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Rewind the stars and get good

Anime: Freezing

Band: Follow the Cipher

Song: rewind The Stars

Time to party!!

Anime: Gate

Band: Shinedown

Song: Diamond Eyes (Boom Lay Boom Lay Boom)

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Be a Renegade

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One OK Rock

Song: Renegades

Save yourself because you are important.

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One OK Rock

Song: Save Yourself

Be the light in the world

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One Ok Rock

Song: Be The Light

During World War I, two American Doughboys, Tommy Turner and Gilbert Simpson, are more interested in picking up girls than in military duty. In Paris, they go AWOL in order to follow their libertine pursuits. They alternate between impersonating officers in order to impress the ladies, and avoiding being found out by the military police. During their hijinks, the pair accidentally steal the car of Colonel Marshall (their commanding officer), which is how Tommy meets and falls in love with Annette, who unbeknownst to him is Colonel Marshall's younger daughter.

The Colonel has been tasked with organizing a major offensive at the front. His older daughter, Eileen, is in love with a young Lieutenant, Jim Reed. The Colonel intends to send Reed to the front with the orders. However, to get Tommy and Gilbert back in the Colonel's good graces, Annette and the Colonel's paramour, Olga, who has taken an interest in Gilbert, scheme by stealing the orders from Reed and giving them to the boys, so that they can be the ones to carry them to the front.

Half Shot at Sunrise with Robert Woolsey and Leni Stengel
After a dramatic scene at the front, the two are apprehended by the MPs, and brought to Colonel Marshall, for justice. He readies the firing squad, but after the two point out that the "secret papers" they were carrying to the commanding General, was actually a love letter from Olga to the very married Colonel. The Colonel then agrees to allow Tommy to marry his youngest daughter Annette and Gilbert will marry Olga. The Colonel also gives his consent to the marriage between his oldest daughter, Eileen, and Jim Reed.

A drifter identified only as "Friendless" sells the last of his possessions, keeping only a few trinkets and a picture of his mother.

Unable to find a job in the city, he stows away on a train heading for New York. Upon arriving, he gets trampled by the crowds on the busy streets. He hitches a train heading west towards California. During the journey, he sleeps inside a barrel, but the barrel rolls off the train. He manages to get a job at a cattle ranch despite having no experience. Meanwhile, a neglected cow named Brown Eyes fails to give milk and is sent out to the field along with the other cattle intended for slaughter.

As Friendless tries to figure out how to milk a cow, he is told to get a horse and help the other ranch hands bring in the cattle. He instead saddles up a mule, quickly falls off and sees Brown Eyes. Noticing her limp, Friendless removes a rock from her hoof. Brown Eyes proceeds to follow Friendless around, saving him from a bull attack. Realizing that he has finally found a companion, Friendless gives her his blanket at night and attempts to protect her from wild dogs. The next day, Brown Eyes follows Friendless everywhere, much to the chagrin of the other ranch hands. Friendless accidentally sets two steers loose, but at the joking suggestion of the other hands, brings them back in by waving his red bandana.

The ranch owner and his daughter are preparing to sell the cattle to a stockyard, though another rancher wants to hold out for a higher price. The owner, unwilling to wait, prepares to ship the whole herd out. Friendless, shocked to hear that Brown Eyes will go to a slaughterhouse, refuses to let her go. The ranch owner fires him and gives him his wages. Friendless tries to buy his friend back with his earnings, but is told that it is not enough. After failing to get more money from a card game, he joins Brown Eyes in the cattle car and tries to find a way to free her. The train is ambushed by the other rancher and his men. Friendless..

The film begins with Hercules/Goliath entering the underworld and defeating several monsters including Cerberus to retrieve the blood diamond of the goddess of vengeance. It is later revealed that king Eurystheus has sent Hercules on this task to ensure his death to gain allies who after Hercules' death will join the king in an attack on Thebes. The episode is loosely based on the twelfth of the Labours of Hercules.

Hercules returns to his wife Deianira to find that his teenaged son (his brother in the American version) Hyllus is in love with Thea the daughter of a king that Hercules believes murdered his family. The enraged Hercules refuses to let Hyllus have anything to do with Thea. The scheming Eurystheus has convinced Hyllus that Thea is really in love with Hercules rather than him and concocts a plan where a jealous Hyllus will murder his own brother. A slave girl Alcinoe gives Hyllus a poison to give to Hercules that she says is merely a potion to have Hercules fall out of love with Thea. Eurystheus himself wishes to marry Thea and install her as his queen.

