Reign of the Father

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Reign of the Father



Israel: Have you offered the terms of peace that the Torah requires; or at least those that were shown to us by Israel in the ages of the judges?

Shall we choose life or death?
It's is time to repent. Past time.
Women are being "empowered" to castrate little boys, their sons.
We must repent, and end the women's and the governments' capability to do these sins.

Let's not keep ripping our societies apart with lies about:
What's forbidden, but that we permit and tolerate.
What's not forbidden, but which we try to criminalize or immoralize.

What is the reason for the season?
Reading from the scriptures; understanding (we hope); and a song

Released Russian prisoner's insight on the West.
Afghanistan's move to increase life and goodness.

A Nigerian priest of the Anglican christian church suffers the consequences of the monogamy heresy, and still hasn't been able to identify the source of the problem.

What is wealth? How does it come into existence, and how can it be obtained, in the Reign of the Father? Why?

Rebellion against the Reign of the Father often comes subtly, in the form of attempts to pervert real relationships within the house; and often in the form of false relationships that exist only as a perversion, and nothing else.

Bedrock, Basis. Family

Who are the orphans? And, who are the windows, indeed? Just as importantly to the faithful: who are not the orphans nor the widows?

Fathers who choose to be faithful to one another, in community

There is one judge over a family - the father.

Brief discussion of the ancient deal, between a man and women




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The Father who is in the heavens, reigns over all. The heavens are his throne and the land is his footstool

The father of every house, reigns over his house, and over everyone and everything within his gates.