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rating - 298849 Vote

genre - Drama

creators - Michael Cimino

Star - Robert De Niro, John Savage

Director - Michael Cimino

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Nah, I saw the film and it did nothing for me. I still don't get why it is liked at all. But you did a good video. You explained your point of view perfectly. This movie just didn't speak to me at all.
I have just watched this film for the first time tonight on d.v.d and it was BRILLIANT must have been great to see at cinema back then. DON'T WATCH THIS TRAILOR IF YOU HAVNT SEEN FILM.
Very sad film. Beautiful.

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American director and screenwriter who had a huge hit with his 1978 film The Deer Hunter, but a disastrous flop with Heaven’s Gate two years later
Published: 4 Jul 2016
Hungarian-born film legend worked with Altman, Spielberg and more, winning an Oscar for Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Published: 3 Jan 2016
We should call her Saint Meryl, really. She’s almost holy
Published: 25 Apr 2015
Paul Howlett on The Machinist | Deer Hunter | Kill Bill: Vol 2
Published: 20 Nov 2006
Holidays in the Danger Zone: America Was Here | The OC | Gangs of New York | The Deer Hunter | The US Open tennis
Published: 29 Aug 2004.

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Published on Jul 6, 2009 Trailer for Michael Cimino's film starring Robert De Niro, John Cazale, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep, John Savage, George Dzundza, Chuck Aspegren, Joe Grifasi, Rutanya Alda, Mary Ann Haenel, Mady Kaplan, Richard Kuss, Pierre Segui, Shirley Stoler, Amy Wright.

The POWs went through so much! RIP John McCain.
You talking to me.
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How to convince someone not to watch one of the best movies ever made, by a trailer maker.
Meryl Streep looked like an angel! Beautiful! I'm sure the film is great but the trailer is just awful.
I missed the name of this movie. anyone help me out.
Very well-deserved Oscar for Walken.

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I just got done watching Heavens Gates for the second time in a week. Its a wonderful movie
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You know in this scene that aint nothing going to happen to DiNiros character in Nam. Walken, DeNiro, Cazzle, Savage & Frankie Valli INCREDIBLE.
Seeing all those great entertainers on the stage at the end🤩.
Oof, my hans are tied now.
These type of movies are really funny without all the new crap, shock factor, filthy nonsense. Reminds me a bit of the Dirty Dozen. Really well casted.
You see that hind Mason? Were gonna take it.
I have rarely been so moved by a film. It stays in the mind for a hell of a long time. Perfectly captures the futility, horror and comradeship of war.

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Michael, Steven and Nicky are 3 best friends who enjoy going Deer hunting quote often. These men get enlisted to head to Vietnam to fight for their country and celebrate with a farewell party, as well as Nicky marrying a pregnant woman named "Angela. " After the horrors during the war and edge-grabbing games of Russian Roulette that these men are forced to play, Michael returns home and realizes that his Deer hunting outings aren't the same as rhey used to be, because of the war and he eventually finds out that Steven is handicapped and Nicky hasn't returned from Vietnam, and in response, he heads back to Vietnam to rescue him.
Plot Summary

Jack Nicholson and Scatman Crothers have such great chemistry. They were in at least 2 other films together.
In 2014, Christopher Walken starred in a movie about Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons.
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It's indeed a beautiful and touching movie, i'm regularly bursting into tears when he doesn't shoot at the deer. OKAY ? it's telling more than thousand words.

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