The plan is aborted through a sympathetic goddess of the Wind who relays Thea's warning. Hyllus attempts to rescue Thea but is captured. When Hercules rides to rescue Hyllus he saves the life of Alcinoe who is menaced by a bear. Ilus is to be executed with others in a public display by being crushed by an elephant in a crowded arena. Hercules rescues him.

On their return home the two are given a prophecy that Hyllus will become a king but at the cost of the life of the woman who loves Hercules. Hercules destroys his home and leaves with his family to try and avert the prophecy. Deianira offers her life to the gods in order to fulfil the prophecy for Hyllus. She is carried off by a centaur corresponding with Nessus who Hercules mortally wounds.

The centaur is able to bring his captive Deianira to his friend Eurystheus who intends firstly to let her be killed by his dragon, then to act as a hostage aga..

In 1943 at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, the newly commissioned Lt. Michael Grayson reports for duty to train the 442nd, a unit established on the US mainland and composed of Nisei. His expectation was to return to the U.S. 36th Infantry Division, a Texas National Guard unit, which he had served as an enlisted soldier. He has to come to terms with a group of people that he sees as Japanese, the enemy, rather than Americans. Grayson runs his platoon rather insisting on strict observance of military regulations.

He learns that "Go for broke" is a pidgin phrase used in Hawaii meaning to gamble everything, to "shoot the works"—to risk "going broke" or bankruptcy. Grayson comes to learn the meaning of the frequently exclaimed Baka tare, which, loosely translates to mean "very stupid."

There is only one brief discussion of the internment camps from which some of the men have come, but throughout the film there are references to the camps. There are also a few brief references to the distinctions between the Nisei from Hawaii and the mainland. When the islanders who formed 2/3 of the outfit and the mainlanders first met in Camp Shelby, their very different cultures and expectations were bound to clash. The Hawaiians, products of the plantation system, enjoyed a sense of group solidarity—even, as the largest minority group in the islands, a sense of ethnic superiority. The mainlanders, by contrast, were used to life as a tiny and—after the 'relocation' -- legally oppressed minority. While Buta-heads (the phrase later devolved to "Buddha-Heads") are a key part of the Hawaiian economy and Hawaiian society, Katonks were largely distrusted and disliked by their neighbors.[citation needed]

Arriving in Italy, the unit is joined by the 100th Battalion, a Nisei unit formed in Hawaii before the 442nd. The troops of the 100th are seasoned veterans and the new arrivals look to them for advice. On the march to the front lines, Grayson gets left behind when fraternizing with a signori..

Widower Ty Ty Walden and three of his children (sons Buck and Shaw and daughter Darlin' Jill), live in the backwoods of Georgia during the Great Depression. Buck's comely wife Griselda also lives with the family. Ty Ty's daughter Rosamund lives in the town of Peachtree Valley with her millworker husband Will. The final member of the Walden family is estranged son Jim Leslie, also a widower, who is a wealthy cotton broker living in the city of Augusta.

Ty Ty is a farmer who has been digging fruitlessly on his land for 15 years, searching for the treasure his grandfather left him. Consequently, the farm has suffered from many years' neglect.

Pluto Swint arrives to announce he's running for sheriff. Swint is invited to come around back where Darlin' Jill is taking a bath in an outdoor bathtub positioned near a handpump and spigot. Knowing Swint is attracted to her, she teases him and asks him to pump some more water, and although Swint is asked to keep his eyes closed, he sneaks a peek.

In the belief that having an albino with him in his quest for treasure will bring him great fortune, Ty Ty transports and wrongfully imprisons Dave Dawson, demanding that he help him locate the buried treasure. Dawson, using a divining rod, claims the gold lies on the parcel of land Ty Ty has designated as "God's Little Acre." Ty Ty pulls the cross marker out of the ground, explaining that God told him to move it, thereby absolving him from giving any gold found in this new spot to the church. Darlin' Jill seduces Dawson one night and the next day a field worker, Uncle Felix, chases him away at gunpoint saying "I ain't going to shoot you, son, but this gun might."

The digging-for-gold project has interrupted farming and Ty Ty needs money to feed the family and workers. At Felix's suggestion, he goes to his son Jim Leslie's mansion to ask for a loan. An arrogant Jim Leslie gives him the money, but he also makes a pass at his sister-in-law Griselda and vows to make her his own.


One day Sam Clayton (Jack Palance) and his gang arrive in the small town of Juno City where Father John (Lee Van Cleef) is the priest of the local church. The gang wreak havoc in town, raping a woman and knifing a man in the back. They leave town, only to be caught by the fearless but unarmed Father John. After that, the gang member responsible for the murder is broken out of jail.

