years.

Rest in peace, ALAN WATT, and thank you for all the confidence that your talks, books, and web links have given me throughout the years.
We needed you for another 25 years . . .]]]

ALAN WATT will tell you how IT all works.

He'll save you some time in figuring out how society functions, HAS always functioned, and most likely WILL always function . . . until human extinction.

One has to have the common decency to accept an interesting Scottish brogue.
It's quite charming, actually.

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