Testing my recording capabilities using a cheap capture card I bought from Walmart for, like, $20. Seems to be working, and if anyone wants one you can find it here (

Since First Soldier hasn't been working well for me since the control bug I haven't done any real game recording, but I have done a little streaming on Guilded and Discord. It never crossed my mind to try recording my stream. This recording has sound but I didn't have my mic turned on since it was just a test. If it works well I will probably record a few more games from my Switch and post them!

So along with several other bugs there's a crippling control bug that makes playing to win nearly impossible for players who use a combination of a control pad and touchscreen. I won't be recording again until the fix it. Thanks for watching while it was good.


I'm back for more spell flinging adventure in FF7:The First Soldier! Things have been hot and heavy lately with the latest updated and they keep getting hotter! Still working on getting a Bahamut kill, if only I could get geared up a bit faster, but for now I'll have to settle for taking pot shots at the beast from a distance! Grab your Fire, Gravity and Cure materia, and lets head out to Midgar for some action!

Messing around with the video quality to bring my file sizes down, so hopefully this video looks okay once its uploaded. Also still fighting the stuttering and lag in the game, which the developers need to fix asap!

Might make a quick video on some details of the game, since I don't see anyone else around Bitchute making videos on it, and maybe some of you will join me in-game so we can do some team matches! In fact, maybe I'll make a couple of team match videos!


Getting a little more used to the new Dragoon class and POSSIBLY changing my favorite weapon over from the Inferno LMG to the Lethal Gaze AR. Also, don't mess with Bahamut, he get's grumpy if you shoot him. Please like and subscribe!

Spent a week trying out Season 2 before making a video, but here is the new class, DRAGOON!

Unfortunately the game has some issues after the update, with some odd stuttering that makes for a bad gaming experience. In the week and a half since I recorded this I've lost matches and been smoked by mobs on the map due to stuttering and the camera going wacky. I'd still recommend playing, but be wary. They did a small update earlier this week and some of the issues have cleared up, but they still rear their ugly heads every once in a while.

DRG is fun. Melee is okay, high jump and glide is awesome and the class gear looks SICK! Will get it eventually, but going to get my WAR gear first. Enjoy!

Goin' in as a mage this time, boys and grills! Speaking of grills, my good friend Ifrit joins me today for some roasting and toasting, all the way to a win! Just such a shame the other bots and players didn't stand a chance!

If you're not playing The First Soldier yet go download it ASAP and hit me up for some team play! We can form a 3 person death squad (Woah, that's a good band name).

Ranger is my jam. Everyone else thinks they are useless, but they have some good utility. Don't listen to the haters, you make your own trail of dead bodies and don't let anyone try to talk you down!

Well I didn't win this time, but it was a heck of a run. Too bad I didn't get a real chance to beat on Cloud, though.

Another day, another run, this time as Ninja so I can get my Season Rank up. Today was also the first day of the FF7 collaboration event which introduced old school enemies onto the map! Also I'm pretty sure not everyone was bots, since during the preparation screen a couple of other players jumped in right when I did. Bots don't normally spawn until the last ten seconds or so. This win marks a hat trick! 3 wins in a row!

Yeah, a bunch of the music I put into the videos is christian stuff. It's still good.

A run I did this morning as Monk class, again winning against bots. I don't know if there's just a lot of bots in the mornings when I play (around 530AM) or what, but, Ill take what wins I can get!

A run I did this morning in which I won against a bunch of bots!

Text commentary sprinkled throughout and music!

Oops! There was that time I got the King of Lucis murderated by Garuda. Meh, second time's the charm I guess! Taken during the FFXIV x FFXV crossover. I did get a Regalia out of it, though!

That time in 2017 when my son and I beat the tar out of each other in FFXIV PVP. Ain't no Dragoon a match for a Paladin! A lot of stuff has changed in the game since then, and most of the skills we use aren't even available anymore.

Oh yes, this happened! Never did get the full set of armor, though!

My only regert is that they didn't let us suplex that thing!

If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series, as I am, then one of the greatest things about FF14 is the throwback battles against classic FF villains, many of them making a jump from old 8 or 16 bit to gloriously well done 3D. This was a Free Company battle against the antagonist of Final Fantasy 5, Exdeath! Its cool to see things translated into a 3D game. If you're familiar with spells in FF5 you will notice that many of the spells he uses mimic the originals, which are different from the normal FF14 versions.

A video of the build process for the wooden Revolver Gunblade I made a couple of years ago, when the Shadowbringers expansion dropped for FF14. Not much information in the video, just some shots of the different steps. It was one of the first videos I created of a build, so it was more of a test.

In case some of you forgot what the GOOD Dissidia looks like, this game is a masterpiece. Simple to play, well crafted with tons of options, equipment and Summons. Dissidia NT could have been Duodecim on super chargers, but, no.


An older file saved from the video export of the game through PPSSPP, so it saved at 480p. This is from the GOOD Dissidia, originally on the PSP and features me battling Kefka as Terra. Again, more of a test upload, since this is my first time using Bitchute for anything other than viewing.

More of a test video for my channel.

Capture of me playing Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier as Ranger class. I like Ranger. Their melee sucks, but their ability to see enemies through walls, higher ammo pickup and sniper marking makes the useful and fun, just don't get caught in a tight space without a shotgun (and a Gravity materia if you can snag one).

Since SE has blocked emulators its captured using the Play app on my phone, which only captures sound from the mic, so along with game music you get ambient sounds like me pressing buttons and the noise from the office fan.

Played on my Motorola Moto Z3 with the gamepad mod. Anything else, would be uncivilized.


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