Vowing revenge, the gang ambushes and guns Father John down on the steps of his church, and then take over the town while waiting for the arrival of the next stagecoach. However, Johnny O'Hara (Leif Garrett), a local boy, manages to escape with a couple of their horses and rides off to Mexico in the hope of finding the priest's gunfighter twin brother (also Van Cleef). They meet and set off back across the border to clean up the town.

Meanwhile, Sam Clayton discovers that he is Johnny's father. Also, it is revealed that some fifteen years earlier, during the American Civil War, Jenny O'Hara (Sybil Danning) had been one of Clayton's victims, adding to the mystery of Johnny's paternity.

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One OK Rock

Song: Renegades

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One OK Rock

Song: Save Yourself

Be the light friends.

Anime: Land of the Lustrous

Band: One OK Rock

Song: Be the Light

Joe, a middle-aged executive driving home from the airport, still smarting from a recent divorce, picks up Ginger, a much younger, pretty hitchhiker with a guitar and a suitcase full of poetry books. Ginger speaks her mind and has a tender, joyful spirit. She is going to Colorado Springs, so Joe pretends he's going to Denver, when he actually lives in Santa Fe. When they need a place to stop over that night, they cannot find a motel room. Joe drives to his house, but pretends it belongs to a friend who is out of town and offered to let Joe use the house.

Joe is clearly taken with Ginger and she finds Joe is willing, if clumsily, to sing and run with her and listen to ideas for a better life. Joe's little white lies soon fall apart as Ginger gives him a foot bath and chest rub to recover from a chill. No matter. The two have fallen for each other.

It looks to be a very romantic night until Joe's best buddy and wild man Charlie shows up unexpectedly. In his raucous jesting, unaware that Ginger is listening from upstairs, Charlie frames Joe as someone just looking for a hot night with a pretty babe. Ginger's trust in Joe is shattered. She wants to leave for the bus station right then and there. Joe is in despair and cannot express his underlying sincerity to Ginger. But Charlie is a good man at heart, sees the harm he's done, and convinces a reluctant Ginger to at least stay the night. Joe cannot find his way to a productive course of action and instead, in retribution, recruits Charlie's ex-wife Sugar to come over and make Charlie's night a nightmare.

The four characters go out for dinner, where alcohol and latent fury between Charlie and Sugar result in ejection from the restaurant and near arrest of the two men. Things don't improve back at Joe's house, where Ginger reveals she is pregnant with a former boyfriend's child, and the two women leave to stay at a hotel. Joe and Charlie drive to the mountains where Joe wrestles with the idea of making a commitment to..

Harold Meadows is a tailor's apprentice for his uncle in Little Bend, California. He is so shy around women that he can barely speak to them (to stop his stuttering, his uncle has to blow a whistle). Despite this, Harold writes a "how to" book for young men entitled The Secret of Making Love, detailing how to woo different types of young women, such as "the vampire" and "the flapper" (in scenes that parodied two other popular films of the time, Trifling Women and Flaming Youth[citation needed]), and takes a train to see a publisher in Los Angeles.

Harold Lloyd as Harold Meadows
Rich young Mary Buckingham boards the same train after her automobile breaks down. No dogs are allowed aboard, so she hides her Pomeranian under her shawl, but her pet jumps off as the train pulls away. Harold rescues her dog and helps Mary hide it from the conductor. She sees his manuscript, so he starts telling her about his book, overcoming his stuttering in his enthusiasm. They become absorbed in each other. Upon returning home, Mary rejects the latest in a string of marriage proposals from Ronald DeVore, suspecting he is after her large inheritance.

After her car is repaired, Mary intentionally detours through Little Bend repeatedly, hoping to see Harold again. On one such trip, Ronald is also along for the ride, and his unwanted attentions cause Mary get her car stuck near the outskirts of Little Bend. While Ronald walks back to town for a tow, Mary happens to meet Harold. After telling Mary about the remainder of his book, Harold informs her that he is going to see the publisher, Roger Thornby, in a few days to deliver a new chapter that will be about her. They agree to meet again afterward. In Little Bend, Ronald runs into a middle-aged woman who asks if he is finally going to introduce her to his family, but he stalls her, then rides away in the tow-vehicle.

Advertisement from Motion Picture News
Mr. Thornby's professional readers find Harold's book hilariously absurd, so he r..

Teenager Trudy Morton, who lives with her uncle Carter Morgan, has nightmares in which she is a monster running about the streets. Her boyfriend Johnny Bruder dismisses them. Unbeknownst to Trudy, she actually does turn into a monster at night, thanks to Carter's lab assistant Oliver Frank. He lives with them and has been spiking Trudy's fruit punch with the formula that he and Carter are developing at the home lab. Carter's goal is to eliminate all disease so that people can live forever; Oliver's goal is different: with the help of Elsu the gardener, he is assembling a "perfect being", for Oliver Frank is actually Oliver Frankenstein, grandson of the original Dr. Frankenstein.

