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Why do we sometimes ask for your Exchange/Office 365/Outlook password? Do we store this?
There's the ability to find and merge contacts, but Zoho gives you more control over the process than most of its rivals, and you can add your own sets of customized tags to make it easier to switch between different groups. Tasks and deals can be added on a contact-by-contact basis if you're using the contact manager professionally.
While all of these updates and the Unified Contact list is incredibly nice, there’s definitely a price to be paid. Since you’re not able to designate companies separately from people, your list is going to get mighty crowded, and it’s not easy to manage. Moreover, those businesses tend to not have the “unique” identifiers, and as a result, don’t get updated very frequently.
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Fixes Activity List not showing emails and chats on High Sierra
Let’s say that you are ramping up your professional networking and you’re building up your Rollodex, as they say. Cardhop by Flexibits is super easy and kind of fun to use. The Big Idea behind Cardhop is its natural language parser — you can enter contact information in Cardhop’s command line the way you’d type it in an email to a friend and Cardhop will fill out the correct fields for you.
BusyContacts 1.1.9
BusyContacts 1.0.6
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Android, iOS, Windows
Pause auto-linker when duplicating or editing a card
Cardhop's Intuitive Contacts Management Comes to iOS

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