Any enemy foreign and domestic can take a list of voters they despise and use False Accusations to disarm them?


China is cumming in their Prison Jump Suits and how well World War 3 is going.

and YES

We are already in World War 3.
Get outta Cities, Get to High Ground

nONE OF This iS rael

Sweet, Krokus, MDC, Dokken, The Vandals and DRI plus Fake news and Jeff Bezos hired me to clean the robots.

We are living in a Simulation. Enjoy the Order of Operations that is Acceptance. Be an amazing audience, not an angry mob. Guess which one the government favors?
None of this is real, it is pure fake news from the year 2065 beamed back to now to save Cyborgs from Invasion.

Imagine being a free company who banned this in the name of safety?

Small part from Saturdays show, you can get the full podcast on Spotify and the Full Video and Podcast early at

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We do an hour or so of Pre-Show then 3 straight uninterrupted hours of pure thrash, metal, punk and hardcore!

More Fake News, Real Rock and Real America, one rock riff at a time. Maryland Deathfest gets two new ragers, Rogan crushes Fauci, NY Post loses a writer and more!

Did you Covid Cult fuckfaces wake up to find that the CDC had put some freedom underneath your Covid Tree?

Rachel Levine for ICE Director!
We 3D Print Rush Limbaugh 5D Chess shits.
We get a government competitor who is creating Hannity, Levine, Levine, and Limbaugh shits. Metallica has NO REMORSE. Testament starts with LOW.
Simulated Sunsets to Enjoy Forever!

We send our condolences and reminisce about our fellow Rager!

I hoipe there is filtered water and incredible fake meat at the cattle prod

We discuss Ancient Slave Religions that use the skulls of heroes in magic ceremonies plus the insane unbelievable farcical impeachment season 2 kicks off and it sucks worse than the first one. The most fake news, live research, and top Iconic Rock all in one place. 17 Levels below the Better Denver Airport. From the year 2065 its Whiskey and The Surfer, Denver's Top Iconic Rock. Get the full podcast commercial free at endorse the MFN Pale Horse.

In the Simplicity of the Infiltration is the Following.
The Leaders who are perceived to be angry about the infiltration will have the entirety of their behaviors being labeled as a Public Health Issue. We need to stand up as Americans Right Now and Right the infinite wrongness involved in Suppressing and Condemning the Ability to question obvious Nonsense including and especially highlighting the Gas Lighting to Create Anger and the subsequent Anger being Medicalized as Dangerous.
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From Hair Dye Persuasion to Biden's Decline pacing Faster than Fox.
Let's get into Facebook's Centra Program and How the Trump Campaign knows exactly how many votes they got.
The reveal will be glorious and they reveal might be playing the Biden regression waiting game.
Waiting is the hardest part.
The equal protection and Signature Verification cases will get us where we need to get to.
Why did Dominion close up shop?
Why did hundreds of their employees disappear from Linked in?

We are witnessing the largest Disinfo campaign in Human History. Read the sworn statements. Verify and follow the Evidence. Do not Trust that SCOTUS or Trump will Save you. Be Prepared to Stop this encroachment on Human Freedom and get yourself Mentally and Physically ready to Fight.

Endorse The Pale Horse and Huge Thanks for watching and engaging with our Creative Freedom here on Rokfin! - Good Morning Rokfin, Are we going to allow this election to be stolen? When do the adults arrive? Is everyone who hates this country continuing to hate it? Is everyone who loves this country continuing to love it? Defend your Gratitude. You are being given a choice daily to poison your mind and use your own mind against you.

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Double shot of THE OFFSPRING, RAMONES, TOTO, THIN LIZZY, ICE CUBE, IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST, STEVE MILLER and SOCIAL D! Hunter Biden's Dark Investigation. Trump's nodding Smokeshow gets doxxed for Agreeing with him. We do a Common Core Math Problem in regards to Taxes on Illegal Donations. Beheadings from the Religion of Pieces, UK Sex Lockdowns, Burbank Mask Fines, Denver's Group Outing Limitations and the Fastest Fakest Funniest Fake News from the Simulation in 2065 Get the Full video here on ROKFIN!

Double Shots of TERROR and IRON REAGAN. RAMALLAH, THE GAP BAND, ST, and THE BOSS. Decapitations, FB, and Twitter Hide Hunter Biden's Involvement with giving blackmail to everyone who hates us. Woman shoots at guy already arrested and we talk definition changes, FAKE NEWS from Cuomo and CHINA. Get the podcast Weekdays and stays months ahead of the MSM


Def Leppard, TESLA, VH, The Eagles, and Steve Miller! Guy hides an M16 in his coulo. The Ghouls at the DNC outdo their Religious Bigotry somehow bigger and better than Mark Cuban sucks off China while looking the other way from their Concentration Camps. Stolen Schoolbusses, Biden has a Sniff Off while looking like the Living Dead. NYPost Lies to us Again and Of course we have Alligator and Illegal Beer Sales Related nonsense!


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Whiskey and the Surfer is the morning radio show you always wished they’d play on the radio. Equal parts rocking good time and laid back hilarity. In the year 2065, 2 AM/FM Entertainment Algorithms escaped FEMA Deletion, found a time machine and beam in to save America, 1 rock riff at a time.

Hosts Whiskey and The Surfer (Wes Key and Fliip Riivers) jam tunes and riff on the topics of today, like alternative realities, simulation theory, Faith, conspiracy, demons, Fake News and movies they will never see. Wes Key (Whiskey) is the cool-headed, socially liberal, married, sober, loveable, optimist who loves rock and Fliip (The Surfer) is the immature, brash, Libertarian, tin foil hat wearing, party aficionado and knower of all things metal.