Let's go deeper into some of the things happening in our world and see if there's a common denominator. Below the madness and insanity, there's something connecting it al throughout history. [email protected]

What is going on? Is it human idiots or could there be a deeper interdimensional reason for this craziness? You can contact me at [email protected]

The erosion of our connection with spirit is obvious in today's world; but why and how is this happening? It's not because our adversaries are social genius's, they are bumbling mumbling fools. It's happening from principalities...not flesh & blood. How did we degenerate from our founding fathers and true patriots to a bunch of screaming wanna-be dictators? The answer might surprise you...give me your thoughts, [email protected]

I think it's time to look deeper into what's causing this mass formation psychosis that's also been called collective insanity. We may be at the end game where this is truly a war we are in with pure evil entities that we've been warned about for thousands of years. [email protected]

We all better wake up to what's happening, the division is manipulating us and we will need law enforcement and the military on our side. Free speech is being attacked and if the 1st Amendment is abolished...well, maybe that's why we have the 2nd Amendment. We can't let things spiral out of control and being a well informed citizenry is our best bet.

What happens when good guys do nothing? Well, we are watching it happen right before our eyes. Times are changing folks and I can see that people are scrambling to get on the right side of this because when it comes down...
Email me at [email protected], or visit www.LotusGuide.com/donations to contribute to keep me on the air, and catch all my podcasts at www.BBSradio.com/SpiritualActivist and also on Bitchute.com/rahasyauncensored and Rumble.com/user/rahasyauncensored "Let's wake up before it's too late.

Getting different perspectives is important if you want to do some critical thinking about our situation. This is a little from Dr. Mercola, General Flynn, David Icke and Max Igan on why it's so important to wake up and start thinking about our freedom. You can catch my podcasts and interviews at www.YouTube.com/LotusGuide, www.Bitchute.com/rahasyauncensored and www.Rumble.com/user/rahasyauncensored. Email me at [email protected]

Why is it that people don't, or can't, see what's going on?

It’s so clear! I’ve had to ask myself why is it that some people can see clearly what others are so blinded to? It has nothing to do with intelligence, “Even the elect will be deceived.” It has very little to do with social standing either. But I have noticed that it has a lot to do with past experiences with a government that lies to you over and over. It also has a lot to do with people who have been exposed to deep esoteric information, not the everyday nonsense we are spoon fed from organized religions. And I’ve also noticed one other group who tends to see behind the curtain and that’s those who have had experience with psychedelics in a controlled atmosphere such as Ayahuasca ceremonies.

What’s going on is coming at us like a freight train which changes the meaning of “The Light At the End of the Tunnel.” There’s still time and we are winning this battle of ideas thanks to platforms that allow free speech.

You can always email me at [email protected] and visit my website at www.LotusGuide.com as well as Rumble and Bitchute and of course my podcast at www.BBSradio.com/SpiritualActivist.

It won't come without challenges but some of us who are paying attention know that we're only a few moves away from Checkmate with the insanity that's around us. We are at war, not with flesh & blood, but with principalities and rulers of darkness...they never win in the end. Something is approaching us in our timeline and it's the END for some and the Beginning for the rest of us. I think you will enjoy this perspective.

Have you wondered what Geoengineering and Transhumanism has to do with each other? Do you know that the human genome/DNA now has a Patent number? Do you know that the Supreme Court has already ruled that Transhumans have no Constitutional Rights? We are entering a strange and dystopian world so start paying attention...while you can. [email protected] or visit www.LotusGuide.com or www.ElanaFreeland.com for more information.

I'm not sure about you but I'm tired, not so much of what's going on, but the sleeping masses that simply refuse to wake up to what's happening in our world. I'm also tired of people in government who are so old they can hardly walk, and others who are so young they know nothing about life...and you know who I'm talking about, people like AOC (All Out Crazy). Hope you enjoy. [email protected] or listen to this and many other podcasts at www.BBSradio.com/SpiritualActivist.

Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher in the tradition of the indigenous people of planet Earth, including virtually all the Native American traditions. His latest creation is a DVD, entitled Creating the New World in Times of Paradigm Shift. This is based on his most recent book, a novel, entitled Blue Sun, Red Sun – A Tale of Ancient Prophesy Unfolding in the Modern World. His work deals with creating the new world from the ashes of the old in times of paradigm shift, like ours today, and how to do this according to the ancient wisdom of the indigenous people of this planet, who were successfully doing the one thing that has been lost in our civilized world, which is responsible for its demise. They lived sustainably and in harmony with nature for thousands of years before they were wiped out by the same imperialist forces of Western Civilization that rule the world today.

