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A woman disrupted a Drag Queen story hour at the Eagle Rock Library in Los Angeles. FULL STORY ➡️ https://rightnowviews.com/f/woman-disrupts-drag-queen-story-hour-at-la-library

A woman wore a dinosaur costume to protest a Trump rally, holding a sign that read ‘January 6th was Treason’. This was at the start of the rally when people were starting to arrive and set up. 5/27/23


Video has been released of the Trans killer who shot kids in Nashville.

Vax mandate protest at the 2023 SAG Awards in Los Angeles. 02/26/23


Brazil regime runs over Brazilian patriot protesters during capital siege.

A group gathered outside of the Federal Building in Los Angeles, on the 2 year anniversary of the J6 protest in D.C. 01/06/23


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A homeless man was arrested on the LA Metro red line for threatening to stab passengers. 01/04/23


2022 Recap! 😆 From the Super Bowl protest to stopping a robbery, to the Oscar’s protest, to being under cover at an p Antifa riot, all the way to the Balenciaga protest, what an awesome year it was! Here’s to an even better and crazier year in 2023 😎🎊


Nearly two years after the J6 rally, the FBI is arresting MORE innocent Americans. A man was arrested by the FBI for being near the Capitol on January 6th, 2021 and carrying what appeared to be a hammer. Patriots showed up to support Eric Christie, outside his home during the hours long stand off. Images appear to show Eric Christie on top of a law enforcement vehicle on the east side of the Capitol, wrapped in a rainbow flag and what appears to be a hammer from his belt.



Julia Fox posted a video of a teddy bear dressed in a BDSM outfit and ball gag in its mouth, similar to the BDSM teddy bear in the infamous Balenciaga campaign. Fox captioned the video, "Too soon? lol"

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A man yelled at a group protesting child exploitation and pedophilia outside of the Balenciaga store in Beverly Hills. 12/01/22


A group protested child exploitation and pedophilia outside of the Balenciaga store in Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday Dec. 1st, 2022.


The Balenciaga pedophile protest organized by RightNowViews made it onto the news of LA. This protest happened outside of the Balenciaga store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. 12/01/22


New images have emerged of Kayla Lemieux, the trans Toronto high school wood shop teacher, that went viral for wearing large prosthetic breasts, going skydiving and losing its wig.


Building reportedly collapsed in raging fire.


An Iranian protest in Beverly Hills took a violent turn when several Iranian protesters assaulted a woman speaking out against Democrats. Shiva Bagheri who was born in Iran and has a half-sister living in Iran, went to the Iranian protest in Beverly Hills on Saturday November 5th, 2022 to pass out and share information. Shiva interview starts at 21:25.

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A group of human trafficking protesters marched down the 6th street bridge in Los Angeles on Saturday. Human trafficking cases in LA surged 185% in 2021. 10/15/22


Two female counter protesters were arrested at the "Babies Lives Matter" pro-life rally in Hollywood, CA on August 3rd, 2022.

At the #FastAndFurious protest a woman who lives in the neighborhood speaks out against Universal Studios. “If they are taking over my entire land in front of my house, perhaps they should be compensating us.” 8/26/22


Angelino Heights residents and families of Street Racing victims stage a protest outside of the #FastAndFurious 10 filming location. 8/26/22


A group of Trump supporters gathered outside the Federal Building in Los Angeles in response to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago on August 8th. “They are totally corrupt, they are out of control.” says an FBI protester. 8/13/22


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A group of Trump supporters gathered outside the Federal Building in Los Angeles in response to the FBI raid of Mar-A-Lago. Includes interviews with L.A Trump supporters Rafael, Arthur & Felicia. 8/13/22


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Pro-Life supporters march to the Planned Parenthood in Santa Monica while Antifa and abortion supporting bystanders try to disrupt. 7/09/22


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