So we have this 29 year old freak dude pretending to be a woman competing against, and beating little girls arguing that he has no advantage. Oh, and I mention he's a former Navy vet with 3 kids of his own? Freak of the week!

The ruling made by the supreme court 49 years ago was recently overturned, and thank goodness for that, as it was never anything more than a continuum fallacy. Tune in to hear the best, most red pilled reasons for why abortion is indeed murder.

This one makes no sense to me. Sexualizing porn stars, people who sexualize themselves for cash, is creepy? WTF? O_o

We must believe Amber Turd! Excuse me, Amber "Heard." She's Still Amber Turd to me, and this article is a turd as well. We must believe "bad" victims, otherwise women being believed is over? Say what? Does this logic also apply to men? Of course not, because the #metoo movement has only ever been about villifying men, and worshiping women.

This is what happens when you live in a decadent society where life becomes too easy, people never have to face hardship, toughen up, or deal with adversity. This is what happens when you live in a culture that doesn't value life, or care about much of anything except the pleasure of the moment. This is what happens when people lose deep meaning in their lives. You get cowards who care about nothing, and will fight for nothing. Cravens ALL!

Yet another article gaslighting both sexes into believing that women are the put upon sex in western culture. Gimmie a break.

ADHD is a fictitious disorder created to both make money for big pharma, and to destroy men. There's plenty of evidence for this, if you look, and now there's even more.

That's correct. You read that right. 71% of Americans of serving age who are not blind, deaf, or otherwise disabled in some way are "unfit" for military service. 71%. WTF? For those of you who think that war is now nothing more than manning unmanned drones via joystick, well you're in for a big surprise. We're in trouble O_O

I've seen some weird shit, but this is surreal. High level government officials now sing on Tik Tok, badly, and still get high level jobs in government? WTF is going on here?

You don't hire a master of spreading disinformation and gaslighting to combat disinformation. You hire them to spread it. There's no need to combat disinformation through government. The market of ideas does that better than any government. Yet another example of socialism. Everything becomes centralized in a socialist country. Everything.

Terrence Popp invited me onto his show for an interview, so I figured what the heck. Anyhow, after almost a month of back and forth with his producer, over a dozen subject topics proffered by myself, and plenty of time to familiarize themselves with my content the show went about as well as you'd expect, seeing as it's run by an angry drunk.

OK ladies. Listen, and listen well. Men are not afraid of your beauty. They're not intimidated by your looks. It's not something positive about you that's turning them off. Get it?

Not only do modern women have crazy standards, but now they have a series of tests you MUST pass just to date them. Good luck ladies. You're all going to die alone!

I disprove more feminist lies in this video, where progressives argue for female superiority while they claim to be arguing for equality. Neither of which is possible.

Here we go again. Dopey feminists blaming men, corporations, everyone else for the myth that is the wage gap. Meanwhile they're spewing the real cause of earning disparities, and don't even realize it. Cognitive dissonance on full display. Like, subscribe, and enjoy ;)

Got a job? Want to keep it? Then make sure you never ever, ever, ever come on to a woman, or even compliment her anywhere near your job. This poor guy was more or less Doxxed, and fired because he had the audacity to compliment a woman in a new and clever way. And women wonder why men aren't approaching them anymore. Unreal!

MIT went woke, and was going broke, so they decided to unwokify, and presto. Making money again!

No standards for you men. Soup, yes. Standards, nope. You "must" take women as they are, no matter how fat, ugly, or otherwise unattractive they are. Meanwhile, women may still continue to discriminate against men based on height, weight, and salary. Welcome to equality! Not.

This was a whacked out story. Poor little Will Smith. His wife bangs other dudes, so he feels inferior, though he allowed it to happen. To prove to himself that he's not inferior, or unworthy he smacks a comedian for a joke about his bald wife being bald. What a joke this cuck is.

Rachel Oates is a crazy feminist youtuber with 252k followers as of the posting of this video. 252k. In this video she has the maximally libtarded view that women are always victims, and never accountable for anything that ever happens to them, be it wanted, or unwanted. Really? Well, I beg to differ, and do.

China spends a fraction on the education of their students, yet they outperform American students 2 to 1 in math, and score 33% higher in science and reading. How can that be. I thought education was about how much money is spent per student. Is that really true? Nope, but I'll tell you what is true.

Want to know why women are almost always the ones to initiate divorce? Want to know why women want what they want, but why what they want is not actually what they need, or is good for them? If so look no further. The answers are within.

Hahahahahaha. She answered her own question in the title of the article, but still doesn't get it. Another clueless woman who is on the cusp of understanding, but she just can't seem to get herself there. Hilarious copium. :D

The left wants to bring back monogamy, but with a twist.

This is the monologue from show number #300 of my show "The Realist Philosopher." Sometimes I talk about nothing of note during the start of my show, and sometimes I get into subjects of more substance. This is one of those times. If you want to know why the west really hates Putin, and Jussie was released check it out ;)


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