Skip Johnson reports live from the "Options" six pack charter after limits of WSB on fly-lined ghost shrimp.

This week on the "Fish Geek Roadshow" Skip appraises a pile of junk that Bob purchased online from BillyKTuna69. Lets just say Skip takes advantage of the opportunity.

In this class Skip will teach you how to creatively deceive others on social media, and feel great while doing it. It's not about who you actually are, it's about makin people jealous, and that feels good.

How To Maximize Content:
-Change shirts between photos to appear that you caught multiple fish
-Retake pics of the same fish at different angles
-Always take pics with your friends fish in addition to your own
-String out posts over weeks and months so it looks like you live on the water
-Post pics of expensive gear, hot chics in bikinis, and luxurious meals
-Use trendy rap remix songs in the background

All new members will also recieve our LowerClass bonus series!
-How to pack a dip
-How to rip on a joint
-How to shit off the swim step

Billy K is charging anglers +300% msrp for Nomad Madmacs. Makes you wonder if Billy is ripping off customers elsewhere?

A new line of geriatric fishing rods has been released. The new ProTek senior rod will not only guarantee your rod is bent (because it comes bent), but you'll also enjoy a small storage chamber in the butt cap that holds your Werther's Originals candies.

The stable went on Shark Tank for a massive cash infusion. The negotiations were tough, but Skip pulled Lori and Daymond in on a killer deal!

Guaranteed Limits or Your Money Back!

Captain Johnny Jim is an expert in fishing Marine Protection Areas. Don't take his word for it, listen to his satisfied customers.

This episode includes:

-Bay Pride Month
-Deer Meat Censored
-Public Service Announcement: Boat Toilets
-The latest fishing news
-Fish P**n Friday
-And so much more!

You don't have to go offshore to get your pole smoked!

This episode includes:

-The Mexican Pizza is Back!!
-69-Tuna premature cancellation
-Skip on the Joe Rogan Experience
-Where in the world is Duane Diego?
-Tip of the week- "How to beach launch your boat"
-The latest in fishing news
-And so much more!

It was an absolute hoot spending time with uncle Joe and talking about fishing!

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This episode includes:

-An interview with Richaard Lyse about his recent bluefin, WSB, halibut, and yellow tail trips.
-"Toked on Fishing"
-"Where in the World is Duane Diego"
-Tip of the Week- "How to Bounce A Tuna"
-The latest in fishing news
-And so much more!

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Western Outside Newz presents "Toked On Fishing" a series of the journeys of "Alibaba in the Seven Seas."

This episode features:

-An exclusive interview with Howard Stern about SiriusXM's new Fish Mapping
-"Where in the World is Duane Diego?"
-The Latests fishing news
-Fish Porn Friday
-And so much more!

Your Saltwater Guide To Fucking Up

Fresh One Live Episode #002 features:

-Exclusive interview with Rick Lyse
-Fishing News
-Fish Porn Friday
-And More!

No description required.

Fresh One Live Episode #001 features:

-Exclusive interview with Donald J Trump
-William Hung
-Fishing News
-And More!

Bent Rod Records Presents: "Now That's What I Call Fishing"

A collection of your favorite fishing Songs From the 80's, 90's and Today!

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Its a lifestyle...

Capts is filmed on location with the men and women of sportfishing. No fish are counted until they are brought to gaff!

Season One Coming Summer of 2022


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