Carter's project stalls and he breaks into Rockwell Labs for Digenerol, the chemical he needs for his experiments.

Police Lt. Boyd and Det. Bill Dillon investigate a report from a frightened woman that a monster in a swimsuit attacked her. They spot Trudy's monstrous self and fire at her, to no avail. Oliver grabs her and drags her home to recover.

The next morning, Carter asks Oliver if he has seen the newspaper story about a "Frankenstein monster" on the loose. Oliver scoffs at the story, but when Carter disparages the Frankensteins, Oliver jumps to his feet in their defense. Boyd and Dillon are visited by Mr. Rockwell of Rockwell Labs. Rockwell says the stolen Digenerol may be somehow related to the monster issue.

Back at the home lab, Elsu mistakenly enters through a secret door while Carter and Oliver are working. Oliver shoos him out and to distract Carter knocks the bottle of Digenerol from his hand, spilling every drop. Carter says he must now steal more Digenerol.

Trudy's friend Suzie Lawler visits her, and they quarrel. While flouncing off, she makes a date with Oliver. The date goes badly, with Oliver attempting to force himself on Suzie. Since he needs a brain for his creation, he runs Suzie over with his car, killing her. When Elsu asks why he wants to create this creatur..

An atomic explosion awakens Gammera--a giant, fire-breathing turtle monster--from his millions of years of hibernation. Enraged at being roused from such a sound sleep, he takes it out on Tokyo.

The silent drama tells the story of a man who adopts the name and title of Count Wladislaw Sergius Karamzin to seduce rich women and extort money from them.

He has set up shop in Monte Carlo, and his partners in crime (and possible lovers) are his cousins: "Princess" Vera Petchnikoff and "Her Highness" Olga Petchnikoff.

Count Karamzin begins his latest scam on the unworldly wife of an American envoy, Helen Hughes, even though her husband is nearby. He attempts to charm her, planning to eventually fleece her of her money. She is easily impressed by his faux-aristocratic glamor, to the chagrin of her dull, but sincere, husband. Karamzin also has his eye on two other women, Maruschka, a maid at the hotel, and Marietta, the mentally disabled daughter of one of his criminal associates, seeing them both as easy sexual prey.

During the climax of the film Maruschka, the maid he has seduced and abandoned, goes mad and sets fire to a building in which Karamzin and Mrs. Hughes are trapped. To save himself, Karamzin jumps, leaving Mrs Hughes in danger. She is saved and looked after by her devoted husband. Karamzin's public displays of selfishness and cowardice ensure that he is shunned by the high society by whom he craves to be accepted. Humiliated, he tries to restore his pride by seducing Marietta, the mentally disabled girl. Her father kills him, dumping his body in a sewer. Karamzin's "cousins" are arrested for being imposters and con-artists.

Described as "a liberal adaptation of Mrs. Shelley's famous story", the film shows young Frankenstein (his first name in the book, Victor, is never mentioned) discovering the "mystery of life" after two years at university. He gives life to a creature built by mixing different chemicals, and the monster follows Frankenstein back to his parents' house. The conclusion, completely different from Mary Shelley's book, shows the creature disappearing after seeing its own reflection in the mirror, and without killing Victor's younger brother or his fiancée Elizabeth, as happened in the novel.

Frankenstein, a young student, is seen bidding his sweetheart and father goodbye, as he is leaving home to enter a college in order to study the sciences. Shortly after his arrival at college he becomes absorbed in the mysteries of life and death to the extent of forgetting practically everything else. His great ambition is to create a human being, and finally one night his dream is realized. He is convinced that he has found a way to create a most perfect human being that the world has ever seen. We see his experiment commence and the development of it. The formation of the hideous monster from the blazing chemicals of a huge cauldron in Frankenstein's laboratory is probably the most weird, mystifying and fascinating scene ever shown on a film. To Frankenstein's horror, instead of creating a marvel of physical beauty and grace, there is unfolded before his eyes and before the audience an awful, ghastly, abhorrent monster. As he realizes what he has done, Frankenstein rushes from the room, only to have the misshapen monster peer at him through the curtains of his bed. He falls fainting to the floor, where he is found by his servant, who revives him.

After a few weeks' illness, he returns home, a broken, weary man, but under the loving care of father and sweetheart he regains his health and strength and begins to take a less morbid view of life. In other words, the story of the fil..

