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Main category - Multimedia Design
Sub category - Audio
Developer - PG Music, Inc.
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Title - Band-in-a-Box

▹ vers 2018.0.263 Band-in-a-Box:

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By default the RealTrack files and folders are installed to X:\bb\RealTracks\. If you installed them to a different drive and folder they will be where you indicated during the installation. It's important that the root folder be properly set in the Prefs|RealTracks|Use a custom folder location for the RealTracks box. If set incorrectly BiaB will indicate an error when trying to play a file with RealTracks.
Pro Tools 9 Explained
Fixed: Record from any bar would open the record dialog instead of letting the user choose a bar to record from.
Added: Clicking on the lables in the realtracks assign dialog also sets the track.
By Dennis J Wilkins


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Mac Pro BAND-IN-A-BOX-2017.0.175-QF1Y.ZIP {79135 KB}

Changed: Update patches are downloaded into "/Band-in-a-Box/Data/Updates" instead of "/Band-in-a-Box/Data".
Main Program FilesEdit
Fixed: Import MIDI file dialog would start inside the Band-in-a-Box
Native Instruments DRUMLAB is your very own evil lab for creating monster drum sounds and kits. Let mad drum scientist Eli Krantzberg show you how to pump new life into your productions and songs with this electrifying virtual drum instrument!
Added: Some bass styles now display on the Bass fretboard.
Yes, it is expensive to get the whole thing. But like any good tool, it is an investment. And PG Music’s upgrades are very reasonable (usually the upgrades to all the new real tracks and stuff is $129).
Improved: Audio > Move Performance Track to Audio... was a bit unclear for choosing the source track. Now the custom track label and default track labels are indicated, and only existing Performance tracks can be chosen.
550 hours of studio recording

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