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Hunter Biden’s American-based firm, Rosemont Seneca Partners LLC, was hired by the Ukrainian natural gas firm, Burisma Holdings in 2014. They gave Hunter Biden a seat on their board and paid Biden’s firm an average of $166,000 a month during his employment with them. The problem? Burisma Holdings was under investigation by Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin in the Ukraine as part of a widespread corruption probe.

As Vice President, Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine to give them the news that the United States was going to be granting Ukraine $1 Billion in loan guarantees. While there, he threatened to pull the guarantees if they did not fire Prosecutor Shokin who was investigating the firm Biden’s son was a board member of – Burisma Holdings.

Sure enough, Ukraine folded in order to not risk losing the loan guarantees and fired Prosecutor Shokin. The corruption investigation into Burisma Holdings was abandoned and no charges were brought against the firm or Hunter Biden. In 2018, Joe Biden bragged on video to personally strong-arming the Ukrainians into firing the prosecutor.

Tara Reade claims that the woman on the phone with Larry King back in August 11, 1993 is her mother. The woman on the phone claims that her daughter was a staffer for a prominent senator and tried to report a problem, but that it didn't go anywhere. Tara Reade has recently alleged that then Senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.

The caller is described as coming from San Luis Obispo which CNN confirmed is where Reade's mother lived.

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I signed the formal acceptance of my Presidential Pardon thanks to Jesus Christ and the courage of President Donald J. Trump. #rogerstonedidnothingwrong -

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