The first video is an example of a horrible upload, that I know has been flagged and allowed to remain, even though it shows the torture and extremely violent murder of two human beings, and one was killed just for being the son of the other.

(Neither were consenting, and only one was an adult)

My videos however have almost all been flagged and taken down, even though it was 100% consenting adults doing things that are about as far from negative and violent events as you can get. (and you Know there is Consent, when there is only one person involved)
Yet they were taken down anyway. (Torture & Murder is OK, but Pleasure could be Disturbing & Damage someone ???) :-\ WTF?

You may say... well, that's the (stupid fucking) Rules, and ya gotta follow em.
and I would have to reply... well then, that's a fucked up rule and should be changed immediately because it makes absolutely No Fucking Sense to any reasonable thinking person, and it never should have been a rule in the first fucking place. (period)

All the other videos are examples of My past Videos that were Flagged and Removed, and most likely will be again, but until then... be sure to take notice of the irrational standards of acceptance for the various material submitted to BitChute, and even more important, Pay Attention to Who is making these Decisions. (you might even want to Ask Them, Why?) ---> CIA, Death Cult, Democrats... WTF?

To Summarize:
1st Video is A-OK (and can stay)
Every other video is not OK (and will be removed)
and Why The Fuck would it be this way? (and who's idea was it?)

This is an attempt to appeal to the site owner's sense of logic and reason.

Which one is Really more likely to cause someone distress?

Ugly Violence, Suffering, and Death... (Taking Life)

or Something Pleasurable and Beautiful, that actually Gives Life ???

Fucking Witch Hunt !!!

1) (Violence)
2) (Nudity)
3) (Nudity)
4) (Nudity)
5) (Nudity)
6) (Nudity)
7) (Nudity)
8) (Nudity)
9) (Nudity)
10) (Nudity)
11) (Nudity)
12) (Nudity)

No videos found.