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My name is Beth SoulFire and I help people heal deeply, and to live the life they want, fearlessly!
I do that through my signature technique called SoulFire Alchemy™ – a blend of intuitive arts, ancient folk wisdom teachings, shamanic energetics, Quantum Healing© and Psychosomatic Neuromodulation. I have been in the alternative health sector for 22 years. I work with the inherent wisdom and spirits of my own Appalachian folk ancestral roots. After a severe and sudden illness in 2013 left me in a coma for five days and on life support for two weeks, and disability I healed from, I am forever linked with the filaments of oneness through the powerful near-death experience that I had, what I refer to as “cosmic consciousness of great mystery.” I am also the founder of SoulFire Multiversity School of Ancient Wisdom and Energy Medicine Mastery.
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