Adam and Stephanie discuss the effects narcissistic abuse has on a person.

(Original post date: 7/28/2018)

Raw Life Yoga humbly presents the world-renowned speaker and spiritual teacher Laura Eisenhower.
(Original post date 1/18/2019)

We touch upon a variety of subjects and expanding awareness into fields of consciousness that support Humanity's awakening and soul evolution.

From the Astrological aspects of 2019, 2020, to bloodlines and DNA soul resonance, targeting, claiming sovereignty and breaking free of the MK matrix, Laura and I discuss how we can all embrace our soul's purpose and higher power, and of course the keys are Within!

2nd installment of understanding the basics of Narcissistic Personality disorder and pathologies (negative character traits) that are narcissistic in nature.

(Original post date 6/15/2018)

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Ian Ferguson of White Lotus of Light interviews Adam and they discuss upcoming Astrological forecasts from both Western and Vedic Perspectives

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Adam and Stephanie Kraft discuss Narcissistic Personality Disorder and some of its basic parameters

(Original post date 6/6/2018)

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Alexia Icenhower and Adam Sanchez share effective and holistic healing methods, detoxes, and protocols that actually work to fully reverse Cov1d, Cancer, Autism, parasite infection, heavy metal toxicity, and more. The importance of diet, cooked versus raw, and the impact of sugar are also included. The conversation also offers insight into verifiable public records that show factual evidence of conspiracy (geoengineering, etc) and distinguishing that not all conspiracies are only theoretical, but many are indeed provable.

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links, proofs, and resources

Borax as a massively effective detox, antiparasitic and more:


The health benefits of boron/borax:


Two Must watch MMS Chlorine Dioxide documentaries
1. Universal antidote
2. QuantumLeap

Jim Humble's Website:

MMS Protocols:

Jim Humble's Books:

Where to Buy MMS:

How-To-Make MMS:

MMS Testimonials:

Autistic protocol-

MMS Forum:

MMS Newsletter Archive:


















Vedic Astrologer Aishwarya Luna Laksmi & Western Astrologer Adam Sanchez give some insight into the astrological year ahead and make a special offering for those who are ready to dive deep into their own soul-evolution and expansion!

Laura Eisenhower hosts this meeting of the Astrological Masterminds as we embark further into this dawning age of Aquarius. We dive into each of our paths and what brought us to Astrology, how we relate to it, and why its impacted us the way it has. We also go into current events, esoteric parallels to astrology and the spiritual imperatives of this time of Great Awakening. Sasha brings her special brand of Venus Wisdom, Ian offers a brilliant illumination of Vedic and Eastern Perspectives, and Adam offers some yogic insights on the power of Love and proper Prayer as guides for these emotional times. Laura asks relevant questions as she remains sensitive to the field of the collective, while we all navigate these soul-forging times into our Higher Potentials.

I dont know exactly when he said this (I'm open to anyone offering me that info), but of course you've probably never seen it before because the news and social media heavily censor ANYTHING GOOD OR POSITIVE about this man.

As the moon in Aquarius squares the Sun in Scorpio, Vicky Venusian and Adam AstroYogi dive deep into the topics around the Awakening of the Age of Aquarius, Scorpionic Sexuality, Leo's Shadow of Narcissism, Tantric Celibacy and Sacred Sexuality, and much more. Adam starts it off answering Viky's questions on the age of Aquarius by reading his most recent astrology article "The Age of Aquarius Awakening, The Divine Quantum Mind, and Humanity's Liberation."

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(Audio only) Jeron Grayson dives into the RawLifeYoga Astrology podcast with mind-blowing mythos and accounts from research, ancient records, and deep Inner-Gnosis. Topics discussed include Astrology, the Annunaki, Creator God Legacies, the Christos Sophia Mastery and Great Awakening to our own Higher Consciousness.

(Please forgive the audio tech issues: a better audio quality in the future is in the works)

LMT Lesli Love joins in the Rawlifeyoga podcast health conversation, discussing her own journey through healing Cancer naturally, with Dr. Robert Young's Alkaline Diet protocol, and the massive health benefits of this revolutionary health paradigm, as well as the challenges, inspiring us and giving us a path to full healing and health freedom.

(Audio Only) Jen Mirambeau joins Adam with Rawlifeyoga in a conversation on how the somatic experience of grounding our Divine and Human consciousness into the physical vessel is an access to deep healing and transformation. We discuss such topics as sobriety versus substance-enhancing embodiment approaches and how the variety of experiences of bodywork can change us on fundamental levels of our Being.

What is real and how do we define "Reality?" Is science reality, or is dogma? How can we know which dimension of reality we are operating from? Why is this perhaps the most pivotal question of our time, and are there those who actually seek to distort reality? How can reality be distorted? Is it subjective or Objective, Personal, or Universal, and how can Astrology help to define it? What is black magick and does it have any power over us? These questions and more will be dissected in this off the cuff, spontaneously inspired delve into the psyche, RawLifeYoga style.

(audio only; please excuse the variable loudness)

Part 1

Part 2 coming soon!

Aishwarya Luna Lakshmi of Soul Goddess Lab joins the RawLifeYoga and Am Astrology conversation as we discuss the current covid pandemic and what the astrological perspective can help us see; when things will turn around, what lessons and empowerment are available to us during this transformational time, and how we can best grow into higher health awareness and sovereignty, given everything we have learned about the toxicity that life can sometimes bring to us, whether it be in the form of a virus, pollution, or even toxic habits of being, thinking and feeling.