We are headed towards a global collapse so it might be wise to see how other cultures lived on this planet for millennia without destroying themselves. It's time to not only Wake Up, but it's also time to get WISE and take action. Rahasya Uncensored, [email protected] or visit www.LotusGuide.com to read some of Jack's articles published in the Lotus Guide Magazine. Donations can be sent to our PayPal which has a link on my magazine website at www.LotusGuide.com

Have you ever wondered how the powers that be get even the most intelligent among us to believe their nonsense? It seems like it's the academia and the idiots that are most susceptible to falling into their delusions. Watch this and find out why.

Dr Hardt is an old friend that I particularly resonate with and find it interesting to touch base with occasionally because besides being one of the craziest out of the box entrepreneurial thinkers of our time, he's also one of the most intelligent people I've ever met. His ability to connect the dots by standing back and looking objectively is something sadly missing in today's world. We don't agree on everything but we both agree that that is what makes the world more interesting. So from talking about neural feedback/alpha training to A.I. to how many people can live on this earth and COVID-19...we cover it. And keep in mind that I have a non-profit status and you can make donations, large or small at www.lotusguide.com/campfire

Maybe it's time to tell you how I really feel...

My interview with Bruce Lipton and the situation we find ourselves in was illuminating to say the least. Especially what he told me regarding the best way to handle COVID-19, which I couldn't mention on my YouTube Channel. Pay attention. [email protected]

It's way past time to pay attention to who's taking our water...and why.

The world we live in, it's not NORMAL. I'm bringing up a few things to think about including my interview with Jim Brobeck at www.AquAlliance.net. We were part of the paney at Voices of Water at the World Water Day Event. More information or questions. contact [email protected]

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately looking at the direction we’re headed and as you might imagine, it’s not good. However, there is an underlying sacred reality emerging behind the scenes. I spend a lot of time watching and listening to others who I respect, like The Rubin Report, David Icke, Brian Rose, Max Igan and others who are doing an excellent job at waking people up to what’s going on. I try hard not to be part of an echo chamber so when someone says something about as good as possible I let them say it.

For more information on me and my magazine, visit www.LotusGuide.com or email me at [email protected]. If you feel inclined to make a donation, list here for our link https://www.lotusguide.com/in-the-media/

Thank you, Rahasya

Could it be that what's been going on is indeed, another Pearl Harbor? But like the first Pearl Harbor they have awakened a Sleeping Giant, meaning the global population. The Great Reset could become the Great Awakening...if, and only if, we can get people off their couches, away from NETLIX and get out into the world and start communicating with each other. I don't want to say any more for obvious reasons, just watch and listen. [email protected]

Between Cancel Culture, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook censoring there's very little you're supposed to talk about anymore...however, those are the very things we need to talk about.

I was connected with Lynn Sereda through his son, David Sereda who I also interviewed a while back. Whatever it is, it seems to run in the family because whether it's looking inward or outward I guarantee you that it will take you down the proverbial rabbit hole.

Dr. Bruce Lipton has always been way ahead of his time and he always has an interesting point of view and perception of what's going on in this world. He's been in my magazine, www.LotusGuide.com several times over the years. #rahasyauncensored

Are we tiptoeing towards totalitarianism? This is an article I wrote that has some engaging questions that needs to be asked about a lot of things. For instance, why is it that when I ask questions about Black Lives Matter I'm labeled a racist? Why is it that when I ask questions about AntiFa I am labeled a fascist. Why does almost 30% of the American public still deny the existence of UFO's? Why is it that the research coming out of biology labs is clear that our human genome was altered in the past that people still cling to the Evolutionary Theory? And the list goes on, and on...more information about Rahasya at www.LotusGuide.com or www.BBSradio.com/spiritualactivist

David Icke, love him or hate him, he seems to be able to predict what lies in the future. Times are changing faster than most of us could have imagined. Visit www.lotusguide.com or www.spiritualactivist for more on what we are doing as far as attempting to wake people up. If you feel inclined to do so, you can visit www.lotusguide.com/campfire to make a donation of any amount :)


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