He Walked by Night is a 1948 American police procedural film noir directed by Alfred L. Werker and an uncredited Anthony Mann. The film, shot in semidocumentary tone, is loosely based on the real-life actions of Erwin "Machine-Gun" Walker, a former Glendale, California police department employee and World War II veteran who unleashed a crime spree of burglaries, robberies and shootouts in the Los Angeles area in 1945 and 1946.

During production, actor Jack Webb met the film's police technical advisor Marty Wynn and was inspired by a conversation with Wynn to create the radio program Dragnet, which later became a television series.

He Walked by Night was released by Eagle-Lion Films. The film is notable for its camerawork by renowned film noir cinematographer John Alton.

Fatty is an obese and timid man who is walking in the park with his girlfriend. A handsome policeman passes and the girl is attracted. The policeman joins a young lady and a girl on a bench. The girl gets up and walks along the stones edging a pond and falls in. Fatty's girlfriend forces him to help and pushes him into the pond. He reluctantly rescues the little girl from drowning.

The rescued girl is the daughter of the Police Commissioner. The grateful Commissioner offers Fatty a job on the Police Force. Fatty's girlfriend thinks this is a good idea so Fatty accepts.

At Police Headquarters the Commissioner introduces Fatty to the Keystone Cops. He is given a police uniform and the cops salute him before he goes out on his first beat.

His girlfriend takes his arm as they walk down an avenue. They encounter two men brawling. He takes his truncheon out and stands between the men. They hit him and knock him over then run off.

He sits on a park bench with his girlfriend but five boys having a picnic start throwing food at him. One creeps up behind him then pushes a large treacle tart into his face. The boys run off. Fatty decides to have a bath in the pond and strips to his underwear, leaving his uniform hanging on a bush. The boys rematerialise and cut up his trousers and steal his jacket and throw it into the reeds. Fatty puts on the torn trousers. A stranger finds his police jacket and takes it to Police Headquarters. The police conclude that Fatty has drowned. Back in the park Fatty scares two women with his odd attire and they run to fetch two policemen. Meanwhile his policeman friends are dragging the pond to look for his body, with his hysterical girlfriend at the edge. Fatty hides in the bushes.

At the pond the police boat sinks. The police headquarters goes into mourning but the other two policemen are dragging Fatty back. Fatty salutes the police chief and turns to hug his girlfriend but she shuns him.

Fatty is put behind bars and the girlfriend finds..

A recent ex convict named Leo Grainer lives secluded on Fog Island with the daughter of his murdered wife. Seeking to learn who murdered her, and to exact revenge on those who framed him and destroyed his business, he invites his former associates to his creepy island mansion on the pretext he may share a hidden fortune with them.

Prior to their arrival he rigs the mansion with secret passages and a trap. Then, once his guests arrive, he gives each a clue, including his step daughter and butler. This successfully pits everyone against the others and plays on their greed. What then transpires is conflict, revealed mysteries, sudden death, and an unlikely resolution.

Newly married Kay Dunstan announces that she and her husband are going to have a baby, leaving her father, Stanley Banks, having to come to grips with becoming a grandfather.

Middle-class family man Stanley Banks reminisces on events of the past year: One afternoon, returning from the office feeling happy and energetic, Stanley's routine is interrupted when his wife Ellie tells him that they are having dinner with their daughter Kay and her husband, Buckley Dunstan, to hear some important news. Although Stanley is certain that it concerns Buckley's business, the newlyweds reveal that Kay is expecting a baby. Buckley's parents, Doris and Herbert, are delighted, as is Ellie, but Stanley broods that he is too young and vibrant to be a grandfather. Soon Ellie, flush with excitement, throws Kay a baby shower, something Stanley thinks is highway robbery not punishable by law. Later, Ellie suggests that they remodel their house to enable Kay, Buckley, and the baby to move in with them, but Stanley puts his foot down. Ellie is near tears when the wealthy Dunstans announce that they are planning to add a wing to their home for the couple, but is overjoyed when Kay and Buckley reveal that they have just bought their own little house, enabling Ellie to have free rein helping Kay decorate.

After settling into their new home, Kay, who is very close to her father, expresses her concern that the baby will make a difference in her relationship with Buckley. Stanley comforts her by telling her how much he loved her as a baby. Soon the Bankses and the Dunstans are trying to outdo one another buying gifts and making plans for the baby, up to his enrollment in college. One night, while listening to Ellie, Doris, and Herbert bicker over what the baby should be named, Kay breaks down and runs to her room. Only Stanley, who Kay feels is the sole parent who understands her, is able to comfort her. The day after pledging to Kay that he will make certain that none of the in-laws will int..


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