By claiming our ability to see and perceive truth through the higher perspective available to us, we can expand faster and more fully into our Higher Purpose

(Forgive my mush mouth and brain, especially in the beginning, I had a touch of nerves, as well as some of the audio connection-Aishwarya is remotely connected calling from India)

Daniella Barth of Detox Your Life, and Adam Sanchez of RawLifeYoga bring profound truths to light around the World's History of Healthcare; from the highly touted but weakly proven germ theory, to the many incredible failures of the allopathic model of western medicine, pharmaceutical lobby corruption along with Vaccine makers being free of liability for their proven dangerous products, to the darker elements of American Medicine with the absorption of many Nazi Scientists into the US government with the highly questionable Operation Paperclip and MKUltra programs. We also discuss the most relevant current events around this topic and the megalomaniac nature of Bill Gates, his foundation and its agendas. Plus, we even discuss how to actually treat and cure Coronavirus (Covid 19)!

[Audio Only-No Video]

Link confirming Nazi Scientists migration into US government agencies: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/09/16/fact-check-nazi-scientists-brought-u-s-operation-paperclip/5690870002/?fbclid=IwAR2lUGvzfYONMxJic7vD5tK2YooFwLDT0N2W_JFhptu5dmwgGgyBXxj6uRk

Eric Raines of Unleashing Natural Humanity and Adam Sanchez of Raw Life Yoga and Am Astrology create a "melding of the minds" on how to best rise to the occasion during these world-changing times. In the face of economic uncertainty, global pandemic, governmental control, and a sense of powerlessness, these times can be challenging for many of us. In this video, we go over these topics and more and how we can, even in the face of such odds, find and create stillness within our own center, and from that place, reclaim our power and purpose, giving us access to our highest potential and the highest possible outcome for all involved.

What is MMS, or chlorine dioxide, how does one use it safely and effectively? Is it a bleach? Why is it being suppressed and targeted so much? How does it work?

These questions and more will be answered in RawLifeYoga's honest, simple and direct video addressing the controversial and life and death topic.

Simple instructions-

1 drop MMS solution, 1 drop of citric acid activator (3 drops of DMSO-Optional) dropped down the edge of a clean and dry glass for ease of mixing. Once activated it turns yellow and emits a chlorine like odor, then add 8-16oz of water, and drink every hour, except one hour before eating or two hours after. For first dose its recommended to sip, very slowly to see how the body responds.

1 to 5 activated drops maximum, is the recommended dose from Jim Humble, but make sure to start slow and listen to your body throughout the process!

Scientific proof for Chlorine Dioxide:





MMS is an abbreviation for the name miracle mineral solution, which is composed of a mineral salt of the chemical composition sodium chlorite. This is not to be confused with bleach, which is sodium hypo-chlorite, or table salt (sodium chloride). When sodium chlorite combines with citric acid, it forms a mild oxidizer called chlorine dioxide, which creates an extremely effective form of oxygenation therapy similar to O-Zone or hydrogen peroxide therapy. Although, the chlorine dioxide is a less strong oxidizer, so it is safer for the body and more effective at eradicating 95% of all pathogens.

This is up to and including the flu, common cold, herpes, Lyme disease, Malaria, MERSA, HIV, AIDS, diabetes, and even cancer, depression, and much much more. Yes, many of the diseases we have been told are incurable simply aren’t. Our ability to heal is far more powerful than we have allowed ourselves to believe!

Because it is a naturally occurring chemical (mineral salt), the drug companies cannot patent it and therefore are trying to suppress and discredit it, since it has been so effective in helping thousands of people around the world heal from the once-thought incurable. See the documentary link below to learn about the documented curing of hundreds of malaria cases in Africa.

Personally, I took it twice in Peru because I became infected with parasites/bacteria from the water, and both times it reversed it like a charm. Plus, since I’ve started taking it regularly, for the past several months, decades worth of immune issues are clearing up like “magic,” as well as some of the most profound detoxification and healing that I’ve ever experienced in my life transpiring—And I have tried nearly every healing method under the sun.

These results are not guaranteed to be typical for everyone, (lifestyle also matters immensely), as it is not a complete panacea (though it’s as close as possible, comparable in scope to cannabis) but most people who try it do indeed notice its immense power and understand it is accurately named as Miraculous!

It is also great at removing heavy metals such as mercury, lead, aluminum, etc, (which helps to decalcify the pineal gland) including the aerosol nano-particulates found environmentally due to Geoengineering. Plus, all general poisons (toxins, acids) from the body!

Jim Humble Book on ClO2 (.pdf file)


Govt and Corp proof:








Andreas Kalcker German biologists and expert talk on ClO2:



Buy chlorine dioxide tablets for hiking-


Sadly, the corruption in the DOJ has extended to the Genesis II Church and shut down their operation. This is an alternative source that is available 

Buy liquid solutions online:

US based

Australia based:

Adam and Ashley discuss the importance of grounding awareness into the physical human body and how many pitfalls actively work to dis-empower that process. Social engineering, trauma as a manipulation tactic, and the importance of our humanity and connection to community are all apart of this vast web of topics discussed in this video.

Adam Sanchez and Alex Patout dive into some of these topics on the leading edge of the collective conversation, as they share and distinguish how to identify truth, while also talking about the truth movement in general and share insights on how to empower ourselves and the collective with the not so secret ingredient of LOVE ;)


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